Specific Health and Fitness Tips to Help Women Live Stronger and Longer

Everyone needs to follow healthy lifestyle habits in order to enjoy their days to the full. However, because of the way the female body is structured, ladies tend to need more care in order to live healthy. The following body fitness tips for females will go a long way to help you avoid some common illnesses that attack ladies quite often as well as empower you to live strong and possibly increase your time on the earth by a few years.

Female Hygiene highlights

It is often said that unlike boys or men, ladies have an open system which makes them more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Of course this statement refers to the female reproductive system which is naturally “open”. But ladies are generally more susceptible to the infections and other things that would hardly compromise the health or wellbeing of men. It is therefore important for the sake of a healthy lifestyle that ensures you live stronger and longer to understand certain good health tips that are important for women. Some of these female fitness tips you may already know if you are keen about your health.

 Hair care

Ladies generally pay a lot of attention and spend lots of money on the maintenance of their hair. Someone may wonder why hair care is important for healthy living. Well, if you are not a woman, you may find it a little difficult to understand why this is important for the health and fitness of a lady. To begin with, a woman considers the sate of her hair as a vital part of her personality. It is part of her dressing and if she knows how important it is that she looks good, she will definitely take interest in hair care. Guys also take care of their hair but since for the most part they do not keep long hair or use artificial hair, they do not necessary need to go through the routines women have to pay attention to in order to keep their hair neat.

But there are specific ways to go about taking care of your hair as a lady. First, if you are not going to wash your hair very often, maybe because you use wig or Mesh, you need to take special precautions to keep your hair healthy. A woman with an unhealthy or unkempt hair is a woman who may simply be compromising her health. So cover your hair if you are going to get into dusty or dirty places with mesh. Ultimately you should use better hair products for better results. Coconut oil is one of the few natural products you can get for premium health care. But there are health and fitness programs for women which give more advice on hair care and other natural products you can get from local shops or even online.

Body care

Like has already been established the female body needs to be well taken care of and you need to know exactly what you should do and how to do it. Apart from body fitness tips for females, there are certain body care and hygiene tips that are necessary for proper health care. The way a woman treats her body has a lot to do in relation to her health and even her mental wellbeing.

Amongst the different parts of the body that have to be taken care of, some are much more important and should be treated specially because they determine over all hygiene and health care. There are also certain health and fitness programs for women which have to do with body care and are part of good health tips.

Your hands and legs are important parts of your body and the way you deal with them could either help you avoid certain illnesses or otherwise contract them. It is important to follow certain good health tips with regards to the way you treat your hands and legs to ensure proper health care. Even stress, which is presently on the rise with women worldwide can be dealt away with by properly taking care of your hands and legs. Washing your hands for example or keeping your legs in warm or fresh water after a long day is an effective way to relieve stress.

Secondly, as concerns taking care of your hands and legs, you should develop the habit of washing them very often. At least as often as is convenient for you. Also gently massage your feet and hands frequently. It allows for better blood circulation and good looking skin. This is also an important part of skin care and should be taken seriously if you are going to live healthier.

To live long and healthy also means you will like to slow down the effects of aging on your body by adhering to certain healthy lifestyle habits. Such things as wrinkles, pimples and stretch marks are quite irritating to women and almost every woman would like to know how they can deal with them. Well, you don’t need any special therapy or medication to deal with the effects of age on your body and entire system.

Be careful what body lotion you use

Some of the expensive lotions in shops are actually not good enough for the average lady’s skin. Many women hold the idea that the more money they spend on the items they use for body care, the more effective the products will be. That is not necessarily so. People have different skin types and texture. What may be beneficial to one may have adverse effects on another.

What you need to do is visit a dermatologist and get advice on the type of lotion and other skin products you should be using. Some health and fitness programs for women start by giving you information on what lotion types you can use to have your skin looking healthier and better. So signing up with one of such programs would be to your advantage as they generally work towards female fitness.

