30 things to do before you are 30 years old

Life is too short so you don’t have enough time to spend worrying about problems. After all, problems would and always be part of every human being’s lives. It may be weird to know but the people who have the most boring lives are the ones with little problems. We should always try to make good use of the little time we have less we become less productive. At the age of 30, it often feels like you have entered into the life of provider and sustainer and no longer dependent. By that age, you must already be thinking of getting married if you had not done so, especially in the case of men, you should be thinking of having your first or second or third child by the age 30, you must be thinking of how to settle and build up your career, as it might still be at the infant stage by the time your 30 years old.

With time catching up with you, you might think time just passed by, with little or nothing done in preparationfor your next stage of life. Well, those regrets always keep on coming because you did not know what things to do and at what time. There certainly may be some aspects of your life you regret to not have tackled before turning 30, and some you however regret to have done. If you are one still young and still to reach that prime age, then this article will be of great importance to you. Below are 30 things you should do before the age 30.

  1. start a side hustle

First things to do before 30 are to start something that is liable to get you some money from time to time and make the most out of it. Do not be afraid if the businesses you are starting might end up crashing? Just do it. If it crashes, then you can try out another one. The more you keep on trying, the more experienced you are getting. Who knows, that side hustle may turn out to be from where you will have to lay all your eggs on in the future. Do not be afraid of failure in order to do anything. And come to think of it. Even if you were to be afraid of failure, at what time or at what age do you think is going to be suitable for you to do what you’ve got to do? Certainly not after having your first child or after getting married right? So do it now and don’t think about what might or might not be. Else you will waste the little time you have. Don’t forget, procrastination is the thief of time. So no matter what, set up a side hustle, and even if it fails, you are gaining critical skills you can reserve for the project.

  1. Learn Leadership skills

Get out of your comfort zone and go in for something that entails you to shoulder in a lot of responsibility. Leadership skills are the best thing any young person can ever dream of having. We often dream of always being at the top of everything. But in dreaming, what are you doing that will take you to the heights you desire? Are you waiting to start learning leadership just when you have been handed over a lifetime opportunity and you simply cannot make out what to do? The best things to do in life have to be done before turning 30, so as to be a teacher sometime in the future who equally intends to learn before reaching his prime. Don’t forget, in order to acquire these leadership skills, you have to be under someone who has had the experience of leadership and learn from his day to day managing of people and how he attacks situations. Do not think you could just be a leader without passing through another leader. Yes indeed, some people are born with leadership in them, but if you do not learn and polish the skills from an experienced person, you will end up being a failure in the future.

  1. Invest on and take care of your body

Perform exercises that will keep your body fit and strong enough to carry on your daily activities. If you want to succeed with the things to achieve in life before turning 30, then it is essential that you are strong enough to face the challenges and the struggles of life. If need be, you can even employ or higher a trainer that could teach you the exercising techniques which are efficient and necessary for the body. A professional is very important for this exercise. Most at times, people spend time doing it the wrong way, which instead of keeping you fit, end up hurting you. Looking good is good business. Most at times, people below the age of 30, spend time doing activities that hurts the form of their bodies and make them shapeless. Like eating of too much of fatty foods, spending so much time on leisure and drinking and clubbing. Not like am trying to discourage any body from going out partying or having their deserved fun, but having it at a considerably average rate is best for your body and for your fitness.

  1. Read like you were born to read only

Get the best out of every written work that you can get. Read like it was the last thing you were left with to do before dying. It is very essential to put reading amongst the list of things to do before turning 30. When you still have the time, make good use of them. When you read extensively, you acquire skills and build your capacity and language power, something you might seldom do when you cross the ages 30 probably because you might have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders.

  1. Get yourself many mentors

One of the things you have to include on your list of things to do before turning 30, is to get as many mentors as possible. Nobody succeeds in life without following the footsteps of the pioneers of the field you may want to get into in the nearest future. Persons that are 10, or 20, or 30 years older than you can form a team of informants to you that could help you through their experiences. These experiences learnt from the older people could serve as a base for you in your future career.

