4 Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

By Jerry

Management job is the toughest position in a business organization due to two main reasons; reason # 1 - as a manager, you are responsible to achieve company’s goals and targets and reason # 2 – you have to deal with the people who are deployed to achieve those goals. Now if you have the ability to manage people but not good at utilizing resources effectively, you are far away to reach your targets. On the other hand, if you know how to and where to use necessary resources but your manpower is not in your control, you can’t prove yourself as an effective manager. Want to discover the secrets of management? Read rest of the article:


4 Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Skills


In an organization you may have people with diversity of knowledge, experience, and skills and most importantly nature and it is definitely not easy to take each one of them together on the same page to achieve your organizational goals BUT this is what you are required to do as a manager. Let’s see how to become the best manager in the history of your company:


1: Outline Organizational Goals


A goal is the starter of a mission and you must know what goals you have been. Once you know your goals, you can plan how to achieve them as efficiently as possible. You may have some weaknesses which may become great hurdles in your way to success and this is where you need to overcome them as early as possible. Remember that the goals must be specific, relevant and achievable:


  • Specific: Try to make your goals as specific as possible because the clarity will allow you to achieve them with ease.


  • Relevant: These must be relevant to your business and must go into the right direction as per the marketing rules.


  • Achievable: Of course, these must be achievable. If you are trying to achieve something that is not possible with current resources and manpower you have, all your efforts will go in vain.


2: Build an Effective Team


Secondly, you need to build a great team of workers who may work to help you achieve your set goals. Here you should do everything you need to find the best minds in your team. Sometimes, you have to take the decision you don’t want like firing an employee who has been with you for a long time. Follow this simple formula when you are in a tough position to take a decision “Add the best and subtract the worst”. If someone is nothing more than a burden on your organization, give him a clear warming and yet he does not show serious behavior, give him the liberty to try his luck somewhere else.


Something you have inexperienced people in your team who are motivated but simply need someone who can help them show their highest potential. This is where you should perform your role as a supporter and motivator so they can grow quickly and become the best part of your team. Those who come with less experience usually have more potential for learning and if treated wisely can prove to be the top assets for a business organization. You as a manager can take maximum advantage of their skills.


3: Get Well Organized 


It has been seen in many cases that the managers become ineffective only because of disorganization. They can’t find the solutions to the problems and they can’t become the leaders when their team needs a real leader. Organization is like a bloodstream for management and you must be well organized. Everything should be very well organized such as:


  • Your office routine should be organized and managed.
  • Don’t waste your time but use it at the right place.
  • Organize all your resources to use effectively.
  • Office files, papers and documents must be organized in a professional way.


4: Improve Your Communication Skills


If you lack communication skill, you must try to learn it as many managers are failed only because they can’t communicate properly when they really need or if they do they are not 100% perfect. In the result, they are unable to convey their message to their team members and others. Verbal as well as nonverbal both skills are important and you should always try to improve both sides of your personality:


Listen what others are saying: Simply listening to the other people can help you become the best communicator because you are in a much better position to convey your message to them.


Use your body language: Your body language greatly matter while you are speaking or addressing the people. Establish eye contact, look confident and grab keep listeners engaged.


Don’t be so serious: Though, you are in a good position, you should not be so serious and try to bring little fun while you are speaking.


Keep a Positive Attitude: When you are talking directly or speaking on a phone or even writing a letter, you should always keep your attitude positive.


Final Words


Sometimes, you simply need a smile on your face to become a good manager but this is only possible when you have a clear goal, good team and great resources.     


Author Bio

Jerry is an experienced content marketer and a writer and she also contributes for Essay Help UK. His passion to help people has led him to cover various topics including small business, marketing, management and academics.  

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