Best Finance App for iOS

Gold prices fluctuate every second and if the investment or trading precious metals are important to you, you always try to remain in touch with ever-changing prices to avoid getting ripped off. Especially in India during the times of festivals like Diwali or Navratri when gold is gifted, prices tend to fluctuate a lot. IPHS Technologies design some of the best finance app for iOS users to keep track of gold prices in real time.

When it comes to design and develop a results-oriented financial mobile app in in India, America, and Australia, trust none but the top-notch IPHS Technologies.The firm ensures that the clients get the right people for the right job and offer premium services at an economical price.

There are many Apps available in the market for iOS to read and analyze live gold price like Gold Tracker, Kcast Gold Live, Gold Price Live etc.

best Finance App for iOS

Some of the essential features of the gold price apps which iOS mobile-users can explore and enjoy are:- 

  • The free live gold price app provides real-time prices for gold, silver, and other precious metals, press releases, articles, analyses, video news, and commentaries. Receive alerts in real time by activating Notifications Push mode.

  • Apps provide real-time and historical silver and gold price charts. These charts get automatically refreshed when the price gets updated. iPhone users can even use the app to find the best deals on gold and silver which local dealers have to offer.

  • Historical charts offer many options and one can study gold prices trend from last 5 days to past 10 years or more.

  • Various foreign currencies and unit size of metals are supported in the app like kilo, gram, oz etc.

  • From settings, one can change currency from USD to INR or vice-versa.Many other currency conversion options can also be enjoyed like Euro, Pound sterling, Swiss franc etc.

  • These easy to read and navigate applications can track your investment value in real time. You can also allow your app users or investors to open an account through their App.

  • Some of the Apps allow users to conceal their profits with Kiosk Mode.

  • iPhone or iPad users can even contribute to social causes by purchasing some of the best finance apps for iOS.

  • Users can even find an array of gold and silver bars and coins available for sale via the app.

  • The gold rate studying finance apps are available in many languages and currency conversion options.If iPhone users face any concerns while operating them, customer service of the App designing firm will solve it instantly.

  • The optimized interface lets you share your favorite contents to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Live gold price apps are must for metals investors to always remain updated with latest prices. These apps are packed with powerful features for serious investors like physical assets value calculator, voice price reporting, access to tons of charts etc.Come to IPHS for designing best finance apps for iOS today!

Advent of smart phones has increased the number of mobile internet users. They are in fact potential customers most likely to buy products and services from the companies. Mobile app development services offer a diverse range of software depending on the requirements and specifications of the customers. They deploy technical experts with plenty of experience to design cutting edge systems that are beneficial for business. 

Mobile app development companies work in close collaboration with the customers to understand their demands and analyze the existing systems. Drawbacks are carefully documented and confirmed to ensure that the vendors and the clients are on the same page. More often than not lack of communication among the parties leads to cost overhead. A faulty analysis is followed by application design that is not able to meet the stringent demands of the clients.

Best mobile app development companyplays an important role in creating apps that can easily manage the different types of business processes. For instance, mobile based applications can efficiently manage the inventory on the go. As an entrepreneur, you can track the movements of the items and take preventive steps before the reorder level could be reached.

Right from simple gaming to industrial software can be designed with impeccable ease by the Top mobile app developers. They are well versed in working on different platforms belonging to proprietary and open source category. Professionals  work on the user interface to make it as simple as possible. The design of the application is focussed on meeting the business objectives of the clients and provide tailor made solution.

Apps once created and implemented can provide valuable data at the click of the button. An efficient content management system is loaded on the smart phone and offers complete independence to the users. As a business head, you can create numerous user accounts with different access levels. They are ideal for operations on the business environment.

The popularity of Apple phones has increased by leaps and bounds among the users. It has bolstered iPhone app development to create top of the line applications catering to health sector, finance and insurance. Apart from rock solid functions, the software is secured and cannot be easily hacked into by the intruders.

The company offers valuable services not only to the clients in USA but also to business entrepreneurs in India and to the far east in Australia and many other countries. Apps are crucial in enhancing the efficiency of the business and improving the productivity of the employees. One of the major advantages of the software is that it can generate reports based on the requirements of the users. Continuous information updates are necessary for the managers to take mission critical decisions within the stipulated time period.  Android app development companyis also working closely with clients to create efficient and cost effective systems. They offer customized solutions to the users and ensure that the application is aligned to the business specific goals.

With Mobile app development servicesat the disposal, the clients can optimize their revenue sources and also increase the customer base.

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