How to make your business stand out in a crowded industry

No matter how crowded the industry is, you can have a business than has a reputation based on its uniqueness. There are several effective ways to make your business standout. Even in the midst of fierce competition, one thing will help you survive and even thrive, and that is developing a business that is unique in every sense of the word. To achieve this, there are several things you should look out for and make right. The following points are all about standout marketing.

Make your business name famous

The first thing that sells a business is its name and it remains a vital part of your business’ standout marketing. The name of a business is its most unique selling point. It is also one of the most basic ways to make your business standout. Just like a person’s name is the first thing that makes him stand out amongst millions of people, a business’ name serves the same purpose and is just as important. It is surprising that some people run businesses which have no names. No identity. The business name is the business identity and without that identity, that business will definitely be lost in the industry. So you must figure out what makes your business unique with regards to naming and stick to it.

Some business names become famous because of the way they sound, others because they are easy to remember and yet others are famous because of the success they have achieved in their industry. Yours may not be famous yet, but that does not mean it should run without a name or identity and it definitely is not an excuse for you to give it a dumb name.

Remember how you gave some time and thought to those business ideas you now run? You could not take any chances when it came to deciding the type of product, the pricing and the location of the business. Long hours and extensive brainstorming was put in to come up with the final decisions you settled on with regards to these issues. It should not be different when it comes to the choice of name you christen the business with.

The common phenomenon is to name a business after the owner or entrepreneur, or probably some other loved one of the owner. It is a good idea provided the name of that person sounds simple and good enough to sell the business. Some names, though unique do not fit particular businesses. So make sure you look for a name that not only identifies the business but sounds good enough or is easy to remember.

Get a logo that is just as appealing and unique as the name

Logos are much more easy to make these days than was the case when their importance first became popular. They are just as important now as they use to be and should be valued as such. Let’s take Apple for example, their logo is so simple but at the same time very powerful. You can easily relate with that logo whenever you see it, not because the company is very successful but for its effectiveness in making the business stand out.

For every business that has a successful name there is usually a successful logo and the truth is, that logo is what empowered the name of the said business to become as popular as it is. First a logo emphasizes your identity in a way that just having a name would not, then it differentiates you from competitors. With just the image of a bitten apple on an electronic device, people know it belongs to Apple and immediately relate it to quality. That is part of their identity and because of it, they have successful differentiated themselves from other businesses in the industry.

Your logo should do the same thing for you. People should be able to relate your logo with your name so that it helps them easily identify your product amongst a cloud of others. Coca-Cola did this successfully by wisely making use of a particular font type to spell out the name. That name has become one of the company’s most unique selling points. The name Coca-Cola is not different from the name of the company. There are so many people who may not even realize that Coca-Cola has a logo because it seems that there is no difference between the name of the company and its logo. That is one powerful way to successfully distinguish your business from others in the same industry who may have similar products.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are so similar in their taste and flavor but you will find that both companies have customers who are so loyal to the different brands such that they can easily tell the difference between the two even if they only had to taste both. You could think that they learnt to make that distinction by constantly drinking both drinks, but that may not be the case. The reason a customer will stick to a product is also a function of his or her relation and understanding of its name and logo. So making use of an impressive logo is one of the most important ways to make your business standout. People do not really pledge their loyalties to the tastes or feelings of things. They are loyal to the name and that name is empowered by a logo to stand out and remain unique.

Develop an outstanding customer care

Businesses are all about customers and whether or not a business stands out is also dependent on the impressions that business is able to make on its customers. Therefore, your business needs to have an outstanding customer care if it is going to succeed in its standout marketing campaigns. Customers announce the business name and they do it more effectively than most adverts. So developing outstanding adverts for your business is not always what makes your business unique. You have to pay attentions to the quality of customer care you are providing. It is in the eyes of customers that a business desires to stand out. The impression a customer has of your business tells how unique it is to him. It is the same thing multiplied that makes your businesses unique or lost in the midst of a crowded market and industry. So paying attention to customer care is very important if you are going to make your business stand out in your industry. Here are a few tips to help you put in place an outstanding customer care system.

