Ten Mistakes That iOS App Developers Make
Hire iPhone app developer, developing an app doesn't come easy. Before setting out to develop an app, you have to consider a lot of factors. Some of them are the target audience, cost of production, and a host of others. Yet, many inexperienced iPhone app developers are still spending a lot more money resolving a bug infested app. So, for you not to have your efforts wasted, there are some mistakes which you have to avoid while developing iPhone apps. You must be careful because the Apple App Store doesn't play nice like Google play store. Your app could be rejected over and over again unless you build them properly.

Over the years, a lot of people and business setups have come to embrace Apple products. This is because of the durability which their devices offer as it runs so many apps for everyday function. Since iPhones have created a viable market for iPhone app developers, knowing the mistakes to avoid will establish you as a successful app developer.

Many app developers have succeeded in studying these ten mistakes so as to avoid creating a failing app. You should do so as well because you may end up losing your investment, thinking it will proliferate the entire world.

These mistakes shall be discussed below: 

1. Having no specific aim

One of the primary reasons for creating an app is to generate revenue. Rather have an expansive knowledge of how to build a unique app, app developers may want to imitate other successful apps. So, before you embark on developing an app, make plans to know who your target audience is. Know why you are creating the app, and discover where your iPhone app exactly fits. Don't make your app a misfit by modeling your app after other successful apps. Just discover what works for you, stay on it and create a focus for your brand of an app.

2. Failing to test your newly developed app

You must ensure that your app meets all required specifications before being released into the market. Many iPhone app development companies, especially new ones, may be unaware of this useful hint. As such app developers might assume that developed apps will be widely accepted by all. This is not usually the case because not all devices are compatible will your app. So as an app developer, you should ensure that your apps are fully tested on all devices before releasing them to the market.

3. Refusing to incorporate a loading sign

As an iOS app development expert, don't put your users in a position to guess. Here, you should always provide indicators for every action that an app is performing on a mobile phone. Don't expect to leave a blank page while your app is running on a phone. This sends a wrong impression to users, and when the reviews about your app start coming in at the right places, you lose both income and the users.

4. Sticking with low-resolution devices

As an app developer, you should start with developing apps for high-resolution phones. This is to ensure that you have a wider coverage of all mobile users. As time goes on, you can begin to consider creating an app that accommodates a low-resolution device.

5. Over-emphasizing on animation display

It is a nice idea to have your app, welcome users while interacting with their iPhones. However, many app developers make a mistake on centering on animation rather than on the functions which an app is developed for. iPhone app developers who are new to the profession should ensure that the use of animation should be mild and not exaggerated to confuse the users. When an app is unnecessarily animation based, the focus of the users are shifted, and that makes your app somewhat irrelevant.

6. Having a rigid login option

To create a popular and loved app on iOS, app developers often use popular social media channels to advertise apps. This is a good idea, but you should create a simple method with which your users can access and use your app. It may necessarily not come along with other social media handles. Rather, your users should be free to log in and use an app effortlessly with a just an email address.

7. Overcrowding with many features

This will definitely keep users away. In a bid to ensure that your users are finding your app easy, your app should center on a specific purpose. Never be tempted to include so many features in your app. This distracts the users and therefore can make your app irrelevant. So, iPhone app development should stay on a specific function it has to offer to users. This not only encourages profitability but also keep users focused on a single action which an app will provide.

8. Handling errors in a poor way

As far as app development is concerned, errors are inevitable. So whenever users report an error, it is important to address the issue speedily and efficiently. iPhone app development is a thriving business hub for app developers, and it will do you a lot of good if errors are mastered on time with immediate effectiveness. This will provide an opportunity for you to develop a possible solution when the complaints keep pouring in from users.

9. Forgetting to create a marketing plan

On a daily basis, apps are being developed and pushed into app stores in thousands. So, app developers should have a plan that can actually withstand fierce competitions from other apps. In order to ensure that your app fully proliferated the app stores and iOS platforms, create a marketing awareness on different social media platforms. A simple advert such as a one minute video can be the gate to having users flood app store to download your app. You have the opportunity to create your own impression, give your app a unique angle which users will find very hard to resist.

10. Developing apps based on personal experience

As much as you can, ensure that the apps you are hoping to send to the entire world have simplified concepts. For app developers new to the app development business, you might fail by recognizing users interface or users experience. This is actually due to failing to simplify your app to accommodate all users. This is because users range from expert to intermediate.

So, if you are considering iPhone app development, you should be aware of these mistakes. This will ensure that your invention does not become obsolete and neglected by users. You shouldn't become part of those that will flood the app store with less useful apps as Apple flushes such apps out immediately.


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