How Much Should it Cost to Hire an Mobile App Developer

The question that plagues every application development project right at the planning stage is the cost of hiring an app developer. It is a critical consideration for both the client and the service provider agency, especially when the latter doesn’t have adequate resources and plans to hire dedicated mobile app developers for the project.
Another recurring consideration on part of the company owners revolves around whether to hire dedicated mobile app developers and build an in-house team to cut down costs. In any case, expenditure is a pertinent underlying factor in mobile application development projects. And its estimation should not be pushed to the bottom of the budgeting process.
That being said, it is difficult to put an exact figure on application development cost. So, only a close estimation is possible as each application development project comes with its own unique set of cost avenues. Still, you can make a close estimate by considering the following parameters before you hire dedicated mobile app developers.

  • Functional aspects and the purpose of the app: Simple applications with only a handful of functionalities are easier to build. Therefore, developers’ fee for such apps is low in comparison to apps that are complex and multi-functional.
  • Type of app: Native apps are more difficult to build than its contemporaries – cross - platform, hybrid and web apps. Therefore, developers’ charge varies accordingly.
  • Targeted Devices: The range of devices you want your application to support will also impact developers’ fee. Mobile devices come in a variety of devices. The more varieties of devices you want your app to support, greater the development effort would be. Hence, the cost.
  • Integration factor: If the application will have third-party app integrations, a series of extra coding will be required, and it will ultimately affect cost.
  • Visual objects: The costs will be significantly high if you want complex visual objects.

Post-deployment service: Technical assistance from the developer side once the project gets over obviously adds up to the expenditure as well.

Customized application development projects tend to cost higher depending upon features to be incorporated and the extent of their sophistication. It is better to segregate applications into certain categories. Here is how your budget may look like:
Low: You can opt for only simple apps without any backend/server side. They will mostly support have 5”-6” screen and have limited functionality.
Average: You will have the liberty to plan for applications with multiple functions and backend/ server support. You can utilize GPS, camera, accelerometer, and other device resources if you have an average budget. You get functional items with admin or even super admin panel on the web.
High: With this kind of budget, you can unleash your app ambition. You can go with the best mobile app developers. Your apps can have a lot of functionality, 2D/3D games, sophisticated features, full backend support, smart algorithms, and using most of the resources cost much higher. It might as well be called total mobile solutions, not just simply an app.
There is no dearth of mobile application developers in the industry. So, while you focus on the budget, also take the developers’ expertise into account to make the most of your budget.


As mobile applications have become increasingly important to meet business goals, businesses need to know exactly how to hire dedicated mobile app developers.
Mobile apps have become a necessity — even in the business environment. Right from administering operations to improving sales, mobile apps have a role to play in every aspect of a business’s operations. If you aren’t thinking about hiring dedicated mobile app developers, then you will definitely miss out on a host of opportunities and avenues to generate more revenue. This is why enterprises everywhere are looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers to meet business goals.
When you decide to hire dedicated mobile app developers, you may come across many capable ones — but how do you know who can further your business goals? How do you know who’s the perfect fit – in terms of ideas and technology? Thinking about this can be quite daunting, can’t it? Well, don’t fret, as what follows are some tips that will help you hire dedicated mobile app developers that are perfect for your business.
Be Sure to Interview Your Candidates
The reputation of the mobile app developer you’re looking to hire may be excellent, but this doesn’t mean that you skip the interview process. By directly communicating with your potential mobile app developer, you’ll be able to explain to them what exactly your vision and ideas are.
Check out Their Portfolio
Ask for a portfolio and go through it thoroughly. This will help you determine whether the app developers you’re looking to hire are the best at what they do. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for their design skills, as well as their knowledge of user experience and user interface. By taking a look at all of this, you’ll be able to evaluate the app developer’s skills better, which will make the task of hiring dedicated mobile app developers way easier.
Learn What Their Clients Have Had to Say About Them
What your company’s potential mobile app developers’ clients have had to say about them really matters. By verifying information about what apps these mobile app developers have built, and who’ve they’ve worked for, you’ll know whether the mobile app developer you’re looking to hire is reliable or not. Furthermore, by talking to their previous clients, you’ll be able to gauge whether the app developer is a good fit for your business or not.
Find Out What Platforms They’ve Built Mobile Apps On
When hiring a dedicated mobile app developer, it’s very important to take into consideration what platforms they’ve built mobile apps on before. If you’re looking to build an iOS app but end up hiring a dedicated mobile app developer who has only built Android apps, you’ll be in trouble. This is why it’s recommended to get a good idea of what platforms the mobile app developer you’re looking to hire has knowledge of. Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer who has worked with Android, iOS, and even Windows is definitely your best bet.


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