There are products that if used by certain people, would make them look even older than they are because of the harshness of the product to the skin. So if you are looking forward to decreasing the wrinkles on your skin for example, it is better to use natural methods such as making a mixture of honey, Aloe Vera or coconut oil and use these as a lotion. Whatever advice you get from people, always make sure you check with your dermatologist to know if it will work for you or not. Apart from rubbing lotions, you can perform some frequent exercises which hold the potential of helping you live stronger and healthier, maintaining female fitness. Some of these exercises specifically designed for women would be discussed in the lines that follow.

Eat Healthy and Wisely

Just eating healthy is an important contributor to body fitness tips for females. Women need to eat healthy and wisely, first because they are usually very concerned about their weight and that very much depends on eating habits. Secondly, a woman’s system processes food a little different from the way a man’s does. Women are often more likely to grow fat andbecome obese if care is not taken. This is especially so when the woman in question is not the active type. It is easier to beat certain health issues which are prevalent amongst women by making the right choice on what to eat.

Heart disease for example is one of the most prominent causes of death with women in Americ. Nevertheless, you can avoid heart related diseases by simply eating right and engaging in the right exercises.

Simple but effective sporting and fitness activities for women

Normally when people hear that they have to engage in certain exercises for health care reasons, they first think about tedious exercises. The result is, they just push the idea aside and continue with life like it has always been. A majority of women do not like stressful activities, especially those that seem to be for the development of the muscles. But there are very simple exercises you can engage daily to keep you strong and healthy. You don’t need to lift weights or even register at a gym club. There may not be enough time or money for that. So here are alternatives that will be just as effective at keeping you fit and healthy as far as exercises are concerned.

Take a 30 minutes walk each day

The hustle and bustle of this fast paced age has made most of us forget what glory and benefits we can still get in doing thing the simple way. You should cherish the fact that you can walk and use that to the advantage of your health. One way you can do this is to make out some time for a routine walk every day. 30 minutes should be enough for a start. However, if you get used to this, you can make it more tedious in order to maintain the impact it has on your health. Walking faster and longer is all you have to do.

Jogging is another Option. If you already have a habit of walking considerably long distances, you should be better off than someone who does not. But “better off” is not enough especially when it comes to female fitness. Your system has a way of normalizing things and sometimes if you do not go the extra mile to engage in exercises, you may just get the same results as someone who is not doing what you are dong. Some people can loose weight by simply walking a considerable distance regularly. This too may be enough to help them deal with any other disease that may result from in-activeness or inadequate exercise. Summarily, when you realize that walking no longer really helps you, make out some time to jog a considerable distance on a daily basis.


It gets more challenging from here but it also gets more effective in dealing with certain diseases prevalent amongst women. Usually running is part of most heath and fitness programs for women. Frequent running is an effective way to break down fats and keep the entire body in shape. It plays well on the waist, thigh and other muscles which are closely related to body shape to give you a more feminine and attractive appearance.

Whats more, you don’t have to run outside if you don’t want to. You can get and use a treadmill. It has the added advantage of allowing you exercise in bad whether, when you cannot go out even if you would love to. And of course you can also walk and jog on the treadmill.


Many people know about squats and some even practice it, but one thing you should know is that when exercises like squats are not properly done, you would have little or nothing to gain from them. Squats are one of the most effective body fitness tips for females as far as exercises are concerned. So lets make it clearer how you should do better squats.

First stand in such a posture that your feet are spread slightly wider than your hips. That gives you balance and ensures that the impact of the exercise is channeled to the right places to give the right results. It is also important that you know how to do this exercise well otherwise you may end up with an injury. Once your feet are properly placed, ensure that your toe tips are slightly pointed outwards. This further ensures balance and reduces your chances of having an injury. With regards to exercises, squats are part of good health tips for women.

Make sure your spine is in a position that allows flexibility, lift your hands forward at shoulder hight and then you are set to begin the exercise. Also remember to keep your eyes looking at a particular spot on the wall, mirror or whatever you may be facing. The reason for this is simple, the angle of your eyes determine the position of your head and that affects the stress that goes to your spine. If you keep moving your eyes as your body moves, the exercise is going to seem more tedious than it should be.

