Google Search bar not working
  • Try turning your Nexus completely off, waiting 10 seconds and turning back on
  • If that didn't fix it, the next step is to "Clear the Cache" of the Google App. This will fix the issue but will also reset your Nexus home screen, so you will have to customize it all over again (Apps, Widgets, Wallpaper etc...)If the above step did not work for you, the next step is to factory reset your Nexus smartphone
    • Go to Settings > Apps
    • Swipe right until you land on the "All" tab and look for the Google App
    • You will see the window below
    • Tap on Force Stop
    • Tap on Clear Cache
    • Tap on Manage Space and select the bottom option "Clear all Data"
    • Your homescreen will now be reset but the Google Search widget will work again

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Resolving Problem With Google Launcher On Samsung Galaxy S8
If you have downloaded the Google Now Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S8, and if you are using the KNOX Security features by Samsung in any way, by even including the new “Secure Folder” system of the same; then you might encounter some form of the Galaxy S8 Google Launcher issues. One of the greatest issues amongst all is that the Google Now Launcher will not be able to see any apps in the system. Therefore, the app drawer would appear blank to the users and the users would not be able to configure the main screen. If you are facing this problem with Google Launcher on your smartphone, then you can fix the same in the following manner.

Disabling The Samsung KNOX And Secure Folder:
The first step to resolving the Galaxy S8 Google Launcher issue is by stopping the use of the KNOX features by Samsung. This can be done for some time to achieve the desired solution. You can try turning off the Secure Folder of this application in the following manner:

Open the Settings page of the Samsung Galaxy S8
Tap on the Lock Screen and Security option
Go to the Secure Folder section
Click on “Uninstall” option
Tap on “Backup and Uninstall” if you would like to save the date stored in the Secure Folder.
Galaxy S8 Google Launcher issues

In case if you are making use of the full Samsung KNOX security installation just because of the security policy pre-defined by the IT department of your workplace, then you will follow the appropriate steps for stopping to using the Samsung KNOX features in this case.

Downloading And Installing The Google Now Launcher:
Now that you have disabled the Samsung KNOX security features and Secure Folder of the same, you can now install the Google Now Launcher on your smartphone. To achieve the most hassle-free experience, it is recommended by the experts to firstly uninstall and then reinstall the Google Now Launcher app on your smartphone. You can do the same in the following manner:

Open Google Play icon on your smartphone
Search for the Google Now Launcher app on its search bar icon
Install the app using the “Install” option
After installing the app, press the Home icon.
Once you have installed the Google Now Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone without the active mode of the Samsung KNOX security features, then you would have resolved the Galaxy S8 Google Launcher issue. Now, you would be able to see the list of the various apps on your phone. At the same time, you can configure and use the apps as you would like them to be on your smartphone.

Galaxy S8 Google Launcher issues

Re-Enable The Secure Folder On Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone:
The tip by the expert is: when you are given the freedom to re-enable the Samsung Secure Folder and then continue using the Google Now Launcher, then there are high chances that you would have resolved the problem with Google Launcher.

The experts do not recommend the users to expect the smooth running of both the Samsung KNOX Secure Folder and Google Now Launcher at the same time. If this solution does not work out for you, then you can always uninstall the same. You can try re-enabling the Samsung Secure Folder in the following manner:

Open the Settings icon of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone
Tap on the option “Lock Screen and Security”
Click on the Secure Folder option
Now you can follow the on-screen instructions for completing the setup of the Secure Folder on your smartphone
Now, you have Secure Folder shortcut on the home screen of your phone as well as on the app drawer.
Once you have re-enabled the Samsung Secure Folder option, this can be accessed like any other app in the system. The users can also manage the Secure Folder settings from the “Lock screen and Security” section of the Settings area that they must have used to setup the same.

For several Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone users out there, having the consistent and familiar experience with Google Now Launcher across multiple channels and devices has been much more worthwhile. This has guaranteed them that they can make use of the Samsung Secure Folder alongside the Google Now Launcher. However, there are a certain group of the Samsung Galaxy S8 users who have to face instability and uncertainty in the simultaneous usage of both Samsung Secure Folder and Google Now Launcher. Until there is a permanent fix given out by Samsung itself on this Google Launcher issue on Galaxy S8, the users can try using these simple tips to resolve the same.

It is relatively easy to solve the problem with Google Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone model if you would follow these step-wise instructions. These have been given by the experts to their best knowledge and aim to resolve your issue until a permanent solution comes in place!

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