Software Test Process Problems And Challenges

In the past, it did not matter how long it took for software to go through the testing process since users were waiting with baited inspiration for the latest version.

Nowadays, users know that the first version of any software is not reliable, so they will usually opt to wait for the second or third iteration rather than, which results in fewer sales for the first version.

Therefore, it's really necessary to ensure the first version of your software is reliable. Follow the guidance in this blog, thus keeping everyone happy.

First off, what are the goals of the testing session? Normally, testing goals are vague, like finding and fixing flaws, reducing the risk of system dangers, or confidence building.

Test process problems

Test process problems often happen when testing and engineering processes are poorly integrated. Companies most of the time taking a "one-size-fits-all" program taken to testing, regardless of the particular requirements of the project.

  • Unresolved, misapplied, unrecognized metrics
  • Incomplete validation
  • Unavailable prerequisites
  • Insufficient regression time
  • A high number of test builds

Testing may not be adequately prioritized so that functional testing, white-box unit, black-box system testing, or and integration testing may be overemphasized.

Some of the key advantages:

Get better test coverage

At the time you might come across test cases having more than thousand lines of code and in such cases, it becomes very tough to control it through manual testing efforts. Automation can certainly bring in the better test coverage with enhancements.

* Flexibility: Stress testing gives extensibility and flexibility. The purpose is more efficient testing whilst reducing the requirement for manual script editing

* Comprehensive protocol support: The technology can be combined to test systems with complicated architecture. You can assume comprehensive technologies like web, HTTP, Java, Citrix, GUI etc.

Efficiency and Focus

Outsourcing the software testing process takes the burden off of the in-house team, which provides them chances to perform more research and development.

When testing is performed by experts, they strictly adhere to the goals and plans of the development company. This permits the production company achieves the desired quality for the software which can compete in a dynamic digital landscape.

  • You get to work on cool computer software systems - from small business to large corporations.
  • It's fun to find problems in software - challenging like a puzzle
  • Good career: high paying ($$$) and always in demand.

Cost Effective

Hiring a software expert team is a cost saver. A development organization need not invest in any tools and methodologies since all the resources are given by the testing services provider.

Challenges in Software Testing

Misunderstanding of company processes

Sometimes you don't give attention what the company-defined processes are and these are for what goals. There are some software testing myths that they should only go with organization processes even these processes are not applicable to their current testing situation. This results in inadequate and inapplicable application testing.

Test coverage

In today’s competitive world, enterprises require an effective testing approach to make sure that their app works properly, everywhere all the time.

Covering various geographies and configurations for testing applications is challenging for testing teams that rely solely on a traditional QA approach.

Lab-based testing with limited resources can never recreate a real-world environment. Getting an exact insight into these cases thus becomes more complex.

Setting the Right Process

The company process for software testing service must be aligned in such manner that the procedure is effective in catching the glitches in time. The process must be simply defined to avoid misunderstandings.

Setting up a uniform process to get everybody on the same page becomes difficult for teams that are located in different offices in different time zones.

Understanding the requirements

Sometimes the testers fail to understand the exact requirements of the clients as a tester is the only one responsible for communicating with the customers. Testers with good listening skills can understand the requirements properly and fulfill the exact requirement.

Automation testing

Automation is one of the most important areas where we can reduce the execution time and can perform regression testing after performing any kind of changes to the code. Whereas, in web applications, the creation of test scripts and using them is more stimulating than for other applications.  


These days it is usual to see the client asking for the web application that has to work in Windows OS to Mac OS, from Internet Explorer to Safari browsers, from a Web browser to Mobiles. This has made testing even more challenging than before.

Data integrity

The most susceptible area in the software business is the collection and storage of highly valuable customer data. Lest the data stored is accurate and correct, the business may run into predicaments. Software testing should ensure data integrity wherever data is used.

Re-usability of test design

More reusable components have to be deployed for any project if the project life cycle time gets interrupted. In the same way, in web testing also more reusable test cases should be used as much as possible. Though in web applications since every project varies in all aspects of requirements, the possibility for reusability is limited.

Time is always a big constraint

Tester simply focuses on the task completion rather than test coverage and quality of work when the time is less. A huge list of tasks is there to be completed within specified time while completing the task within a specified time-frame which includes writing, executing, automating, and finally reviewing the test cases.

Testing the whole application

It is extremely difficult to test each and every combination both in manual and in automation testing as there are millions of test combinations. If you start to try all these combinations, you will never be able to ship the product.

Tight schedules

There are times when you have to work way more than the actual working hours to conclude the task. All these tasks include writing, executing, automating, and reviewing the test cases. To deliver the right product at the right time, time management is crucial.

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