Africa’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Africa really has no match when it comes to places one can visit. From its natural scenery and wonderful landscape covered with outstanding vegetation forms to the vast species of birds, plants and animals, it is indeed a continent to visit at least once in a life time if not very often. However, even for those who live in the heart of the continent itself, not very much is known about the popular places in Africa that attract tourists and the world’s attention.

The fun of traveling is in the places we travel to, not just traveling in itself. So whether you live in Africa or a thousand miles away, you definitely don’t want to go through life without having an experience in at least one or two of these places. Here is a list of some outstanding places to visit in Africa. You are also going to know what is unique about these places and the experiences you can expect if you decide to visit in the places described in the following lines.

1. Victoria Falls

If you are ever going to visit one waterfall before you leave this world, it should be the “smoke that thunders”. That is the name given to the enormous waterfall that has attracted thousands of people for years now and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Africa. It is indeed one of the most popular places in Africa as far as tourist attractions are concerned. Victoria falls is a unique waterfall that borders Zambia and Zimbabwe. There is no place like it in the universe. The original native name is pronounced Mosi-oa-Tunya which is translated “the smoke that thunders” and rightly so because of its loud roar and cloudy atmosphere that are the result of both the mass of water that enters the gorge as well as the depth into which it falls. Just hearing the powerful thundering of the falls from the distance is enough to make you yearn to see it. But there are specific places here that are of great interest to tourist world wide and makes it one of the top ten places to visit in Africa. If we are talking about the best places in Africa, you cannot leave out Victoria falls.

One of them is Devils Pool, Victoria falls. It is a unique rock pool that extends right to the very edge of Victoria falls and amongst top sights in Africa. It is possible to swim right up to the edge of the falls in this pool and watch the waters fall more than three hundred feet down, producing a breath taking view sometimes crowned by a beautiful rainbow that extends from one end to the next. Exhilarating is the word that best describes the feeling you get from this point.

If you are looking for a place with an experience that would leave you wanting more, this is just the right choice to make. It might also interest you to note that Devils pool Victoria falls is only accessible within dry season periods which spans from August to January in this part of the world. It is the perfect spot for daring tourist, people who take pleasure in places that seem dangerous but exciting at the same time. There is a lot of mental and heart preparation necessary to visit this particular part of Victoria falls. You can take some time to prepare at Tongabezi which is both a luxurious property in Zambia and a guide company.

Next you have the famous Elephant Back Safari in Victoria falls. The heard of twelve elephants present at Jafuta Game Reserve provide an opportunity to make a visit to Victoria falls even more exciting. You get the unique opportunity to ride on an elephant, guided by an elephant handler who understands the elephant’s behavior and has a special bond with it. Each elephant has its handler and they have a special bond together. Whats more, you will be given information regarding their behavior patterns, life stories and anatomy from these guys who know them best. If you are not interested in knowing about elephants, the experience of riding one of them will still be worth it.

You also have the opportunity, upon visiting Victoria falls, to walk with lions. Yeah You read right. Walk with lions. But you have nothing to worry about. Should you chose to have this experience, you can be sure its safe. The lions have been around with humans so long that they really don’t regard humans as a threat. However, if that is not enough to convince you, you should know that there will be game rangers with you to help you feel safe. All these qualify this place as one of the most interesting of all tourist attractions in Africa. Conclusively, Victoria falls is one of the best places in Africa you can visit.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro

If not for any other thing, the fact that mount kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa makes it worth visiting. It is no doubt amongst top tourist attractions in Africa. If you love hiking, you definitely want to add this to the list of mountains you have succeeded to climb, at least to a particular height. If you are not given to hiking, that natural scenery is enough to make you want to visit this unique mountain. Measuring up to 19,340 feet in hight, this mountain is not just the highest in Africa but also the highest free standing mountain in the world. This simply qualifies it as one of the top sights in Africa. It is one of the pride attractions in Tanzania with three dormant volcanic cones known as “Mawenzi”, “Kibo” and “shira”.