  1. Learn how to cook

By cooking, it does not just mean you try to know how to cook every available meal presented before you. You must not all of that at the same time, in learning how to cook, it is good to take one step at the time. You begin by learning to cook less complicated meals to the more complicated ones. Make sure to perfect your skills of cooking in one particular dish before trying to learn how to cook the next. It is not too good when you can cook pretty every dish without having a mastery of at least one of the different dishes. So as part of things to before 30, is to perfect your cooking skills if you have any, or to learn how to cook.

  1. Learn how to Dance

There never might be a better chance for you to learn how to make some dance moves. If you too tend to be shy when you and your friends go out to party and you reserve yourself in some corner because you don’t want to embarrass yourself with funny dance steps. Well, there has never been a better time to learn everything from scratch. And all this you should endeavor to do before turning 30 as it is the ideal age for the best things to do in life.

  1. Get all the possible Education necessary.

Did we forget the most important thing amongst the things to achieve in life? Then get it now or never. Make sure to try as much as possible to have the potential certificates and degrees you will ever need to have before turning the age of 30. By the age 30, you should try as much as possible to be thinking instead of putting whatever you learnt within your youthful age into practice and not more trying to learn. The best things to do in life are better off done at a very early age if we really have to enjoy them.

  1. Learn another language

Not saying that knowing just the language you speak is a handicap, but amongst the list of things to do before probably turning 30, should be the desire to learn a language you are not familiar with. The skills of being multilingual may be the best skill that someone who intends travelling wide may likely love to possess.

  1. Date wisely

Certainly the most interesting thing any reader would love to have seen earlier in the text. Yes, before reaching the age 30, you should already be thinking of intimacy with the opposite sex, but only dating that may be productive in the long run. For men, it might be a different case when it comes to dating, as they simply might not be in such a hurry to settle down before the age of 30, but for the ladies, it is quite different. Any relationship on the eve of 30 should be a plan towards a potential settlement by her.

  1. Gain some experiences then quit.

As part of things to do before 30, is to get employed, get the skills and the experience you might likely want to get as an entrepreneur especially, then quit your job and begin something of your own, have your own workers and be your own boss. If you fear things might not turn out so right like it may seem, then there is no need taking the risk. Maintain your job and earn a salary.

  1. Try being independent

By being independent here, means going completely solo for a considerable period of time, with no room mates, no friends, no family member, just you alone for at least one year and get to know the real you, your strengths and your weaknesses. This helps in better preparing you for future battles.

  1. Live abroad

You are almost getting to 30, the age of settlement. Why not try traveling out and living abroad for a while. If you have the chance to do that, then waste no time in leaving the confines of your country to live abroad in a different and distant country

  1. Learn how to budget and start getting out of debt

You probably may have serious problems when it comes too managing money, that you are forced to get into debts in order to carryout projects, go shopping, and do some other crazy stuff. Well the earlier you take care of that before reaching the age 30 the better for any ambitious person.

  1. Be a volunteer

Some people might not cherish the idea of applying to volunteer for an organization, but amongst the best things to achieve in life, is the achievement of service to other people. If you can’t volunteer as an individual, then there are thousands of organizations for volunteers under which to register and work under. It may not be a completely good idea if you draw a list of things to do before 30, without thinking of serving other people in one way or the other.

  1. Build and maintain important partnerships

It is important to build and maintain strategic relationships that would be beneficial in one way or the other in the nearest future. Create connections that can give you numerous opportunities later one and make sure to stay in contact with them.

  1. Work on your flaws

When still below the age of 30, of the best things to do in life, is to work on and eliminate your weaknesses, at least try to diminish them from being the potential cause of your downfall. The lust for the opposite sex might be a major flaw of yours, or stealing, or lying. It is essential to eliminate these bad habits before you attain full maturity.

  1. Take part in competitions

There is nothing more entertaining than when people are competing for a prize. Register into as many competitions as much as possible and compete try to win prizes before you reach the age 30. The competitions may be cooking competitions, sporting competitions, eating competition or any other competition that has a prize to be claimed.

  1. Learn how to swim

Also include on your list of things to do before clocking 30 years old, to know how to swim. Swimming may be frightening to others as it is to me. But if you have to kill your fears and learn swimming in this 21st century, then it is now when you are still young and still able to exercise the youthful exuberance in you.

