Unique and Modern Ways of Using Gym Wall Mirrors

Unique and Modern Ways of Using Gym Wall Mirrors

When you think about a gym, what image pops up in your mind?

You would most likely visualize a supremely stylish interior equipped with training gear and large shiny gym mirrors covering the walls. Over the years, the health and fitness industry has evolved and these floor-to-ceiling gym mirrors have become a hallmark of the fitness centers. However, the utility of gym mirrors is not just limited to the health and wellness clubs. Gym wall mirrors are used extensively in-home workout spaces, hallways, garages, and salons. Gym mirrors not only radiate a plush vibe but also brighten up space. From styling the dance studios to adorning the dining areas, full-length mirrors go hand in hand.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use gym mirrors for space styling. 

Mirror Gallery in the Hallway

Hallways are a classic feature of buildings. Right decor elements enhance the charm of the space and give off a welcoming vibe to the visitors. Given the limited space constraints, lobbies should be adorned with elements that brighten up the area. Mirrors, therefore, are the best embellishment for hallways. Wall mirrors turn corridors into functional spaces and accentuate the elegance of the space. Below are some classy ways of setting the gym wall mirrors in the alleyways.

  • Full View Mirrors

Vertical full-length mirrors create a feeling of grandeur and turn the area into a practical space. You can stop and check yourself on the go. 

A simple vertical mirror adds an inviting touch to the hallway and makes the space look bigger and brighter. You can also go for an over scale gilt wall mirror to give a luxurious feel to the corridor. 

And mark my words - ladies would love this mirror arrangement in the alleyway. So go for it!


  • Sleek Rectangular Wall Mirrors

Long rectangular wall mirrors highlight the features of the wall and make the walls look more extended. Horizontal wall mirrors are quite frequently used in sitting areas and hallways to give a pleasant and radiant feel. 

Rectangular mirrors with exquisite frames make a statement in the lobby. However, you can also accentuate the corridor furniture by hanging two classic wooden frame horizontal mirrors in parallel.

The charm of these splendid pieces will surely make every passerby stop for a second and take a picture-perfect in the mirror. 

  • Floor Hugging Mirrors

If you want to give an opulent feel to your alley, place a floor-hugging mirror there. This arrangement looks remarkably lavish and elevates the overall look. (While you can also stop for a quick look at yourself and take a perfect mirror selfie).

Be mindful of the mirror placement area. If the alleyway has some space constraints, avoid using floor-hugging mirrors. 

  • Cluster Glam 

Multiple mirrors of different sizes create a perfect style statement. You can use mirrors of different shapes and sizes or just a couple up a huge framed mirror with some smaller ones and form a pattern. 


Vanity in Closet

A full-length mirror on the wardrobe has practical benefits that make it a preferred choice. Mirrors on the closet door add functionality and save space. It enlightens the bedroom making it look more spacious. 

You can opt for a contemporary mirror design or a full-length mirror that covers the closet door completely. Or go for vintage style by getting wardrobes with mirror panels.


Welcome Home with Exquisite Mirrors on the entrance

Mirrors are magical elements of decor. They make a small space look bigger while adding aesthetics and functionality to the area. The entrance sets the mood of the visitor and therefore it’s important to deliver a pleasant vibe there. 

A full-length wall mirror will give a luxurious feel and brighten up space instantly. You can either use a floor-hugging full-length mirror or go with a framed wall mirror. 


Mirrored Stair Nook


While considering interior decor, there are some spaces that are skipped by most of us. One such area is the space under the staircase. You can adorn the space by using gym wall mirrors. The space under the stairway is usually triangular. Take a full-length mirror, cut it to size, and cover the space. Or you can just use multiple full-length mirrors and fix them side by side under your stairway. This mirror gallery will create an alluring focal point in the area so much so that every time a visitor comes he would exclaim “What a functional and unique use of mirrors!” 

You can also go for backlit gym mirrors to accentuate the elegance even more.


Giant Glossy Mirrors for Home Gym

People are becoming more and more conscious about their health and taking drastic measures to stay in shape. Setting up a home gym is one such move towards the ultimate fitness goal. With a small fitness center at home, you don't have any excuse to skip the daily workout.  Just buy some handy and economical workout tools and say goodbye to procrastination. A gym wall mirror is a next requirement in setting up a home gym. It allows you to monitor your progress and motivates you to put more effort into your fitness goals. 

A huge framed mirror is a great choice for your home gym. It adds aesthetics and enhances the general mood of the workout space. You will feel more motivated when you see yourself lifting weights and doing planks in the mirror. Gym mirrors help you become your own fitness trainer. 

If your design aesthetics are more classic, use a rustic wooden frame otherwise go for a sleek metallic frame to complete the contemporary gym design. Another modern way of gracing your home gym is to use an LED wall mirror. It will light up the whole area and add a majestic feel to the interior space. 


Spruce Up Your Space! 

The applications of gym wall mirrors extend well beyond the gym, home gym, and dance studios. Be it a narrow alleyway, spacious hall, or a high-end bedroom, gym mirrors go hand in hand for styling all types of spaces. Experiment with proportions, shapes, and frames. Be creative with the arrangement and adhere to your design aesthetics.

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I like the arrangement of the mirror in the room that you gave, very nice and easy to use. Little Alchemy

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