Make it easy for your customers to leave feedback. Rendering a service to customers or selling products is similar to sending information to them. You need to be able to get feedback on how satisfied they are with your products or services. When you have a great customer care system that successfully receives feedback from customers, you will be able to make a good impression on them. Developing an outstanding customer care system is one of the ways to make your business standout. Remember that impression is what determines how unique your business is. The possibility of customers sending feedback gives them the impression that you are interested in their opinions and contribution to the business. It also makes them feel valued and part of the business. If this is done successfully, your business will definitely stand out in the minds of as many as the strategy has a positive impression on.

When you do get feedback from them, you need to value that feedback and make necessary changes in response to it. This will serve as the Sealing factor to whatever positive impression you may have had on them and further helps your businesses stand out as unique in the minds of your customers. If you find out with the feedback received that a good number of customers complain about a particular issue with regards to your products or services, you must first assure them that the issue is going to be taken care of and then do so as soon as possible. Even if you could not make a positive impression on them by simply getting feedback, you may succeed I doing so when they realize that you are actually doing something about the feedback you received from them. Doing this presents your business as a serious brand which is concerned about its customers and their satisfaction and should be regarded as an important part of what makes your business unique. Moreover, it gives them a keen sense of belonging and value to know that they can actually influence changes in the business and its products or services.   

Build stronger relationships

Business relationships with customers, stakeholders and other parties serve as a tool you can use to make your business stand out in a crowded and otherwise competitive industry. The main thing that will secure a good impression for your business with these people is trust.

-          Hinge your relationship with people on trust. Whatever it is that you decide to do, find a way to build your relationship with clients and other stakeholders on trust. Do everything in your power to instill trust. Give people a reason to trust your brand name and quality of service. I remember some time in 2016 or so, there was a case in the US regarding a suspect terrorist who had an encrypted IPhone and the FBI suspected it held evidence that could be used against the suspect. However, the FBI was unable to break the encryption in order to get the information they suspected was in the phone. They asked Apple to unlock the phone but the company refused to do so on the basis that it was against their right to protect customer’s privacy and security. That alone greatly strengthened the trust people had in the security system of Apple’s mobile devices, but more importantly the confidence they had in the company to stand up for its customer’s rights even when it is against the government.  

Take advantage of using a blog

If you are in a crowded industry and seriously need a distinguishing edge over competitors, creating and running a blog for your business is one thing you may want to engage in. Though blogs have become way more popular now, you may not have realized it is one of the ways to make your business standout. The question is how does a blog help make a business stand out? For one thing, it is possible that a good number of other brands in your industry are not running blogs of their own. Just having a blog you can refer your customers and potential customers to is a plus and does well for the success of a business’ standout marketing strategies. It is going to be one of your most unique selling points when you do create one.

Blogs serve as informative and interactive platforms for businesses. When you run a blog, customers can relate with your business easier because they have more information about your products and other business issues. If they are looking to get engaged with a product they can trust, it will definitely be your business over others since they know where to get information about your business or make complaints and recommendations. Running a blog is also a great way to promote your business name and brand influence which both serve as ways to help the business stand out. Then of course you are able to link the business to social media platforms where you can also sell the brand by publicizing its name and logo to a large number of people at the same time.

Develop an irresistible brand through packaging

Even when the business has a great name and a wonderful logo, you need to make use of the power of packaging to enforce the product’s uniqueness. Though every brand within an industry will definitely have a unique packaging, yours should not end at being unique. It should not simply be a different packaging for another brand. The packing style and choice of colors should be just as appealing as they are unique. In packaging your business’ products, got the extra mile to make it irresistible and difficult to miss or ignore. Remember your product will be placed right next others which promise to offer similar satisfaction. What you need to concentrate on is making sure that the product is designed in such a manner that it “shouts” out for attention in the midst of competing products. This is a vital part of what makes your business unique. As your name and logo differentiate your business on the media, let its packaging serve the same purpose in the shops.

