What to wear on a rainy day

 Rain does not have to prevent you from looking good. You can always look glamorous even a rainy day. You should cultivate the habit of preparing your wardrobe with clothes that are appropriate for rainy days even before the time comes. This will enable you plan better so that your rainy day outfits do not have to look as dull as the weather itself. When you start preparing early, you can always find the perfect outfit to match so that you can still look glamorous and rock the season.

Staying home or going out on a rainy day needs a lot of planning and preparation. Some people read or listen to weather forecasts before going out of their homes. Sometimes you need the weather forecast because you will feel very uncomfortable if you leave home wearing some light clothes because of the bright weather in the morning and later in the day, the weather becomesdull or it starts to rain. You will feel uncomfortable for two reasons; first because ofthe cold and secondly because it will feel like you dressed without the season in mind. It is surprising that some people do not even take the weather into consideration before selecting what to wear, once they have made up their minds on some particular clothes whether light or inappropriate for the weather, they just wear it. This is bad.Not only will you draw the attention of people to yourself, giving them the impression that you are careless about your health, you actually invite illnesses associated with cold temperatures. Imagine that you go out of the streets probably to do some grocery shopping and you are dressed in a mini skirt and a light T-shirt meanwhile every other person you see puts on thick jackets and very long trousers with boots. In such an instance, you will look like an alien in the midst of humans because you’ll appear completely different from others. That does not need to be the case if you know what to wear when it rains.

Cute Rainy day outfits for women

Classic trench coats

Trench coats are just the perfect rainy season clothes you should have in your closet. Trench coats are raincoats made of heavy waterproof cotton originally a type of cloth worn by military officers. The coat is belted at the waist which sometimes enables the person wearing it to make adjustments according to their size. There are several trench coat types you may want to choose from according to your taste of fashion. They include; detachable hood trench coats, leather trim long trench coat, midi trench coat (you can get a light brown midi trench coat and match it with white ankle top trousers and white shoes to enable you look chic even in the gloomy weather). You can also get a soft open trench coat to match with jean trousers. Short trench coats are also one type of trench coats you shouldkeep among your rainy season clothes to match with jeans and long boots. Trench coats should be included in your wardrobe for rainy day outfits because they are made for that season and it is the best time you can wear them. Take note that while trench coats have the ability to repel rain drops, they do not really keep you very warm. So when you want to put on a trench coat, add some other warm clothes underneath like; cotton wool sweaters, long sleeved cotton t-shirts, and pair it with jeans or slacks.

Jeans and sweaters: Other rainy day outfits you should keep in your closet are jeans and sweaters. These are cute rainy day outfits which you can wear to rock the season. Wearing a jean and a sweater with probably a blouse or t-shirt underneath will keep you warm all day long. You can also put on a pair of boots to match the clothes. So you don’t need to look as dull as the weather. You can put on a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a brown sweater. With those, you are good to go. Your rainy season clothes should not only keep you warm but should be able to make you look chic and stylish.

Jumpsuits and jackets:This attire gives keeps you properly warm because the jumpsuit covers from your shoulders to your ankle and leaves no part of your belly, waist or back exposed. when you add a jacket, it gives the outfit a fashionable flair for the rainy season. These are cute rainy day outfits that you can use for the rest of the rainy season. People regard jumpsuits as a fashionable attire so even on a gloomy day, you can step up your game and still look as cool as always.

Leggings and leather jackets: This rain attire makes you look smart. When you wear leggings, it gives you the freedom to walk fast, run or even jump. Now when you wear leggings with leather jackets, it gives a great match which makes you look stylish and smart in your attire. Many people prefer leggings to jeans because they are more flexible. So when equipping your closet for rainy day outfits, do not forget to include leggings and leather jackets.

Turtle neck, half jacket and jeans: These are some other cute rainy day outfits. Turtle necks are better matched with half jackets to give you a good look to rock the rainy season with. Turtle neck covers your neck entirely and while the half jacket added to it keeps you warm all day long. Turtle necks and half jacket are just the right rainy season clothes you should wear because even in the dull and gloomy weather, it keeps you looking like a superstar. Make sure you get long sleeved turtle necks to match with the half jacket if you want to stay warm all day.

