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In a plethora of shaving creams available in the market, it’s definitely a task to find the best one. The conditions in India are typical and require a shaving cream that’s made for the Indian skin. Most of the top shaving cream brand in India is not from India and hence, their understanding of the conditions is limited and this simply means that they are not the top men’s shaving cream as they claim to be.

If you’ve ever picked up a shaving cream that contains chemicals randomly and started using it every morning for your shaving routine, it might’ve left your skin feeling dry and devoid of any moisture. It’s time to change; it’s time for you to switch to the best men’s shaving cream.

There are some underlying features that your shaving cream needs:

Scent - When you shave, you should be in for an experience of a lifetime. Shaving is not part of the routine, its how your day starts and for that you need a shaving cream which has a scent that’s absolutely chemical free and not too overpowering.

Performance - The lather that a shaving cream creates is extremely important. The aftermath is equally important. You need a shaving cream that creates lather but still doesn’t leave your skin dry.

Ingredients - In search for a shaving cream, you need to only settle down once you find one which has safe to use ingredients. Never select a cream that has tons of chemicals as they damage the skin.

With all these parameters in mind, we did a test on the top shaving cream brands in India in order to find the best men’s shaving cream. Our team used around 5 shaving creams that are available everywhere and we found out what people have known all along. For many decades, VI-JOHN’s shaving cream has been the go-to for a lot of people, and it was no surprise why a lot of people call it the best men’s shaving cream.

If you’ve ever wondered which shaving cream understands your skin perfectly, your questions can be answered by VI-JOHN’s Shaving Cream, one of the top men’s shaving cream in the market. What makes the product wonderful and one-of-a-kind is its versatility and the range of flavours available. No matter what your skin type, VI-JOHN’s shaving cream is the best shaving cream for sensitive skin or hard skin.

VI-JOHN, the top men’s shaving cream creates the perfect lather which helps the razor run along your face effortlessly and your blade will glide like a dream. A shaving cream made of natural ingredients and limited chemicals makes VI-JOHN’s shaving cream the best men’s shaving cream without question.

It’s no surprise that the top shaving foam for men is hard to find in a sea of brands that proclaim to be the best. With slogans like “the best a man can get” you might wonder if the best a man can get isn’t that great anyway. Who provides the best men grooming products?

Your search for the top shaving foam for men can never be complete if you’ve not tried the VI-JOHN Shaving Foam. VI-JOHN founded in 1960 has been one a one-track mission to provide the best shaving foam for hard skin and the best shaving foam for sensitive skin since its inception. Unravelling a world of shaving that was never thought to exist before. With an experience of over 50 years, VI-JOHN has quickly become the pioneers in delivering the best men grooming products. Not just shaving foams, VI-JOHN Group was quick to capitalise on their success and start manufacturing the best men grooming products and have been at the top all over India and various parts of the world ever since. 

Unlike other foams and gels, what makes the VI-JOHN shaving foam the top shaving foam for men is its versatility. VI-JOHN shaving foams are made for all skin types, hard, sensitive or normal skin; if you’re shaving, it needs to be with tea-tree oil infused VI-JOHN shaving foam. Ending your search for the best shaving foam for hard skin or the best shaving foam for sensitive skin, VI-JOHN’s quality checks assure that their products hit the mark without every straying in quality. 

VI-JOHN has been able to attach a tag of authenticity with their name when it comes to their products. If one is serious about investing in top quality shaving foams and the best men grooming products, their search should end at VI-JOHN. It has become a rite of passage with fathers, grandfathers passing on their tried and tested VI-JOHN shaving foam to their children who are on the lookout for the best shaving foam for hard skin or the best shaving foam for sensitive skin. 

What makes VI-JOHN the top shaving foam for men is its natural ingredients. These ingredients provide excellent moisturising and fragrance like no other shaving foams out there. If you’re one who uses shaving creams, a shaving foam like VI-JOHN doesn’t dry up and this adds to the wonder of VI-JOHN, the fact that you always look super slick after a shave. If you’re looking for an enhanced shave that refreshes your skin and leaves zero marks or the feeling of irritation, VI-JOHN Shaving foam is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re searching for the best shaving foam for hard skin or the best shaving foam for sensitive skin.

Even after 50 plus years, the vision of VI-JOHN is the same, to deliver excellence by making products of international quality at affordable prices by adhering to globally accepted norms and TQM practices, making VI-JOHN a benchmark of excellence and trusted household name both in India and Overseas.


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