Keep quality delivery and customer satisfaction the main thing

It is common for businesses, once they have been able to secure a few loyal customers to make the fatal error of neglecting the quality of their products. The watch word for every highly competitive industry is improvement. There is no place for stagnant brands. There are always others promising much more and ready to do everything in their power to deliver. That should be the attitude that drives your business too. The most significant way to stand out as a business aside from your great name and wonderful logo or packaging is to actually deliver the quality that everything else promises. Don’t get into the habit of making too many promises or giving the impression that you can deliver something you are not prepared to. In this light, I must say it will be far better to have a dumb business name, no logo and an awkward packaging but a wonderful product that actually meets the needs of customers more effectively than any other in the industry.

In businesses, stirring up expectations and not meeting them is a terrible thing. If that is what your business does, you will definitely stand out, but you will be standing on the wrong side. Make it your first priority to ensure that whatever you are selling is worth the amount of money you expect customers to pay for it and can actually meet their needs. Carry out research to know what changes are occurring in the industry with regards to customer demands and the efforts of your competitors to make those changes. If you can consistently and successfully carry out business research, you will always have the opportunity to lead any necessary innovation within your industry. And leaders in innovation of products and services always stand out to customers.

Again I will take the example of Apple. Because the company led the fingerprint security feature for smart phones, so many people who were loyal to other brands switched just to have the unique experience it offered. It is that simple. If your brand leads any major innovation in the industry, it will always be remembered for it and even when other brands follow after you, customers will always prefer yours because of the assumption that since your business started it and others merely followed or copied, yours must be stronger and more effective.

Whatever else you do to make your business stand out, always remember that customer satisfaction is the most important and is at the center of the whole thing. If the center no longer holds, every other variable for a unique business will be more or less useless.  

Focus your attentions and resources on your strengths

Every brand has weak points just like they all have unique selling points. These unique selling points include all what makes your business unique or encourages standout marketing. But what is more important is the strong points of a business. The mistake some entrepreneurs make is to concentrate about 70 percent of their time, and resources in trying to cover their weaknesses. Though dealing with your weaknesses as a business is important, never make it the priority. Your strengths as a business are your most unique selling points. Even if your competitors are looking to take advantage of your weaknesses, put in more effort and resources into building your strengths. At the end they will be the ones regretting. While we are still on this point, remember you must also not make it your main business to take advantage of the shortcomings of your competitors. It is a simple lesson in life that those who pay attention to the errors of others may seem to harm them in one way but they hurt themselves in two ways. First they become blind to their own short comings and secondly they cannot help themselves out of it.

Paying attention to your strengths and learning from the strengths of your competitors is a nobler way to go about self-development that will enable you stand out as a brand within your industry. If there is something peculiar about your products or services, especially something that your customers love, you need to work hard to develop that aspect of the business. Make it even better and keep it at a level that will be difficult for competitors to beat or even copy.

Use pricing as a tool if possible  

Apart from the quality of product you are offering, customers are usually more willing to relate with and stay loyal to the brand that offers the best quality at the least cost. And that is what you should strive to achieve. So long as you can make substantial profit, and not put the business in any financial risk, it is good to keep your price at the least possible amount unless you are dealing with a brand tailored for wealthy people. In every competitive industry, pricing is a formidable tool. Combined with quality of product or services, it can work wonders when it comes to making your business stand out in the industry. Try to keep your price even slightly below those of your competitors. To customers, even the slightest difference in price is a big deal.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses use just about 0.1$ difference in price during their promotion sales? It is because of the power of figures and the role it plays in convincing customers that one product is cheaper than another. For example, a customer may meet a phone in a shop that sells for $145.99 and a different phone in another shop that sells for $146. If he or she is very price sensitive, the difference of $0.1 will seem very appealing and important.

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