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Hospice valley is a leading hospice and palliative care provider. According to them, they are two different services. Hospice being for the people who have fewer than six months to live while palliative is for those that have chronic ailments. The people under palliative care are not on a timeline as compared to the hospice patients.

Hospice valley operates in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County. In case you need hospice or palliative services within this areas, look no further. They help patients fight the pain, depression, and loneliness that accompanies terminal illness. Please note that there is no effort to combat the diseases. Here are we answer FAQ about Hospice valley.

Is hospice valley accredited?

This question is the first thing that pops up after the word hospice. Hospice valley takes it seriously thus has all the required licenses to operate in Los Angeles. Besides the state license, they have a Medicare, Medicaid and HMO certification; now that's flexibility. 

Quality services from qualified staff.

The Hospice valley recruits only the best staff in the market. By the best, we mean trained, certified people with a passion for hospice. The team includes medical doctors, registered nurses, volunteers, social workers, pharmacists, and aides who dedicate their time and efforts to making patients comfortable. Besides the medical staff, there is another team of customer care representatives that take calls to make things happen.

We have all medical equipment you need.

For some patients, medical equipment is necessary for their comfort. Hospice valley has got you covered by making sure your loved one receives all the care and treatment they need. Therefore, there is no need to hire machines from third parties that may be costly.

24-hour service.

Hospice valley aims at delivering quality service all day every day. After the administration hours are over, there is someone to pick your emergency calls, a doctor to attend to patients and a volunteer to run an errand. Also, you get personalized treatment during holidays and weekends at no extra cost.

What is the reputation of Hospice valley?

According to previous clients, the service is excellent and the costs low. This information is available on request and the internet. If you are in Los Angeles, you'll most probably be referred to Hospice valley by your doctor. That's what we try to maintain. For more reviews, find past clients in your home area and inquire about our services.

 Hospice valley is one of the few hospice services that care about their reputation and quality of services. They have medical doctors even though they do not try to fight diseases. The physicians help to reduce chances of malpractice by junior team members.

Chemotherapy and radiation equipment are available to clients with special needs, and the service runs 24 hours a day every day. You get an option of having your loved one at home or in a nursing home and still get access to equipment and reliable services. Try hospice services today to get a taste of the experience. 

Do you need hospice or palliative care services in Loa Angeles? There is a solution for you; the Hospice valley. This company offers specialized care for people with terminal illness and chronic diseases. They further break down their services to hospice and Palliative care services. Hospice care is for people who are about to die; that's fewer than six months to live. While palliative care is for terminally ill patients that do not have a specific timeline.

Due to the increase in hospice services in Los Angeles, Hospice valley offers unique features that make it stand out in a crowd. It’s also associated with quality, rapid response, and a good reputation. Here is what to expect at Hospice valley.

Specialized service.

The one thing that people like about Hospice valley is the specialized care. Every patient gets a doctor to monitor their conditions and creates reports on the same. Besides specialization, there is communication between your previous doctor and the Hospice valley doctor. The connection assures you that treatment is a continuation and not trial and error.

For specialized treatment programs, the Hospice valley has medical equipment to handle any possible medical condition. Some of the medical stuff is portable, energy efficient, and safe for use at home

24-hour service.

Since hospice care is for the critically ill patients, rapid response is vital to determine the next cause of action. The reaction is available at night, weekends, and holidays. Where you get access to a doctor, nurse, volunteer, aide, chaplain and social worker through their hotline number (818) 661-2588.

Hospice valley supports Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, and Insurance.

Financing your hospice service has never been easier. Hospice valley is Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO certified. Though Medicare is the most popular healthcare insurance, Hospice valley's flexibility accommodates people from other financing institution including insurance companies.

Do they have limits to treatment a client receives?

No. As part of the quality services, they have all required medication and equipment needed in hospice. Making your loved one feel comfortable during those trying times. Also, after a patient realizes they are in hospice care, there is signs depression. The recession gets treated by able and certified doctors at no extra charge. Then the rest of the staff offer a listening ear to avoid loneliness.

What about their reputation?

Hospice valley's reputation precedes it. Many people have received their services and have rated them with a 5 out of 5. After the death of the client, Hospice valley asks you to rate their services; it for transparency. Besides, thousands of LA residents can’t be wrong.


Hospice valley is one of those companies that believe in the quality. In a bid to improve it, they offer unbeatable prices for the best palliative care doctors and equipment. Previous clients say they response time is rapid; most of them rating it highly. With this kind of service, competition has nothing on Hospice valley. No matter the time of day; your call gets answered, and action considered; even on holidays and weekends.  

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