Squats are a great and effective exercise for female fitness because they affect about 90% of all major muscle groups in the body. This makes it possible for you to affect and make changes in almost every body part with just one exercise. However, when you begin the exercise, and especially if you have never done it before, you are going to feel the impact most at your thigh and legs though every other major body muscle group is involved. It is a great exercise that helps women keep in shape and maintain a healthy and active body without even stepping out of the house. And frankly, squats are far more effective than most exercises you could spend lots of money to do at the gym or which could demand that you go out of the house.

Dealing with Belly fat

One other thing that affects women around the world both psychologically and health wise is belly fat. Like you should already know, women are generally a little more concerned about the shape and look of their body than men are. Matter of fact, most women will consider it cruel if you told them they were fat, even if they were actually fat. Some, however, just develop fat around the belly and waistline and that has a way of effectively making the entire body structure look out of shape. This is basically the most famous reason why women so hate belly fat.

But there are even other health reasons which you may want to be more concerned about than just the way you look. These are some reasons why dealing with belly fat is part of almost all fitness programs for women and an important part of good health tips.

Whatever the case, I am sure you just want to know how you can make belly fat go away so lets get on to it.

One reason why some people develop belly fat is consumption of too much alcohol, or at least more than their bodies need. Alcohol in itself works against the effectiveness of most body fitness tips for women. If that is the case with you, you should consider cutting down alcohol intake, or at least reducing it to a bare minimum. However, I guess it depends on how badly you want to get rid of belly fat.

If you are not given to alcohol, then point number one is not for you. So you should start from this; increase your intake of soluble fiber. Foods rich in this fiber have a way of slowing down your digestive process, making it more effective and reducing the interval within which you feel hungry so that you don’t have to eat as often as you do. Take more blackberries, avocado and legumes. These are some foods with high soluble fiber content.

You should also eat more protein as people who eat more protein are less likely to develop belly fat. Protein, like soluble fiber is related with cubbing appetite and this is necessary for dealing with belly fat since it is excess fat stored around the belly mostly resulting from over eating or eating too frequently.

Though losing belly fat is most often a matter of keeping a fashionable or sexy look for women, it will also go a long way to keep your risk of having some heart and vital organ related sicknesses away. If you are not really concerned about how you look, you should at least do something about belly fat because of the health benefits.

Avoid risky habits

I do not really understand why women smoke or drink. Maybe its just that I expect women to be more carefulabout their health. But maybe the reason why people do certain things is not as important as the fact they actually do them. After all, if we boil everything down, for most people, it is just going to amount to a need for pleasure or the result of pressure from friends and peers.

Whatever your reasons for smoking, drinking or engaging in other health threatening habits, you surely don’t want to be around when the effects of doing those things catch up with you. Drinking heavily for one thing is immodest for women and most societies will regard a lady who drinks or smokes as loose and irresponsible. The same thing holds for men, but like myself, it seems people have either gotten use to the carelessness of most men with their health or have fallen for the petty excuse that they have a stronger system and body build to better withstand the pressure and effects of some of these things. Either way, women have to be more careful how they deal with their bodies. If you will not do it for yourself, think about your kids and do it for them.

I don’t think I need to enumerate on the impact on the habits stated above on one’s health, but maybe I should say at least something with regards to it. It may be the wake up call for you or some other person.

Drinking, smoking, drug abuse and unhealthy sexual practices are related to things like HIV, cancers, lung and heart diseases, depression and ultimately death. Well you are definitely not going to worry about fitness and health if you have to die young due to some disease. But why make the decision to go before its time when you can stay longer and healthy.

Specific nutritional highlights for women

Since your nutrition is a big part of living and staying strong and healthy, it is only necessary that we have a summary of some important nutritional highlight to help you remember what it takes.

 - Avoid sweets and sugary foods. They are a risk factor to your health.

 - Eat more fresh vegetables. Generally, vegetables are good for a healthy body and fresh looking skin. That is why most ladies who rarely eat vegetables are hardly able to

 - Avoid risky habits like smoking, drug and alcohol abuse.

 - Respect meal time and schedules. Breakfast should be taken between 7am to 8:30 am, lunch by 1:30 or 2pm and supper by 7:30pm. Could be be snacks between but it should not be sugar heavy.



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