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Staying in resorts makes total sense for couples or families vacationing in Minnesota. There are so many great lakes that offer an endless range of activities from boating, fishing, swimming to antique shopping, hiking or hanging out on a dock and enjoying a spectacular sunset. Cabin rentals in resorts give couples and families privacy and amenities.

Some people are on vacation in the same destination year after year. Their family may enjoy skiing or going to the beach, or they may be the type to visit places like Las Vegas, New York, or Chicago. Not everyone is like this though, and some prefer to explore different destinations or travel to unexpected locations. If you are like the latter and you are looking for a destination that offers something for everyone, consider planning a vacation to Minnesota. Outdoor sports enthusiasts as well as nature lovers go to Minnesota because of its attractions. The number of activities vacationers can enjoy in this state has led to the phenomenal rise of tourism in Minnesota.

Minnesota offers a variety of outdoor recreation, but it has very definite seasons, so make sure you plan your trip during the appropriate time of year. If you love skiing, plan to travel during the winter months. Those who prefer camping and hiking will want to travel in the spring and fall. If you are hoping for some comfortable lakefront fun, summer is your window of travel. Keep in mind the seasons in the upper Midwest may not coincide with those from your part of the country, so check average temperatures and forecasts before booking your travel.

Minnesota, mainly the Twin Cities, have a rich cultural heritage and visitors can enjoy performing arts and galleries. The cities are not quite as trend-setting as better known destinations, but you can enjoy a variety of arts and culture activities for a very affordable price. If you will be staying in the area, check out your options at local museums and theaters.

Resorts in Minnesota can accommodate families as well as singles. Some stand alone in lake regions, while others are part of a series of cabins or resorts that include amenities like game rooms, boat rentals, beaches, docks, laundry facilities, tennis courts, playgrounds, hiking trails, dining lodges and more. Lakeside cabins come complete with one, two, three and four bedrooms with equipped kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor grilling areas, gas and charcoal grills, sandy beaches, fishing spots, docks and more.

Fishing enthusiasts love spending vacations in Minnesota cabins and often take on the challenge of fishing for walleyes, bass, pike, perch and sunfish for the kids. Most vacationers who come to the area to fish find Mille Lacs, Red and the Leech Lake areas the best places to rent cabins and catch the best and most fish. The walleye is one of Minnesota's prized catches and makes for delicious eating. These lakes are known for walleye averaging a pound or better. What better way to spend a day on the lake catching walleye and an evening cooking it up on a grill.

The nightlife in Minnesota is also topnotch. Visitors wanting to experience the nightlife in this state should spend a night at the First Avenue, an old historical landmark which has played host to the best musical acts for almost 3 decades. 

Need some inspiration to start planning your Minnesota vacation? We offer every type of vacation rental imaginable from cabin rentals and villas to family home rentals, all designed to take you away from your everyday routine. 

Every autumn, nature plays a symphony in northeast Minnesota.A celebration of northern Minnesota fall colors and bounty at White Birch Resort! Autumn in lakes country gives us the opportunity to take leisurely drives and hikes to see the spectacular changing Minnesota foliage colors! 

Enjoy a family vacation in Minnesota. Our Minnesota family vacation package is an excellent value for families who want to experience a full-service family vacation at our historic resort.


The adventures of a Minnesota vacation begin in one of the thousands of secluded or resort cabins in the state's lake regions. Using a cabin as a home-base, vacationers find a myriad of activities to enjoy and explore, whether it be fishing for the 'one that didn't get away' to relaxing on a private dock and enjoying a fabulous sunrise or sunset.

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