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Have you ever thought how the refrigerator functions? Connecting with the best whirlpool Refrigerator Service center in Jaipur would help you get an idea about it.  Simply having a fridge at your place and using it is not enough, as by doing so, you might use it in an inappropriate way that may cause damages.

The refrigerator works on five basic components which play a vital role in the smooth function of the fridge. Here is a small theory that would help you know the function of your refrigerator.

  • Compressor

According to the Videocon refrigerator service center in Jaipur, the compressor holds the role of the heart in the refrigerator. The task of the compressor is proper circulation of the refrigerant in the system. It also helps in adding pressure to the warm element in the circuit which turns the refrigerator hot. Hence, if you are looking for a properly working refrigerator, make sure you have a good compressor.


  • Condenser

Has any of the Godrej refrigerator service center in Jaipur ever told you to clean the dusty part of the refrigerator? That part is nothing but the condenser. The condenser helps in converting the gaseous heat of the compressor into a liquid which gets removed automatically from the refrigerator. This compound of the refrigerator helps it in cooling down.


  • Evaporator

The Videocon refrigerator service center in Jaipur explain to their customers that an evaporator is a part of the refrigerator that is placed in the refrigerator. This is the prime part that makes your refrigerator go cold along with the items you have stored in it. The evaporator is the main element that builds a hygienic environment inside the refrigerator to keep your storing healthy for a long time.


  • Capillary tube

Have you ever seen a thin tube around the refrigerant? That is nothing but the capillary tube. According to its functions, it is also known as the expansion tubes. This thin tube comes with a tubing structure which is placed in the route from the refrigerant that is liquid to the capillary tube and from there to the environment that has low pressure in the evaporator.


  • Thermostat

This is a component that controls the process of cooling. It monitors the temperature in the refrigerator and other essential parts by turning the switch of the compressor off and on. When the sensor finds the refrigerator cool it turns the compressor off and vise versa.

Hence, these are the five compounds that hold a vital role in the functioning of the refrigerator.

Save Energy and Money with Refrigerator service

Your refrigerator may be costing money and wasting energy without your knowledge. Most of the refrigerators that are sent to Videocon Refrigerator service center in Jaipur are faulty due to improper maintenance and poor usage. Due to seasonal changes in Jaipur, homeowners have to consider different ways to improve the efficiency of the refrigerator and reduce the energy consumption.

As per the experts in LG Refrigerator service center in Jaipur, refrigerators that are over 15 years need an upgrade for potential saving. Aging refrigerators can cause more damage that needs a lot of energy. Upgrading to an energy-efficient appliance is the best thing you can consider. The investment for the new appliance may be high but in the long run, it will help you save money and of course energy.

Here are most common tips to save energy and money

Increasing the efficiency of the fridge is easy and it also less expensive. You can follow many ways to save energy and cost.

Replacement of Rubber seal

Contact the nearest Videocon Refrigerator Service Center in Jaipur to replace the rubber seal on the refrigerator door. Technically it’s called as the gasket that protects the fridge. Most of the homeowners ignore the basic gasket which keeps the fridge cold. Fixing the damaged gasket can prevent unwanted air from entering in when the appliance is closed. You may not know that the gasket may become old after wear and tear but replacing them would improve the cooling effect and it helps you save energy.

Your refrigerator works hard

Never allow your refrigerator to work hard. Keeping your refrigerator near high heat or temperature may affect the quality of the refrigerator. It forces the compressor to work harder to maintain the cold temperature of the fridge. LG Refrigerator Service Center in Jaipur suggest their customers keep the fridge away from direct sunlight which can also reduce the efficiency.

Clean the condenser coils

Most of the homeowners ignore the condenser coils which removes the warmth of the entire unit. When it becomes dirty and dusty, you are putting the life of the refrigerator at risk and reduce the energy consumption.

Keeping the doors of the refrigerator closed while not in use, removing unnecessary items from the fridge, Check the temperature of the fridge and clean it periodically to improve the efficiency. Saving money on the refrigerator is simple and effective when you know what to do and what not to do!


NNK Offering AC and Refrigerator service

It can be expensive to fix the breakdown of Air conditioner and Refrigerator. The frequency of breakdowns can be due to the design, location, usage and many other physical conditions. In order to help customers, Godrej Refrigerator service center in Jaipur offers regular maintenance and checkup of Air conditioners and Refrigerators that would prevent major damages.

Air conditioner and refrigerator damages could be due to mechanical and electrical problems

40% of the air conditioner problems are due to mechanical issues which can be easily sorted by the best LG refrigerator service center in Jaipur. The experts would check the lubrication and change the oil for better functioning. Loss of natural lubrication, contamination of the oil can cause mechanical failure.

Secondly, the poor condenser can cause huge mechanical damage to the air conditioner and refrigerator. The experts in Godrej Refrigerator Service Center in Jaipur would wash the condenser coils, remove the pollen, dust, and dirt in the coils to prevent breakdown. Regular cleaning of condenser coil keeps the refrigerator and air conditioner in good health and it also extends the life of the unit.

Electrical breakdowns can be dangerous

Almost 70-80% of breakdowns are due to electrical problem. Proper protection can be the best safety for the equipment. Prevention of electrical breakdowns includes voltage checks, power interruptions and damages caused by lightning. Installing the best voltage suppression unit can be cost effective and it also improves the quality of the machine. The proper electrical system at the location and start delay timers in the air conditioner and refrigerators can save the device. Consulting the best LG refrigerator service center in Jaipur would help you follow the best instructions.

If you are looking for the best service from the reputed organization, you can trust NNK service which is one of the best service centers in Jaipur offering cost-effective services and solutions for all your air conditioners and refrigerators. Each brand of air conditioners has specific requirements and experts have to handle it with care. NNK service is the best if you are looking for a one-stop destination for all your air conditioners.

From air conditioner installation, maintenance, service and repair NNK handles all your requests well. If you are looking for reliable service, you can get in touch with experts and protect your Air conditioner from wear and tear. Have the right team by your side to help you.


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