  1. Go on a tourism tour

Amongst the best things to do in life, is the choice to on visiting tours around the world, if you can, then grab the opportunity to visit landmark touristic sites and famous monuments before you are 30 years old. Visit the Taj Mahal, visit the great wall of China, the Eifel tower, statue of liberty, slave trade village in Victoria-Cameroon (Present day Limbe) and many other places you can go to before 30.

  1. Attend events

Not like you should not attend events after you have crossed the age 30, but attending events before reaching that age could be like another priority. Attending these events also gives you the experience needed when you may sometime in the future want to organize similar parties or occasions.

  1. Quit smoking!!!

This may not concern every individual, but if you have to live a healthy life and achieve all the achievable things, then you have to quit smoking if you are into it. If you are not, then make sure not to get into smoking for whatsoever reason. Smoking kills and causes cancer too. It won’t be too wise to spend your entire being fighting for your life because of smoking is it?

  1. Learn how to drive

Did you think that that you will only buy a car before learning how to drive, if so then you are limiting your scope on things to achieve in life. Even if think the future looks bleak for you, take driving lessons or ask a friend who knows how to drive to teach you how to drive a car. Such are important things to do before 30, for they grow up your ambition and spur you to work hard.

  1. Overcome a fear

Of the things to do before 30, is to overcome every fear in you. Sometimes you are held back your fears from doing something that may work for your good. You may be scared of public speaking, ask your friends to help you overcome such a fear. Remember, public speaking is very essential for anyone who intends to assume leadership positions anytime in the nearest future. Watch a lot of videos on public speaking and master the tricks that are used to eliminate communication apprehension. Once you are able to kill a fear before the age of 30, then you gradually are getting to know what you are good at and at that point, anything is possible.

  1. Join a club

Joining a club may be one of the best things to achieve in life. Join a club that helps bring out the potential in you and reveal who you can be. Don’t get me wrong when I say you should a club, I don’t mean the fluffy clubs in your high school or in college which you join most at times just to help you pass some time. In this case, the club to be joint should be a substantial club with portfolio that could in the short or in long run helps your career one way or the other. Join clubs like running club, a writing club, a volunteers club et ceteras.

  1. Eat good and really expensive food

Well it is often advised to do the best of the things you have now and do the best while you still can. Treat yourself often to something real expensive and really valuable. Go to the best restaurants frequently or if not sporadically and have the best time a bachelor or a spinster can love to have before entangling yourself in the web of marriage later in your life.

  1. Try to break a record

This surely is sounding kind of crazy to you to do, but if you can, try to break a record set up by someone. Come to think of it why not a world record. The people who set those records are ordinary human beings like you, and if they could do what they did, then you too can. You must not succeed in breaking the records, but the mere fact is that you had fun and I think that can be satisfactory enough at least.

  1. Attend sporting events

You surely would not say you are fan to no sport discipline amongst the thousands we have. There surely must be one you have a soft spot for. Try going out to their competitions and enjoy the feeling of being brought together from different parts of the country and the world because of sports. Attend the Olympic Games, AFCON competition, EURO completion and many others. Whether you love it or not, just feel satisfied to have the opportunity to watch history in the making.

  1. Get into political debates

Get into knowledgeable debates that broaden the scope of your political knowledge. You might not know much about what you are talking about, but there mere idea of debating with someone who is good when it comes to politics also gives you ground in future ones. You must not do so because you want to get into politics in the future. But just understand that we are all governed by politicians and not knowing what politics is all about is synonymous to being a blind sheep without direction. Heated political debates with your friends may not be the only thing you could argue about. You could argue on fashion trends, you could debate sports, economy, debate on relationship goals or other things that can make you learn from those series of conversations with your friends or in formal settings like in a debate club.

  1. Do a list of things you want to achieve before 40

If you have successfully made lists of things to achieve or to do before the age of 30, then when at the age of thirty, you should also do a list of things you may want to achieve or do before another decade of your life. But first, make sure that you have gone through more than 50% of what you planned to do before 30. So then would you know if you can adhere to rules set by you, and so then plan for the next?


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