How to make good use of your holidays

By Brooks

You may also have the feeling that holidays are interesting for just the first week probably because of the anxiety to get away from school? Then you begin missing friends and classmates when you still have a long way to go to the end of your break. You may also feel bored just few days into the holidays with little or nothing to amuse yourself with. Perhaps you have no holiday activities that may interest you or keep you busy throughout the break. Well, you don’t have to waste precious time you have during your holidays doing nothing.

There are many intellectual activities you can engage in that will last the entire holiday and be of benefit to you in the long run. Even if your holiday is just for a week, don’t waste it doing nothing, or rather doing something which is of very little importance to you. Indulge yourself in intellectual activities or even extracurricular activities that may run for the entire holiday period. You may be wondering what activities you can indulge in to have a great holiday. It’s not too difficult to find out. Join holiday activities that may improve your health, boost your reasoning capacity, improve your productivity and send you to the next stage of your life with something worth your time. Try learning new skills and other things that may be able to fetch you money in the nearest future. There are always things to do during holidays which will be of interest to you. Lets look at some of them in the tips below on how you can make good use of holiday time.

Engage in new exciting activities

To have a great holiday, you could try doing something you have never done before or have always wanted to do but never had the time to. You may have had this activity or thing you have always wanted to do but have always been procrastinating probably because you had very little time to spare given you were still at work or in school. Don’t waste your time in front of the TV watching reruns and movies over and over that may not help you in the nearest future. This is the best time you have to do all those activities. You probably wanted to try out a new kind of food, play a new sport, or even explore new areas. Don’t forget traveling broadens your knowledge and is also a very important way of learning. So why not travel, make new friends and many other things you can do than idling around and having crazy ideas invade your thoughts.


Learn new skills

There are always activities to do on holidays from which you can make a choice. Trying out a new skill as one of your holiday activities could be the most beneficial things to do during the holidays. Remember, not every successful person in you know owes his/her success to what they studied in school. If learning a new skill is not found in your holiday to do list, then you should think of including it. You may decide to learn how to cook a new dish for instance, learn how to split wood, learn a new language or any other thing which you do not get to do during your regular school or work time. The secret is to never stay idle. Learn something that may be a channel of income in the nearest future or something you feel happy doing. The more skills one possesses the more opportunities you are opened to. The world has proven to be a very competitive and is famously termed an arena for “survival of the fittest”. It has become so competitive that every individual has to be very dynamic to withstand the competition from where ever it comes.


Learn a new language

On your holiday to do list, you can include learning a new language. There are many skills that can be learned but a mastery of different languages could be one of the strongest tools one could possess in this technologically advanced society. Use the holidays to learn a new language that is spoken internationally. You may choose to learn English if you are not English speaking, probably because it is the most spoken language in the world. You may equally learn French (the language of romance). French too is a global language and popular especially in Africa, which has the highest number of French speaking citizens in the world. Learning one of these languages gives you the opportunity to have a great holiday experience void of boredom.

Another language you could equally learn and make good use of is Chinese. The Chinese culture is becoming one of the fastest growing cultures and the impact and influence is gradually spreading across to the globe. China is establishing strong ties with the African continent, especially amongst countries of the Central African zone. So knowing Chinese is actually going to be an advantage to you. You may equally want to learn Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, or even popular African languages like Swahili, Asante, Hausa and many more to give you an edge over your mates.


You may be asking yourself how you can learn these languages. Well, the internet has made everything easier these days. You could take some courses online or download videos from Youtube and other sites.

Use the opportunity to read more

As part of activities to do on holidays, you can equally read new books. We all know reading is one of the best ways to expand your scope of understanding and acquire knowledge. Reading is a culture so many people find very difficult to get themselves acquainted with. They have no patience to read, so little time is devoted to reading a novel, book, article or other informative write-ups. A typical student often feels he has to exempt himself from anything that has to deal with reading and writing the moment he or she takes a break or holiday from school. This is so sad because reading is one of the most important cultures any student can develop.

If you consider your notes too “Boring”, then you can try reading an interesting story book. In choosing a novel or book to read, it is essential to choose that which will help you expand your vocabulary and equally broaden your idea of the world by giving you different ways of seeing things. If you like learning new things you could also try reading science books and history books. But if you’re a fan of fiction, then reading African Literature might be the best act of reading you might want to tryout. If you are a type who loves romantic stuff, then I recommend you read some French novels as well as English classical writers and poets like Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde.

Have you ever thought about things to do during holidays without considering making money? Any money making activity would definitely be the first thing on almost everyone’s holiday to do lists. If no other thing interests, making money during your spare time would be the exception. Try doing something legal that would fetch you money to take care of different needs or could probably be used to assist your parents in one way or the other.

You could equally do odd jobs that can fetch you money. You may try doing things like babysitting, lawn mowing, chopping, car washing, pet sitting and some other odd jobs that could fetch you reasonable amounts of money. There’s some special joy that comes when you do something you know is going to be financially beneficial. Holiday activities that come with financial or any form of benefits are usually the most exciting and interesting things to do. No matter how stressful it may be or how tough the odd job may seem to be, the mere fact of having a financial reward right after the job gives you the needed moral boost you need to put in your best.

Applying for internships and voluntary services in organizations are other ways you can make your holidays beneficial. Also apply for scholarships and for other beneficial activities like holiday classes. You may have been applying for scholarships before, but had very little time to devote to the search of a potentially successful scholarship program. Well, include application for scholarships now on your holiday to do list and begin the search when holidays begin. There are several opportunities in the form of scholarships with almost no one to grab them and make good use. You may have been denied the scholarships because you did not follow the right procedure in applying for them. To get better search results and increase your chances of getting a scholarship, make use of the following search phrases: Black Friday Scholarships and internships, let’s talk scholarship: application tips, scholarship scan red flags etc.

