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Every service in our church is a little different with variations in tastes, styles and even language, but there are some things that are common across all our services. Our services seek to be engaging, relevant and filled with genuine love and community.
Come along and experience it for yourself.

We see a church full of hearts so desperately broken for the lost, and so completely confident in the power of the gospel, that the good news of Jesus is always on our lips and the love of God is clearly seen in our actions.

We see a church so humbled by the power of our creator God, so in awe of the person of Jesus, and so consumed by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, that we are forever submitting ourselves to His Word and turning to Him in prayer.

We see a church so overcome by the grace and compassion of God, that we cannot help but rejoice, sing and live out our thankfulness in never-ending praise, as we regularly gather and joyfully serve him all of our days.

The old St Stephen’s Anglican Church at Quakers Hill was in existence since the 1920’s, linked at various times to larger nearby parishes such as Riverstone Anglican Church and Doonside Anglican Church.Quakers Hill became a separate entity in 1991 under the leadership of the Rev Stuart Robinson. Services were initially held in St Stephen’s church a small brick church building located on Douglas Road Quakers HIll.

As part of the Vision For Growth programme, the Anglican Church obtained a site located centrally to a huge new housing development. Services were held in a demountable building until the present worship centre was completed and opened in August 1993. A building adjacent to the church provides extra space for meetings and a range of children’s activities.Quakers Hill Anglican Church has experimented with a number of strategies aimed at reaching people in the community and teaching them to follow Jesus. These have included services at various times during the week, and one held in a nearby school hall.

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