Cute rainy day outfits for men

Jeans and blazers: You can always rock the rainy season with blue jeans and brown blazers. Men, just like women always want to look good when they go out, no matter what season it. So the rain should not stop you. You can match your blue jeans with a white t-shirt and brown blazers. Of course you are always going to feel comfortable with jeans even in the bad weather. Blue and black jeans are advisable because even if they get wet, it will not be very visible and they will get dry faster than denims. You don’t want to go around with moist feet through out the day.

Trench coat, long sleeved shirt and trousers: This combination will keep you warm for the entire day. It is possible for you to combine a white long sleeved shirt, a blue black pullover, blue black trouser and a brown trench coat. To look stylish in all seasons, you need to build self-confidence. It all starts with you. You should love what you wearing before expecting anybody else to. Get a trench coat that best suits you, a color that matches your complexion. A common tendency during the raining season is people wear clothes they do not feel comfortable in. They just wear them to keep warm and to protect their bodies from the rain. The rainy season is a time when people can hardly find a convenient dress because all they are thinking about is the weather. This should not be the case with you. You can always look glamorous and stylish in trench coats and trousers.

A complete suit: You can put on a suit on a rainy day as long as it is capable of keeping you warm. By a complete suit, I mean wearing a suit, long sleeved shirt and a tie. Dressing this way keeps you warm though out the day. For guys or men who would like to wear suits always, the rainy season does not need to be an exception. However, make sure you match the suit with some cordovan leather shoes especially the one with a little lifted heel. This is to protect your trousers from the rain. Also take into consideration the color of dresses you put on during the rainy days or in the rainy season as a whole because there are some colors that reveal that your clothes are wet while some will not even be visible. On the other hand, you should also mind the material type and quality you wear. During the rainy season, it is preferable to get light material trousers so that if it gets wet by chance and you still have a long day at work or to stay outdoor, it can easily get dry and will save you from staying moist all day. Thicker trousers on the other hand may not dry off easily keeping you uncomfortable through the entire day till you take it off. Now what about those who cannot afford going to the dry cleaner with their dresses? All you need to do is to keep those really thick dresses because if you wear them on rainy days and they get wet, you will have a hard time drying them and for some materials, when a dress stays wet for so long, it may be damaged.

Bottom line: always think about the color of your dress, the material, and the soles of your shoes before you wear them during rainy days.

Shoes for rainy days

Waterproof sneakers with rubber soles: if you are someone who likes putting on snickers, you can still get a new brand of sneakers made for rainy days. So all hope is not lost. Waterproof sneakers with rubber soles are just what you need. For someone who would not want to walk around in bulky boots or someone who does not feel comfortable in bulky boots, you can always add waterproof snickers to your shoes for rainy days closet. I am recommending this for you because snickers especially those whose cuffs go up to the ankle, are fully waterproof and are lightweight, allowing you to walk around comfortably.

High heeled boots: These boots are stylish andcan withstand showers. With high heeled boots, the chances that water will penetrate and touch your feet are slim so you do not have to move about with moist feet all day. High heeled boots will also keep you in fashion and looking glamorous even in gloomy weather. These boots will also prevent the rain from touching your legs or from making your trousers wet. High heeled boots are mostly worn by women. While some put them on only in the rainy season, others wear their high heeled boots at all time as long as it matches the dresses they have on.

Cordovan leather shoes: If you are a gentleman who always has meetings to attend and you feel that you always need to look corporate while meeting clients, then the shoes for rainy days you should get are cordovan leather shoes. Anything made with cordovan leather is naturally resistant to water. It is also naturally thick, in fact, it is one of the strongest leathers on earth. You will notice that this brand of leather is expensive. Yes it is! But the guarantee is that they are work appropriate, will never crease and above all, they will always look polished.

Waterproof leather boots and shoes:Synthetic leather is an example of water resistant leather which can keep your feet from becoming sore. Brands like Timberland are commonly won around the world. Leather boots wholly covers your feet, some up to your ankle. Another good thing about leather boots is that they keep your feet very warm in the inside. This is the more reason why you should include waterproof leather boots among your shoes for rainy days.

Let me also thrill you with some rainy season essentials.

