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Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS is an extensive attack on a particular server or on network resources. The initial attacks originated in the early 90s and they were not very severe. However, the real DDoS attacks started occurring in the early years of the 2000 era. A very popular tool, ‘Trinoo’ was used to attack at those times. And, too many servers were a victim of the initial attacks of DDoS. The infected server or a network resource was caused due to receiving commands from a central location known as Command and Control. However, it was easy to trace botnet Command and Control and thus several attacks could be prevented on time.

Then a new way was devised by the attackers. They started using Internet Relay Chat or IRC to attack instead of using a single host. The infected machines were connected using a port and hostname with the help of a botnet code. Just with a single chat entry, the attackers could attack thousands of servers at a time.

Fear of DDos attacks: The first real incite of these attacks was seen when search engine dominants of those time, Yahoo came down due to these attacks. The attack happened when immense bandwidth would have been required for planning such an attack. However, the fear of this attack spread among users of the Internet when Spamhaus was affected by the attack. Thus, after people became aware of the severity of these attacks, they were afraid.

So how do DDos attacks happen?

The end users of the victim website are denied for services. There are many ways these attacks are caused. Some of them are:

First Process: The user connections are saturated and thus this prevents the users of the website from connecting to the particular network that they are trying to access. Such attack is caused by using User Datagram Protocol that sends UDP packets by remote hosts. 

Second Process: In the second process, more packets every second are sent which are too much for the host machine to handle. Thus, the host machine becomes incapable of processing the requests of users. This kind of attack is caused using Synflood. 

Third Process: In the third process the application to be attacked is overloaded with excessive requests. The attackers make it appear that several users are sending requests to the application at the same time, thus with so many requests, the application crashes. This attack is very common now as several websites now run on databases. The databases and web servers are overloaded due to the attack. 

How to get DDos Protection?

There are several services in the market that can help businesses to fight against any risk of DDoS. No matter which hosting provider you are using, you can install services that can protect you from DDoS. These smart protective measures can be easily installed and can be easily maintained.

These services are the most reliable way to protect your business from losing lots of money due to these attacks. Installing anti DDoS server will help in keeping your information protected and allow users to access your website without any difficulty. So if you have a business, you must take measures of protecting it, using enhanced DDoS attack solutions.


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