If applying for a scholarship is not a good idea then you can take the alternative of applying for internships. You may apply for an internship program in an institution that you know does what you may want to get into in the nearest future. Internships are one of the most important activities that every student has to experience before being released into the job market. An internship gives one the sense of belonging to a particular line of activity. Applying for internships not only helps the student have a nice time during holiday, it may equally shape your whole life in terms of the career you’ve chosen to take. By applying for an internship and practicing, you get to know the strengths and the weakness you possess as per the career you choose. There are equally ways of getting through an internship that you just may have not known. You can try searching Internship interview tips and internships during school years.

You can also develop your writing skill

Is there really nothing to include on you holiday to do list? You can WRITE. It is far more profitable than staying idle. You can choose to write during sparetime. Writing is certainly one of the most challenging things people often find to do. There is very little patience to sit and scribble something that could be read by a third party. You may lack the inspiration that is needed to write what you have to write. That could be because you do not want to take the writing in steps. Begin by writing the most likely things around you. If you feel you do not have the inspiration to write a full story, then why not consider having a diary. The only way you know you have a great holiday is when you put the activities down in paper or recorded somewhere in some other form. But the point is, with the diaries, you do not need any special inspiration in order to get the stuff flowing. The inspiration used throughout the diary is about you. Keeping diaries, helps develop you writing abilities. In order to become a great writer, it is essential you equally read the works of other greater writers and their different styles in writing. Take note of the language, the tenses, the way they use figurative and dramatic expressions. Writing too becomes easy when you know what to write best. The most common thing beginners often go for at the beginning of their writing careers is fiction. With fiction, the most essential needed is for you to have the mastery of the language you are using.

Write some poems and hand them to your friends to read and give their own judgments. If you could be creative enough to produce good drama plays then that will be a plus to your writing career. But top of the matter is that writing is never too difficult for someone to do. By devoting time, and with the patience needed, we can all be excellent writers.

Use the holidays to strengthen your relationship with family

One way to have a great holiday is to take out time to be with family and friends. Spend some quality time with them and make up for all the lost time you could not make use of because you were busy with school or too tied up with work at the office. Take some time off and go to your friends place and have some chit chats, play some games and do other things you only do during the holidays. Though you miss them a lot, it is equally important not to always wait on the holiday in order to catch up with your loved ones. Go out for walks with friends and family, you may also want to go out for a movie and any other stuff. There are always things to do during holidays to keep you entertained throughout your free time at home.

We all know there is nothing more exciting as having to meet friends we haven’t been with for a long time and sharing our little gossips of how life in your different areas has been. How much fun we have had, what the other is missing for not being where you are and many other things that friends talk about when they meet after a long time. But remember, amongst the things to do during holidays, never forget the aspect of having fun with friends and family and important amongst all, have all the fun you need, but not the one which is liable to land in you in trouble.

We have been talking throughout about a “to do list” and things to do during holidays, but did you know you can keep yourself by merely sitting down to draft your holiday to do list. Before the holidays begin, create a list of things you may want to do during the holidays. However, a list of activities to do on holidays is not something you can just wake up from the bloom and begin doing. Trust me if you do that you are going to leave out a lot of things you probably would have loved to do during the holidays. Compiling a holiday list should not be done in a hurry.

The best ideas sometimes come when you are off guard, and so it’s just good to note it down the moment the idea comes to your mind. While creating the list, you can prioritizes the activities and place them in the order of their importance so as to remember to do the most important things first while the less important can come at the bottom of the list. After coming up with a list of activities to do on holidays, it is imperative to try and do most of the things that you stated on the list. A good to do list of activities you may want to do during the holidays may consist of going out to swim, learning a new language with your Spanish, Italian, French, German friend, hanging out with your friends, selecting a novel which you would read every night before going to bed during your holiday period, it would however be good to prioritize finishing the work you have with your parents at home before following your list for your own satisfaction. That is if helping your parents is not amongst the activities in your to do list.

Learn to Draw

You could also draw or learn to draw during the holidays to keep yourself busy and less distracted. You may not necessarily draw something which you can keep in a museum, but learning the art of drawing is a very beneficial activity that could take you throughout your holidays. There are people whom we consider are born with the talent to draw. But that does not cancel the fact that some professionals also undergo training in order to get the skills they now make money out of. Your drawings must not be the perfect representation of what you intend it to be, but beginning with sketches is the best way to learn how to draw without the services of a teacher. The secret of drawing is not drawing a perfect picture, but rather having a mind breaking inspiration that runs throughout you work of art. Remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” ? You use the art to make yourself heard during the period of holidays.

Spend time with yourself

Take some time out too for yourself. Just give yourself the sense of relief. You may decide to take a walk alone, sit and meditate on whatsoever may be of interest to you. Watch interesting movies by yourself, do some cleaning around and keep everywhere neat. Listen to music regardless of what you are doing, except when meditating, have regular sleep and eat well. Do some clean ups like manual cloth washing, washing the dishes in the house, watch your favorite programs on TV, follow your best sport on TV and anything to keep mind thinking in the right direction. Just do not forget to only think of satisfying the people around you while leaving yourself out of the equation.

Learn how to do new things via the programs you watch on television. That is why as much as it is good to watch entertaining programs, it is better to watch programs from which you could learn a lot. Watch culinary programs, science programs, programs on crime investigation, gaming programs. Watch programs that zoom in on the animal kingdom. Learn photography during your spare time, learn the different angles of taking pictures, shooting videos, coding, data processing. So far it makes you feel happy when doing and have a good time while alone, then feel free to do it whenever.

In the end, the quality of your holiday experience as well as what you learn from it is determined by you. If you plan it right and act right, you will have the best holiday of a lifetime.


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