Away from the mountain itself, you may be interested in Kilimanjaro National park which also has a name amongst popular places in Africa and extends a considerable distance from the foot of the mountain. With interesting landforms, and unique animal species, you will be in the right place for a great vacation experience. If you are not going to get involved in mountain climbing, then you may want to view chimpanzees, Rhinos, Rivers or partake in night game drives. Bottom lime is, there cant be a dull moment here if you are really ready and willing to have fun. There are several other parks around this mountain that provide the opportunity to have a great experience and make Tanzania’s mount Kilimanjaro one of the places you should consider visiting in Africa. Though hikers can climb the mountain any time of the year, the best time falls within June, October, December and march.

The nature walking safari here is short enough to keep you from stress but long enough to allow you view animals, birds and flowers in a way you may never have experienced before. And for cycling lovers, special routes have been developed that would lead you right to the highest point of the mountain if you have the determination to go through. All these make this outstanding mountain and its surrounding features qualified for a place amongst the top ten places to visit in Africa.


3. Ngorongoro Crater

At the north of Tanzania is a beautiful crater that qualifies the landscape there as one of the best wildlife safari sites in the world and gives it a place amongst top sights in Africa. It is definitely one of the most popular places in Africa for tourists. Here is a vast variety of wildlife and probably the most most dense gathering of them in Africa. If you are a wildlife lover, or maybe one who is very interested in natural scenery, here is the exact spot for you to visit which features amongst the top ten places to visit in Africa.

The vast array of animal species include amongst others, zebras, Rhinos, cheetahs and the big cats. The area is also home for approximately 400 bird species. Safari is definitely going to be at its peak at this location. It is however worthy of note that the number of visitors here are usually large, making accommodation a little more of a luxury. Consequently, it will be best if you decide to limit your stay duration to about two days. Alternatively, you can lodge a considerable distance away from the crater where the cost will be lower and the population small enough to allow biking and other interesting activities. It is not just one of the best places in Africa but also an outstanding wildlife resort.

As far as the perfect timing for a visit is concerned, no specific period can really be stated. Since the animals which are the major attraction here reside in the crater through out the year, any time would be good enough to visit. But you may want to ask for and visit at a period when there are less visitors in the area as this may considerably play on the cost of your stay.


4. Table mountain of south Africa

If you are thinking of visiting South Africa, Capetown is a place you should not leave without going to. It is on the list of top ten places to visit in Africa by several considerations. But its not just the name that makes this place famous or sets it amongst popular places in Africa. Table Mountain is the main site of attraction here and it is a main reason why the city seems to be quite active and bustling with visitors and tourists from around the world. Even if you decided to visit the town without prior knowledge of this mountain, there is just no way you are going to miss it. And you will definitely find that it will be a strong temptation to stay longer than you anticipated.

Its native name, “hoerikwagga” (which is translated; mountain in the sea) is typical of its location. Just beside this mountain is a wonderful beach stretch which makes the area even more appealing and one of the top sights in Africa. From the beach you can clearly see the mountain which will also serve as a great background for a souvenir photo.

If you decide to hike up the mountain, there is little or nothing to worry about since there are up to 300 routs that lead to the top of the mountain. This in itself is proof that it is a place well visited.

Secondly if you get to the top and find that you do not have the strength to descend on foot, you can get a ticket at the top and descend in a cable car. You should also know that that roads which lead to the mountain differ in difficulty. So for those who are looking for something challenging you are definitely going to find it.

It is best to hike this mountain early in the morning so that even if you are slow, you could still have some time for a return trip. The weather too could be a problem since it changes very often in Capetown. If you are going to do more than just looking at the mountain, you definitely want to go up with some weather appropriate clothes.


5. The pyramids of Giza

Of course the word pyramid brings Egypt to mind. Historians will be more interested in visiting sites like this. The pyramids of Giza are definitely one of the top sights in Africa and one of the most well known tourist attractions in Africa. But whether or not you are interested in the wonderful historical facts that are an intricate part of this place, you are definitely going to find the view and pyramids fascinating to visit. The pyramids have long been considered one of the seven wonders of the world and for this it is one of the best places in Africa for a tourist’s eye. You may want to visit this place for that single reason.


6. Namibia Sossusvlei

unlike other interesting landforms in the continent, this particular attraction in the African country of Namibia is not very popular. However, it is an interesting site and wonderful place you should plan to visit. Located at the southern part of the Namibia desert, the area is characterized by several impressive sand dunes which have taken a long time and process to form as well as dry lakes.

