How To Design An Awesome UI For Your Mobile Application


When it comes to designing a mobile application for small screens and short attention spans, your app UI must work at the speed of thought. In an ideal case, you would like to come up with a design that should be easy for an amateur to understand without being too “boring” for tech-savvy users.


This post can throw more light on the matter.


1. Recognize the 5 pillars of interaction design


Obviously, it is true that you’ll have to work with less screen space, but that does not mean the laws of interaction design doesn’t count.


  • Target-oriented design: The UI of your app should target the right user. User research including surveys and interview can help you get the right personas for people who’re likely to use your application in the long run.
  •  Usability: This particular criterion helps in making a product useful and is the first step to making a product desirable in the market. If your prospective customers are unable to use the app with ease and comfort, they are less likely to download it from the app stores.
  • Affordance: This signifies function. For e.g., underlined text in blue signifies that tapping on it will take you to a whole new page in the browser window. 
  • Instinctive learnability: You should want your audience to learn about your app purely on the basis of instinct. This is exactly where familiar design patterns come in.
  • Feedback and response time: Feedback lets your potential audience know whether a job is completed or not. It can be as simple as a vibration or beep.


2. Use the right graphics in the right place


Most app developers have the tendency of following a “one size fitting all” rule when designing graphics for mobile applications.


There’s no doubt that this makes resource management simple, but it’s also possible for it to harm the visual appeal of the app.


To make your mobile application authentic and compelling to users, use tailor-made graphics to the screens of particular devices. Always remember that the best graphics usually load at runtime giving a pleasant user experience, in general.


3. Rely heavily on responsive UI designs


Your mobile app UI should be designed in such a way that it is usable on various mobile OS-es and devices.


All display issues regarding the app should be catered to responsibly, be it something related to CSS, media queries, or JavaScript.


 4. Last but never the least, use familiar mobile patterns for enhancing app usability


Mobile UI designs typically revolve around design-specific variations, including orientation, thumb placement, and posture.


You should carefully examine popular app UIs and their display patterns. 


Using familiar design patterns will help you create an app UI that makes your users feel more “at home.” 


Should you use stock photographs on your website


Whether you need images to spice up your business website or your personal sports blog; one question that always comes up is: “should you use stock photographs or take your own photos?”

To get somewhat of a reliable answer to that question, you should take a few things into consideration:

  • The number of photos you need,
  • Your budget on visuals,
  • Your allocation of time in imagery (including shooting, browsing, editing, etc.),
  • The type of images you need (such as nature, still life, etc.).

Once you’ve had a clear view of your plans and requirements, you may go ahead with making a choice between stock photography or manual photography. This article can help you with that decision of yours.

Stock Photography - Advantages

1.       Inexpensive

If you’re on a tight budget, close your eyes and opt for stock images without any further hesitation. The photographs are affordable, and you’ll be able to buy them individually or in a package.

Most of the reputed stock photography websites price their images on the resolution. So if you’re purchasing a photograph for your website, it will cost you a lot less over the one required for a flyer or a poster.

2.       Quick

If you need quick images, stock photography’s the way to go.

All stock images can be downloaded in an instant making them a huge time-saver for any project.

3.       Variety

Go any of the major stock photography websites (like Corbis Images, Getty, Shutterstock, etc.), and you will see thousands of photographs available for purchase simply at any point in time.

Photographers from all around the world contribute to these sites which can be a lifesaver in situations when you are in Southampton looking desperately for a photograph of the Amazon in South America.  

Stock Photography – Disadvantages

1.       Non-exclusive

Since stock photographs are readily available on the web, other companies can use them as well just like you do.

So if you are trying to make a unique statement of your own, this can completely undermine all your marketing efforts.   

2.       Too predictable

Photographers contributing images to stock photography sites try to come up with photos that have high chances of getting used by a lot of people irrespective of the trade.

Most of them rely more on universal concepts; a result of which they turn out to be very cliché or predictable in the long run.

3.       Hindrance to design

When you hire a professional designer or an agency for a branding project, you can expect them to be consistent and creative with your brand.

Stock images, on the other hand, can create a series of undesirable limitations as far as consistency and creativity are concerned. This can hinder your entire design, ruining the precision of your laborious marketing efforts.

Final say

If you are on a high budget, custom photographs should be a no-brainer choice for you as long as the bill’s covered right on time. But if you are on peanuts, stock photographs are your best (and only) bet. With that, we’ll sign off finally for the day. Hope you had a great read.  

Note: If you are looking for an affordable web development company in Southampton, feel free to get in touch with us. Our charges do not bite. 

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