Know the Tips to Mix and Match Tea Cups and Saucers Here!

We all imagine our home to be unique from others. So to stand out, some people decorate their homes creatively. They want to add fun and try something different, out of the box. They look for innovative ideas on the internet. Besides, the same style or set of options has been the safest choice for many. But in today’s world, the same style creates minimum impact. Everyone likes to be unique in everything they do. Now, let’s not focus on our likes, instead focus on home décor ideas. This article is related to the teacup set. So let’s focus on the topic theme. Cups and saucers are vital elements of the kitchen. At least one in the home is a tea connoisseur.

Are you one of them? If yes, you may have many cup and saucer set collections. Usually, an entire set features similar designs and colors. We serve in the same style to guests or ourselves. But do you know mix and match can do magic? Have you ever tried the idea? If not, you can try it this season and continue for other seasons as well. It will be fun to do and a unique approach. You can pick a different design, color and pattern and create a new set. Thus, you can create a new set every time with the existing ones. If the idea sounds good, continue reading and find a few cool ideas on how to mix and match them. It will make the set look interesting and better.

Step 1: Let’s begin with the color. You may have different colors of tea cups and saucers in the home, right? Drinking tea in the same color set may not look appealing every time. So you can match colors that go well with one another. Like if select an indigo blue and white tea cup and saucer set or blue set and balance it with pastel green set. Have a look at the new color combination? How does it look? Are the colors perfectly complementing one another? If it’s a perfect match and looks appealing, go ahead and use it regularly. You can also check other colors that go well with the set.

Step 2: You will find a cup saucer set in different designs. You may have a favorite designed set in the kitchen. So why not match the design with another set? Make sure the design does not look awkward when placed on a tray or the table. The design should perfectly suit the other set. For example- If you have small floral patterns on the cups, blend them with saucers featuring bigger flower patterns. Also, you can skip saucers and add only big and small flower cups. Thus, create a beautiful flower set in no time. Besides, horizontal and vertical stripes are also good options to try.

Step 3: You will find a tea cup set online with unique quotes. If you have a few sets with inspiring quotes set, you can balance them and create a new set with different motivating quotes. Make sure the color of the cup complements one another properly.

Step 4: Many people buy solid colored tea cup set of 6. Do you have dark and light-colored sets? Yes, you can easily blend them every day or occasionally. The best way is to pick a dark-colored cup and balance it with a different light-colored cup. For example- bright yellow color cups look rich with green cups or dark yellow cups with grey cups. Perhaps, you can even match your classic set with pastel green, pink, brown and grey color set. So try matching them with different colors. Also explore teapot and coaster online at the lowest price.

Step 5: We all buy different designs of tea cups and saucers. Some we use for special events, some daily and some regularly. So you can create a new formal set with different designs. All you need to do is balance the pattern with another pattern, like create a new set with block print and geometric pattern or block print and floral pattern and so on. They can be used for different occasions.


These are some simple ideas on how to mix and match your tea cups and saucers sets? These ideas are great for home and also for offices. So remember this point. Besides, you can use the mix match approach every day, occasion or weekly. The choice is yours. Make sure both sets complement one another and look attractive and stylish.

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