Hard Drive Destruction Services from PROSHRED

from time to time, sensitive statistics surely can not depart your enterprise

Don’t take any unnecessary risks. whilst protection is truely paramount, you need to ensure your statistics is destroyed before it leaves your premises. Sims Recycling answers gives various offerings for destroying touchy business facts at our customers’ locations. certified to government requirements, our cellular destruction gadget can wipe or bodily spoil hardware so all statistics is destroyed and irrecoverable.
onsite records destruction

    On-website records destruction at your premises
    Meets authorities requirements for records sanitization
    one hundred% guaranteed data destruction
    certificate of destruction issued for your records
    reduce the risk of data leakage fines
    24/7 traceability for all of your assets
    trust which you are running with an enterprise leader who is aware your statistics safety dangers
    gives Peace of mind and removal of any doubt about the security of your facts
    country of the art era and capabilities
    continuously innovating and proactively looking closer to the future

Why Shred Onsite?

This carrier removes all risk associated with transporting fabric. As information bearing media maintains to boost and capacities turn out to be larger, the need to secure sensitive records becomes extra critical. Media that can be shredded include;

    hard Drives
    strong kingdom Drives
    lower back Up Tapes
    Floppy Disks
    CCTV/Video Tapes
    portable storage devices

Compliant records Destruction

Our mobile shredding provider guarantees that your drives are completely destroyed and 100% of statistics is secured. Our vans contain industry-leading shredding generation which reduces your information-bearing media to tiny portions and ensures that information is irretrievable.

records destruction
24/7 monitoring and Compliance

We provide immediately reporting

    certificates of Destruction following your witnessed processing
    exact asset monitoring reports

security Cleared and straightforward employees

All our employees are skilled to address sensitive information and safety-checked to the very best stages, where required. With our experience and security accreditations, Sims Recycling answers is a business enterprise you could believe.
secure statistics bins for tough force collection at ease data packing containers

The Sims secure records boxes has been designed for any digital media to be thoroughly stored in a metal plate, tamper evidence bin in your office or garage room anticipating relaxed destruction.


Do not assume that records might be unfastened from theft after genuinely erasing records from a hard pressure. That statistics can nevertheless be accessed by using a person properly-versed in statistics retrieval, which could result in a chief safety breach. The only manner to make certain your touchy statistics cannot be accessed as soon as the tough force leaves your premises is to apply a relaxed hard power destruction provider.

With PROSHRED’s® secure and private tough drive destruction services, we are able to make sure your tough drives are nicely destroyed earlier than being discarded. Our skilled workforce will come directly on your commercial enterprise to pick out up your difficult drives and wreck them proper there so you can see the manner in movement. if you require your hard drives to stay on your custody until they're destroyed, PROSHRED® also offers cell difficult force shredding. We also provide an in depth certificate of destruction displaying the date and time of the hard pressure pickup.
As a part of our environmental stewardship, PROSHRED® is committed to ensuring each shredded hard pressure is delivered to steel and electronics recyclers for similarly processing. We only send digital waste to licensed recycling companions that follow federal and kingdom guidelines so that you can rest clean knowing your facts is disposed of accurately. whether you’re a regulation firm, clinical facility, economic enterprise, educational institution, residential place, or any sort of small/medium business, having a certificate of destruction ensures the very last step inside the shredding procedure for full compliancy with privacy legal guidelines like HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA and GLBA.

suggestions on the way to spoil and dispose of difficult Drives

when you have currently changed your home or workplace pc, you'll be questioning, what is the most secure way to remove your vintage gadget? Even in case your computer finishes up in a landfill, the device’s hard power will nonetheless contain your private statistics. alas, failure to wipe touchy facts out of your difficult force can cause it to fall into the wrong arms. this will bring about a case of identification robbery and result in a number of other protection problems. thankfully, there are numerous safe and dependable methods to recycle or smash your pc and tough pressure. work with us and witness the destruction of your tough drives both on-website or at our facility with our safe and secure destruction process.
three pointers to recollect earlier than Destroying hard Drives  

if you are careless when it comes to the disposal of your pc gadget, you may boom your exposure to critical safety threats. right here are some recommendations to keep in mind for proper difficult force destruction and disposal:

    take into account the environment: difficult drives comprise risky materials. If they may be disposed of incorrectly, the publicity of these materials may be harmful to your fitness and the surroundings. recollect working with a certified business enterprise to help you wreck your difficult drives in a safe and comfortable facility in keeping with EPA guidelines.
    Delete the data: Wipe away any non-public information out of your difficult drives earlier than having them professionally destroyed. this will help in addition protect your personal statistics all through the transition manner, have to any incident arise. however, certified shredding technicians will meet all the requirements for entire facts destruction and greater.
    discover a certified business enterprise: A valid shredding corporation ought to be able to provide you with a certificates of Destruction after destroying your tough drives. The certificate is evidence that your tough drives had been disposed of in the correct manner and also will provide statistics on in which the process happened, the motives for destruction, and who treated the destruction technique. additionally, make certain that the enterprise dealing with your non-public files is NAID AAA certified

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