What is the Best Way to Clean Copper Cookware Set?

By Tammy

Some people may only use copper pans for decorations only but some others use it as actual cookware. Whatever the function it might be, copper pots and pans and copper-bottomed stainless steel cookware have a beautiful shine and sparkles which will make any kitchen brighter than ever. Cooking in copper pans is also a good way to impress your family and guests.

However, such view will easily banish when the pots and pans are being tarnished and the bottom is all black and grimy. No one wishes to see such view in any kitchen. The truth about copper pans and pots is it can get into one of those conditions very easy. If you happen to encounter those conditions on one of copper pans and pots collection, we provide the best way to clean copper cookware below. 

Copper Cookware

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce may be one of those staple sauces in your kitchen pantry. Even if it is not, make sure to add the sauce to your shopping bag because it is beneficial to clean copper cookware. The sauce can be used to clean least aggressive dirt on copper pans and pots. The step to clean is very simple; you just need to soak a clean sponge in Worcestershire sauce. Then, rub the sponge to the dirty copper pans and pots surface and let it sit for a minute or two. After that, wipe the pots and pans and rinse well. Make sure to dry the pots and pans right after rinsing from the sauce. It will help copper pots and pans last longer.

Lemon and salt

Salt and lemon is a popular tarnish remover which works to numbers of stain including copper pans and pots stain. The method is simple, squeeze one lemon and strain the juice and pour into a container. Then add a generous amount of salt until it forms a paste-like mixture. Get a dry and soft cloth and pour the mixture into it. Rub it over the copper pans and pots then rinse in warm water. For a shiny finish, you can rub some olive oil on the pan's surface using a soft cloth.

Vinegar and salt

Similar to lemon and salt, the acid in vinegar  is a powerful ingredient to clean stain and dirt in copper cookware. This combination of salt and vinegar can be used to remove a slightly medium level of stain in copper cookware. The method is slightly different from the lemon and salt mixture because we are going to make vinegar and salt spray.

Prepare a spray bottle, and then add 3 tablespoons regular table salt. Pour vinegar until it fills up the bottle. If you want to make the stronger mixture, opt for white vinegar instead of regular vinegar as it has a high acidic level. Then, shake the mixture until the salt completely dissolves. Spray the mixture into the stained copper surface and let it sit for around ten to twelve minutes. Then give the pans or pots a good scrub and then rinse quickly.


Yes, you heard it right. Ketchup is another recommendation of natural cleansing to remove copper cookware stains. This is because ketchup contains an acid ingredient which serves as cleansing agent. You can use any ketchup brand; squeeze some amount on the copper cookware surface. Let the acidity do its job and leave it for some minutes before giving the pans a good scrub using a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse quickly and allow the pans to dry.

Cream of Tartar and Lemon Juice

Cream tartar may not be on everyone’s lists for everyday use but surprisingly it can be a great cleaning agent for copper cookware with a moderate level of stain. Combined cream of tartar and lemon juice and make a good thin paste but not too runny. Spread the paste into the copper pans and pots surface using a sponge or soft cloth. Let the paste sit for around 5 minutes. After that, scrub the pans a little before wash it with warm soapy water. You will be surprised when discovering that the copper cookware gets so shiny like a new one.

Baking soda and Lemon Juice

If the stain level on copper cookware is mildly aggressive, you need baking soda and lemon juice. Baking soda is surprisingly a super product which has wide use from baking to cleaning. To make this mixture, you will need some teaspoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon or two of baking soda. Mix the ingredients together and spread onto the copper cookware using a soft cloth. Give a good scrub before rinsing it with running water. You can finish the step with polish the cookware using a microfiber cloth.

Making copper polish to keep the shine

As important as cleaning the copper pans and pots, it is also crucial to keep the best copper cookware always shine. You can make this mixture ahead and store the leftover for later use. To make this you will need ½ cup each of flour, powder detergent, and salt then pour ¾ cup white vinegar, ½ cup of water, and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Mix all those ingredients together and store in glass jar. When you need to clean the copper cookware, pour a small amount of the mixture on soft sponge or cloth and rub it to the stained or tarnished copper surface. Then rinse thoroughly and dry it using a soft cloth.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure to always soft sponge and cloth. Avoid using abrasive or rough scrubbers.
  • Before placing the copper cookware on the burner, make sure that there is oil, fat, or water on it to prevent the pans from scorching.
  • To prevent copper cookware from tarnish, avoid storing, cooking, or serving acidic foods such as salad dressing, fruits, tomatoes, and other foods containing vinegar.
  • Once you see there is damaged area on the copper pans and pots make sure to get it repaired as quickly as possible.
  • Always handle copper cookware with care such as using a soft sponge and less abrasive products to prevent it from damage.
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