Which Are the Best to Do List Apps for Android

It seems that we are ruling smartphones with our tap of fingers. But, that’s not the case, and things are quite contrary to it. In fact, these are the mobile phones which have trapped us with a bait of never-ending apps and games. So, is there any way to exploit or smartphones for our benefit? Or to use them in a manner that they become an organizer for us. The answer is yes, because there are many to do list apps that manage our tasks, helps use set deadlines, remind us about approaching deadlines and enable us to keep track of things.

In the smartphone world, most of the people use the mobile phones that run the Android.

 Therefore it is a good idea to look for few of the best to do list apps for android available for users.

Here are few worth considering to-do list apps that can offer solutions to the problems related to organizing.

1.    Google Keep

Google Keep is first in the list for its abundant features. It is not only an app that helps in organizing the tasks but it also allows to keep track of the relevant data. Users don’t feel any difficulty in interacting with Google Keep due to its simple design. The app has multiple features that provide room for making notes, voice memos and keeping a record of things in the form of pictures.

2.    Asana

Asana is more like a tool of organizational communication instead of to do list only. Apart from making users set the tasks and their deadlines, it also proves to be a discussion forum. In fact, team members can see a record of what had been said or agreed upon. In this way, users can also give their feedback as well. Briefly, Asana helps in continuation of tasks in a well-coordinated way. On Asana, users can not only make to-do lists but also comment on different jobs. In other words, this app makes sure that all the team members are on the same page.

3.    Todoist

All of to-do list apps are not for organizational work. Many of them also cater to individual needs.  One such app that people can utilize in their personal capacity is Todoist. Users can set the tasks according to their ease. They get all sort of required support from available features. With the help of different colors and tools, one can distinguish, one list from other. Further, it is also possible for users to move the menu from one place to another one with ease.

Apart from all this, the most striking feature of Todoist is Karma. Users can see the result of their task management in the form of reward points. Hence, they get motivated to perform further well.

4.    Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a to-do list app that everyone will love to use because of its beautiful background, simplicity and user-friendly features.  It is also one of those rare apps which are equally perfect for groups as well as teams. Users have the liberty to share their lists with other members through social media platforms. Another productive thing about this app is that it offers cross-platform synchronization.  Therefore, it is possible for users of Android and iOS to use the app on their systems.

Other prominent Wunderlist features include assigning of tasks, setting reminders, writing recurring tasks and describing different functions in detail.

5.    Trello

Trello is not an app but a perfect enterprise solution. It makes sure that every plan that team members make gets implemented. Striking feature of this app is its organization of tasks through various cards. Like, people can use these cards that show the status of different functions that are assigned to different people. In this way, it becomes easy for all the team members and management to keep track of what is happening around.

6.    TickTick

Here comes another solution which is equally fit for individuals as well as organizations. TickTick can be synchronized over multiple platforms. It is also possible to integrate this app with Google Calendar.  Users can benefit from its various tools and features that support multi-task management by allowing setting deadlines, describing tasks, making checklists and setting reminders.


This app is again something that individuals must consider for keeping their lives in order. The striking feature of the app is it’s easy to use features and an intuitive design. Users can make the lists of tasks through elaborative descriptions. Or they can just come up with checklists. On Android it’s another useful feature is that it reminds of missed calls. Each task always has a plus button. Hence users can also add another to do thing in the list. Those who want to manage long to do lists in their personal capacity can benefit from

8.    Inbox

As evident from its name, Inbox is unique kind of to-do list app. It allows making and managing of to do lists right from the mailbox. Hence, it is possible for users to set the tasks to do on immediate basis. Briefly, it is an email app that supports to do list for those who have to do a lot of emails in a day. While, a set group of audience might find Inbox useful, not every person feel like using it.

9.    Habitica

Saying that Habitica to do list app can be a sort of injustice to it. The app is more for rewarding users for their behavior. Somehow this app resembles the Karma feature of Todoist. But, it is indeed an excellent invention for fun-loving youngsters who get to play the game along with managing their daily basis tasks.

10.    Remember the Milk

This to-do list app is as impressive as its name. And, in term of features, it inevitably comes up to its name. The app has a perfect and intuitive design and allows for adding descriptions of the tasks once they are set. The only bad thing about Remember the Milk is that using of its tools might prove costly.


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