Can Makeup Make A 12-Year-Old Look Older

By Debra

How Can Makeup Make A 12-Year-Old Look Older?

Almost every woman loves to do makeup before they go to a party or event. However, some of them prefer light makeup while other like heavy makeup. In both cases, makeup is essential for them. There are different makeups items present in the market for decades.

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There was a time when only women were fond of makeup, but with time, men also got interested in using makeup items. In film and fashion industry, men models also use foundation, base, and light lipstick. The makeup products are available in a wide range. People use makeup for different reasons, these are explained below:

  • Makeup is used by individuals to hide their dark circles present around the eyes. For example, concealer is a cosmetic product that reduces the darkness under the eyes.
  • Different makeup products are used on the cheeks to make them pink like blush on. They are also used to make the cheekbones prominent.
  • It is ideal to enhance the lips beauty and glam. The red lipsticks are quite trendy as they make a person attractive.
  • Lip balms are used to give a soft touch to the lips. Also, a combination of lipstick and lip balm can make the lips more appealing. There are many people who apply lip balm first and then the lipstick, in this way, the lipstick stays for a long time.
  • To increase the volume of the eyes and make them big, eyeshadows are used. The makeup of the eyes is done by many things including the eyeliner and mascara.
  • Foundation is a makeup item that is used to make the skin smooth and soft. Also, it is used before makeup so that the makeup stays for a long time.
  • A lot of young girls use makeup only on their face. They leave their neck area as it is not to look too old from their age.

Makeup Make A 12-Year-Old Look Older?

If you are 12 years old and got permission to do makeup then firstly, you need to know the basic steps of makeup. When you are new to makeup items, it is hard to understand from where to start.

It is recommended to the youngsters that they always go with the natural appearance. If you want to do makeup on your face to look older than you have to follow the basic steps:


  • First of all, moisturization of your face is important. Before you apply any cosmetic product, it is imperative to ensure that your skin is hydrated properly.
  • If it is hydrated, then your makeup will stay for a long time and give a flawless look. The 12 years old individuals’ skin is usually oily.
  • So, you have to use the oil-free product. Apply it for 10 minutes before you do makeup.
  • Now it is the time to see your face into the mirror to find where to conceal is required. It is common for the pre-teens to have acne. So, you need to hide your acne spots. All you have to do is to dab the concealer on breakout spots and blend it with by using your fingertips.
  • You have to now set your face by using the face powder. Your skin will be oily so you need to use a face powder that can easily absorb oil from your skin. Apply it on the areas where you have used concealer. If you do not have face powder, then you can use BB cream to set your face.
  • You need to use clear gel onto your eyebrows. When you need to look older, but naturally then you have to fill in your brows with the pencil. Rather than, brush a clear brow gel onto your brows.
  • By doing this, your eyebrows will look neat and clean. Also, the gel will keep your brows in the proper position.After correcting your brows, you need to apply a shimmery nude shadow to the lid. Eyeshadow is not imperative to get the natural look. Nevertheless, if you want to add a bit shade to your lids then keep it a bit soft.
  • You need to select that eyeshadow which is close to your skin tone. However, it must have a shimmery finish. Apply it onto your lids with the help of eyeshadow brush. Some people use fingertips to apply eyeshadow, but it will not look neat at all.

You have to complete your makeup with the mascara. After applying eyeshadow, it is important to use the mascara to highlight your eyes. Black mascara is usually used, but you can also go for the brown one to get a softer look.

Last Word

Before going to any party or event, the 12 years old girl can look older by using the makeup as per explained above. However, it is important to first read the instructions onto the makeup packaging before any makeup product.Makeup boxes are no different, and the universally more aware people demand them with the least carbon footprint possible. My Box Printing brings you just that with our carefully sources eco-friendly materials and nature-friendly processes that cause no harm to the environment. These makeup items are costly and differentiate as high-quality or low-quality brand on behalf of packaging.

My Box Printing offers high-quality printing makeup boxes with additional finishing options such as Gloss, Matte, Embossing, lamination and window panes to highlight your cosmetic product as a well-reputed brand. We provide the outstanding makeup boxes in customer's desired size, shape, and style to fill their product packaging requirements while also providing the option for Eco-Friendly Makeup Boxes in satisfactory reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable material types as well. These days, a race of fashion and beauty is at its peak. Along with this high demand for the makeup products, there also come threats for the environment because such material is used for packaging which is toxic to the environment. Eco-friendly material is need of the hour. Women used makeup products to look beautiful and glamorous. But brand differentiation always decided on behalf of product packaging. 


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