The burnished red color of sand that fill this part of the desert, coupled with the sight of dead Acacia tress and bright blue sky make the view seem almost unreal to one who may be visiting for the first time. And did I mention that if you are photogenic, you would not regret visiting this peculiar spot in in Africa?

Like is the case of several other places of international interest in Africa and the world at large, geographers and natural scenery lovers are those who are most likely to find interest in such places. Nevertheless, it will still fascinate and leave you with a wonderful memory you will not forget in a while.


7. Sidi Bou Said

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia is host to this phenomenal site which is also one of the best places in Africa for a vaction. You definitely want to look into this town if you are consideration top ten places to visit in Africa. The interesting thing about this place is the fact that it is not just a natural scenery but an actual town located north of Tunis. The town seats on a steep cliff, facing the Mediterranean sea. This adds to the view and will make for a better experience should you choose this location for a vacation or holiday treat. As a matter of fact, the view here will leave you breathless and will definitely stay in memory for years after your visit.

Beauty is the simplest word to describe this place, but you will need to have an experience there to actually feel the beauty. The town is filled with wonderful flowers and bright colored buildings which make this place look awesome even on picture. It has been an inspiration for a number of famous artists.

On its streets, you will find several coffee, arts and souvenir shops. The town is usually quiet and the natives there are friendly and proud of this place that has become a center of attraction to tourists of different nationalities and races.

If you really want to have a great experience here, you may have to avoid using cars for short distance transportation. Walking will be a better option for a better experience since you will not have to miss as much as you would if you were to use a car. It may also serve as a time saving measure since the streets are sometimes crowded with cars and people. At such times, it will be better and faster to Walk.

8. The Omo River Region

For those who have great interest in the cultural heritage of Africa and long to have an experience with it which is as close to original as can be, this is the place you should be making arrangements to visit. Located in south western Ethiopia, it is host to about 50 distinct African tribes which still hold on and live according to ancient original African believes and customs. It is an area that has been preserved for years from the influences of civilization and modernity. For those who will take the opportunity to visit this place, you will not fail to realize the natives having riffles. It may be a reason why some would want to stay away, but there is really nothing to fear as the people are very friendly to strangers.

9. Zanzibar

Looking for outstanding natural features and wonderfully nice beaches, this is the place for you. Amongst other things, a major attraction here is the stone town which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site though it is not very popular amongst tourist attractions in Africa. There you will find a number of Musks, a Sultan’s palace and several impressive looking traditional houses. The ocean water is very clear and you can also visit several little islands.

10. Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve

This preserved savanah of national reserve is found in the southwestern part of Kenya and stretches along the Tanzanian boarder. Those who visit this natural wonder get the opportunity to watch beast of the wild migrate in large herds or predators hunting for the weaker animals. Lovers of nature would definitely not want to miss this opportunity to have an experience that would leave them with a life long cherished memory.

This place is home to an outstanding 40 percent of different African animal species. Lions, Leopards, Elephants, cheetahs and other wild beast you may want to see are common here. Beyond the actual reserve is a vast extension of land commonly called dispersal areas. Animals are not confined to the reserve as they can freely move out of it and wonder into the midst of Maasai villages. It is not a problem though, at least for the natives who have over the years learned to live at close proximity with the animals that constitute the wild here. Yo will not be wrong if you called this place Africa’s most attractive wildlife reserve. There are up to about 570 bird species here as well as more than 90 different African species , making it an outstanding destination for bird and wildlife photographers.

Watching the wild beast migrate has always been fascinating even to people who seem not to have interest in wildlife. It is amazing how these beast move from one place to another at different seasons of the year without any form of human intervention. Masai Mara is a wonderful place to watch this outstanding event unfold in reality. GO beyond watching from a handed distance through the television.

If you have the time and money required for visiting and spending even a day in any of these places, you should seize it. Life is too short to go through without ever visiting places like this. Plus you are only appreciating about a hundredth part of these wonders when you see them on the television and in pictures. You do not even need to amass a lot of wealth to have a great time at these places. Too many people are forfeiting their opportunities with an excuse of not having enough money. You may never have as much money as you think you need, and you don’t need it anyway. If you have the money to travel places, just travel and forget about where the money will come from to book expensive hotels and services.

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