Umbrella: apart from getting rainy season clothes, you should also equip yourself with rainy season essentials like umbrellas. These are important because the umbrella helps you to move about even when it rains. Without an umbrella, you will be stuck home because even if you put on trench coats which repel rain drops, you will be soaked by the rain if it is really heavy. You would not want to get to the office or the grocery shop all soaked so you need to get an umbrella. While getting an umbrella too, it is preferable that you get a bigger one that can cover your whole body because most often, people buy small umbrellas which ends up leaving them exposed in the rain. You can use these small umbrellas instead on sunny days when you want to avoid ultraviolet light from penetrating your skin.

Hat: It is important you get a hat for the rainy season, in fact, you should include a hat to your cute rainy day outfits. Not only will hats prevent drops of rain from falling on you, but it will add to your rain attire to give you a stylish look. In fact, hearts are very important for you to keep because you can make use of them at any time. That is, in both the rainy season and the dry season. In the dry season, hats will prevent you from squinting so always make hats a part of your attire.

Raincoats: Most people who do outdoor jobs prefer to use rain coats instead of umbrellas because with raincoats, they still get to work with both hands and still cover their body from rain. There are those who do not like going around with umbrellas and so they prefer to get raincoats. Some for the fear of losing or misplacing an umbrella prefer to get raincoats. Now the raincoat is also a rainy season essential which you should think about adding to your rain attire because sometimes, you will get involved in outdoor activities like working in the garden or in the garage which an umbrella will not be appropriate at the moment. In such an instance, you may also decide to match your raincoat with a waterproof hat. In other instances, the rain may be very heavy and using an umbrella under very heavy rains may not really be advisable because the umbrella may be destroyed by heavy rains probably accompanied by serious winds so preferably, you should add a raincoat to your rain attire.

Rubber boots:Without rubber boots, you are not completely ready for the rainy season. This is because during the rainy season, your feet are most vulnerable and if they are constantly exposed to run off, then they begin to get sore and you find yourself going through unnecessary pain or going to spend money in the hospital for treatment. Rubber boots are very essential because they cover your feet and prevent water (run off) from touching them. You need rubber boots because when you put on shoes with leather soles, they would not be effective for the season because first of all you may embarrass yourself by slipping off on wet surfaces or the shoe gets damaged because the leather got wet. You should include rubber boots among your shoes for rainy days because it will protect your feet during outdoor activities.

Preparing for the raining season or getting cute rainy day outfits is not all about looking chic in the rains or all about rocking the season. It is also about getting yourself protected from the rain and from cold. If you get exposed to the rain or the cold in the rainy season, it comes with so many effects which you should know.

What happens when you are exposed to cold or rain?

You get a fever:Exposing yourself to the cold or going out unarmed in terms of the dresses you put on during rainy days will obviously give you a fever. Having a fever has so many disadvantages for you because it will cause you to stay indoors, meaning probably no school for you if you are a student or no work for you if you are a worker. Now I do not need to educate you about the other little discomforts that accompany fever. You will have a headache, you will feel nauseated, body weakness and even vomiting. All these because you did get prepared for the rainy season. Therefore you have to always keep yourself warm in order to avoid suffering from fever.

You may catch a cold: I’m quite sure you do not want to see yourself moving about with a running nose because like fever, you will also get a running nose if you are exposed to cold or to the rain. A running nose will make you feel uncomfortable and will get even worse when you constantly exposed yourself. If you stay warm always, you will escape suffering from a cold. You may also have cough. This will come as a result of an exposed chest. Remember that it is very easy for cold to penetrate your chest because as you breathe in cold air, it is going directly to your chest and without something to keep you warm, the situation even gets worse.

Some people may not likedressing up as a soldiers going for war because this is what preferring for the rains feel like. They will prefer to try other alternatives that can keep them warm like taking hot tea or coffee very frequently. Generally, it is better to keep yourself warm both from the inside and from the outside because even if you get tea to keep you warm, it cannot do that for very long. Think about when you are walking in the streets. You cannot drink tea continuously as you walk. It is going to be difficult. So arm yourself like a soldier in preparations for the rain and of course the rains will not stay forever, it will also have to give way to the sun and you can go back to your normal clothes. It is better to spend money getting rain attire or clothes you need for the rainy season than use the money for medications because you did not dress well and got sick. By the way rainy season clothes are not always as expensive as they seem.


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