Glossary for Job-Seekers

Probably you have heard about the job search at college or university. But the real world of job-hunting is much more complex. When one enters a life after graduation, he often gets puzzled because of the different terms and notions. Some requirements can disorientate a job seeker greatly. Here are most common terms of the job hunting world.

Writing the Resume

Accomplishments – the facts of your superiority over other employees at the previous workplace. These are much better to describe your competence level than duties or skills. Those achievements that depict how much money you brought or by what percent you’ve raised the company’s productivity are most valued.

Action Verbs – these are the verbs that should refrain from your whole CV or the resume. Whether you are writing about your skills, achievements or previous work duties, use the power words. Some of them are in the job description, plenty can be found online. 

ATS Checker – action verbs and power words will get your resume through the ATS checker. In order for the system to notice your resume, it should hold a big percent of the words from the job description. But use them wisely and don’t include the same keywords only. Vary them and use synonyms. ATS checker is very good at picking up clichés as well. 

Branding Statement (Summary, Personal Statement) – this is a short pitch placed at the beginning of the resume to give the hirer a quick look at the employee’s strengths. This section is to answer the questions: who is applying and how the company will benefit from hiring the candidate. 

Career Objectives – one of the essential parts on the resume. While falsely underestimated this section gives the hirer a chance to see if the employee can evolve and how to use him in the company. 

Cover Letter – is necessary to attach to the resume. The resume is supposed to paint the picture of your hard skills and biggest achievements. The cover letter can give the interviewer some insight into your personality and trigger his interest in hiring you. 

Depending on your current employment situation and the job opening specifications, you can either send out the uninvited cover letter, invited cover letter or referral cover letter. Also, it is important to know the difference between cover letter and the letter of application. 

Job Skills And Job Skills Portfolio – Job skills are the abilities showing whether you are qualified for the job. Job Skills portfolio is a job-hunting tool designed to confirm the skills you put in the CV. Use the education, job experience, and achievements sections to prove the obtained skills. If possible, provide a link to your personal website or a page with your projects and workings. 

Looking For a Job

Career Coach – a professional career advisor.  As a rule, this is a former field insider that guides you through the employment process and provides with the useful tips on career development. They are very good at motivating, inspiring and pointing the job seeker into the right direction. 

Career Exploration – discovering the jobs to apply the skills at. Learning about the career options in the target field and finding a job related to the target one. It also includes attending career seminars or job fairs to establish useful career connections. One may try building a powerful social profile to target the job openings online and engage with prospective employers online. 

Job-Hunting Online – spending up to 20 percent of the time exploring the attractive job openings daily. This time can also be spent on building professional social media accounts. And updating the profiles on the Job Boards, aka Job sites. 

Career Planning – a crucial task for the realistic assessment of one’s skills and establishing the main features to offer the targeted companies. The compilation of your career passion, abilities, and personal traits that formulates the future career path. Once having his career plan ready, the job-seeker conducts it step by step, eventually getting his dream job. 

Hidden Job Market – the bigger percent of job openings that stay unadvertised. Those can only be unveiled if the job seeker will do some research about the company. To try and discover those job one must network actively and use the cold calling approach. 

Cold Calling – Approaching the hiring managers or the employers directly with an uninvited cover letter, hoping to uncover a job opening. 

Getting Ready For the Job Interview 

Job Interview – is all about matching. Companies want to make good hires for the company, while the job candidate has to determine whether this company will give him a push in career advancement. Read below to get ready for the trickiest job interviews.

Behavioral Interviews – are used to project your past performance experience in the future one and enquire more about the past duties and tasks.

Case Interviews – usually help assess the candidate’s problem-solving ability, tolerance for ambiguity. Communications skills will get the candidate through this check the best. Case interviews sometimes resemble the situational interviews where the candidate has to solve a hypothetical situation. 

Stress Interviews – putting the candidate under some kind of pressure. The interviewer tends to assess job hunter's ability to deal with it. 

Phone Interviews – putting less stress on the candidate however also required to play by the rules of the job interview. 

Dress For Success – dressing and behaving in a way that every detail of your look and personality expresses positiveness and confidence. 

Follow – Up – a final touch of your resume or the job interview. Sending a thank-you letter and thanking for the time will do. This won’t get you the job for sure but will make stand out from the crowd. Some companies store the resumes for months in order to offer you the job once the vacancy opens up. If you call and check it might be your chance. 

Knowledge is power, especially in the case of job-hunting where you have to be a real shark to get the job. Keep your know-hows updated and never stop learning on your way to the perfect job.

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