The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

The role of top app development companies can never be overemphasized. This is because mobile apps have played a significant function in the development of various industries and sectors. Small businesses and entrepreneurship, education, health and so on, have all benefited from mobile app development.

How have these industries benefited from the services of a mobile app development company?

Small businesses and entrepreneurship

Thanks to mobile app development, small businesses and entrepreneurship are now growing and expanding. There are various mobile apps developed for the purpose of supporting small businesses. A top mobile app development company can also help entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop customized mobile apps.

Mobile app development has been observed to boost sales and increase profit margins. Recognized brand businesses that started small have confirmed that mobile apps have helped them to double their sales. Some even recorded a triple in sales. This is why it is advisable to hire a mobile app development company to help you develop a custom or business-specific mobile app if you want your business to quickly develop into a global brand. Bear in mind that many competitors are still expected to spring up later. By the time this happens, you would have gained recognition and foothold in the industry.

Again, mobile apps can help you to generate information about your customers, such as the product or service they enjoy the most, their geographical location, behavioral patterns etc. All this can aid you to make the best decisions about your product or service. You get to know what your customers really want. And if you can work on that information, your business is bound to grow.

It has been discovered that people spend an average of three hours per day on their mobile devices. So, if you can hire an experienced mobile app development company to help you develop an engaging and user-friendly mobile app for your business, your customers will be spending about a part of those three hours on your app. In addition to that, it is quicker for them to learn about your new products, offers, discounts et al.


The educational sector has also been benefiting from the services of mobile app development companies. Some of the educational apps that you can get from a mobile app development company are

Language learning app: If you want to become bilingual or multilingual, this app is recommended for you. There are mobile apps that teach the languages of various countries. International students are always encouraged to make use of this app so that they can eliminate the language barrier that may affect them in their host countries.

Linguistics students are also advised to make use of this app because it will assist them in their academics.

English Language app: People make so many common English mistakes. If you will like to learn the English language so that you can stop joining people to make those mistakes then you have your solution. It is this mobile app.

Report writing app: This app educates people on how to write standard and professional reports.

Subject educational app: Mobile app development companies have developed mobile apps for all subjects. You can download and install the app for your favorite subjects on your mobile phone and begin to learn.

Other subjects that people find difficult have equally been simplified in the mobile apps. Subjects like mathematics, chemistry, engineering, and so on. So, if you have difficulty in understanding any of the subjects listed or any other subject, try to download the subject app and learn it using the app. It is guaranteed to be very helpful to you.

Apart from the educational apps discussed, there are still apps that educational institutions can use to build a teacher-parent communication. These apps are already available, however, it is suggested that schools develop their own mobile app if they want to build a brand. More so, parents and guardians can use the school’s app to monitor the progress of their children and wards in their education.


The health sector is not left out of the benefits of mobile apps. Some of the benefits of mobile apps in healthcare are

Diseases treatment: There are mobile apps that you can use to identify ailments and also learn about their treatments. The treatments of so many diseases have been taught in those mobile apps.

Doctor finder: Thanks to mobile app development, people can quickly find the nearest doctor in cases of emergency. So, whether you have a personal physician or not, the services of a specialist cannot be ignored.

Besides, your personal physician or family doctor may be engaged and during an emergency case, the closest and most available doctor becomes a necessity. In such situations, this app comes in handy.

The bottom line is that with this mobile app, you can get an immediate access to medical care.

Doctor and patient communication app: There is a mobile app developed to eliminate the language factor or barrier that can affect the effective communication between doctors and patients. The app has been designed with a language translator who can effectively translate your inquiry to a doctor and will, in turn, translate the doctor’s response to you. The process continues until you are able to get a solution to your health condition or problem.

Apart from those apps mentioned, physicians can also monitor patients’ health progress with well-developed mobile apps. Since mobile apps are built with artificial intelligence, it makes it easier for patients’ history to be recorded with minimal errors.


Game lovers are also not exempted from the benefits of mobile app development. There are countless gaming apps for mobile devices. From combat games to shooting games, adventures, even business and personal development games. Yes, mobile app development companies have developed many mobile games that you are required to carry out business transactions and make money. The features of such games can be applicable to real-life situations. These types of games are usually recommendable to everybody. You play, learn and practice. Gaming apps are also built with artificial intelligence which makes games highly engaging and exhilarating.

Finally, based on all the types of mobile apps discussed, it is clearly seen that mobile apps are the future of all industries. And mobile apps are developed with artificial intelligence which makes it easier and faster for you to use by just tapping on the app and clicking on the features you want. So, if you need a mobile app that is specific to your business needs, do not hesitate to contact a top mobile app development company.

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