How Ceramics have Brought Revolution in the Modern Technology

An ordinary inorganic compound has brought a considerable development in the Modern Technology. These brittle and hard substances have played a vital role in establishing the new technology. Many of the wonderful inventions are created with the help of ceramics. It has worked out in almost every field such as automotive, medical, scientific, household etc. its chemical, as well as physical properties, has let us use it for the advancement of the industry. The non-metallic substance is either made up of metal or nom-metal compounds which are differently shaped into the desired forms and are hardened by heating it at high temperatures. With the passage of time people have got to know the importance of it and then they started using it other than as clay crafts etc. The application of ceramics is countless. These applications themselves play an enormous role in revolutionising the Modern technology.

The revolution in Aerospace industry

The ceramics have played a significant role in the commercial sector. It has been used dramatically in manufacturing the military aircraft and space shuttles. The feature of this substance that has made it a vital unit of the aerospace industry is its lighter weight. Ceramics can be used differently for creating and designing different aerospace components. For example, the lightweight ceramics appeals the aerospace industry. Let us get to know that how it is assisting people in the industry:

Aerospace electrical components

The advanced ceramics have gone through with such significant progress that its lighter weight can be used in making electronic devices for the aerospace crafts. These devices include





A typical aircraft is like a pack of electronic components. Whereby the technical ceramics plays its significant part. These are stable substances that can be machined like plastics. Therefore the technicians used them in managing and controlling the engine of the craft.

Fuel measurement of the crafts

These substances are also used in finding out the exact fuel measurements of the air crafts. Each craft contains piezoelectric ceramic material in the ultrasonic fuel tanks. They help in estimating the proper analysis of the fuel in the aircraft. These substances are manufactured in such a way that it corresponds the accurate readings in digital form.

Facilitated space travelling

The advanced ceramics have made the space travelling way smoother than before. New cost-effective and highly efficient technologies have been developed by the blessings of the ceramic material to travel in space. Ion Propulsion technology forces the aircraft to accelerate at high velocity to move forward, for which quartz was incorporated in the machinery. But due to the random quartz repair, now it has been replaced with Alumina (a ceramic Oxide) because it has more structural stability.

The revolution in the construction industry

Everyone is aware of the fact that ceramics have brought a remarkable change in the construction industry. It plays an essential role in the constructions of buildings. Following are the construction industry items which uses ceramics in different forms:






Sewer pipe





If you have ever taken participation in any construction, then you must know that ceramics are used in the building, made up of a mixture of minerals such as silica sand, clay binder, fused silica and some other impurities in which 30% water is added. It has got all the qualities which are required to build a robust, constructive structure. For example, they are dense, durable, hard, resistible and frosting with higher dimensional stability.

Brick manufacturing

Most of the buildings are made up of clay bricks. The reason behind it is that they are strong and durable. They can enhance the beauty of the building as well. Blocks cannot be melt, burn, peel, warp, dent, rot, rust or affected by the bugs and termites. They are vividly protective against storms and hurricanes.  Ceramic is an essential character in the manufacturing of the bricks. The withstanding quality of the blocks against harsh weather is all because of this remarkable substance.

Smart Windows construction

Smart windows have been introduced recently by which one can control the amount of light, heat and glare are passing through the glass of the windows. Suspended particle device technology is used in the manufacturing of such intelligent windows. Light and heat absorbing particles are dispersed in the glass which controls it. These particles are microscopic particles which are usually made up of black ceramic pigment which efficiently reflects heat and infrared radiations as well.

Roofing tiles manufacturing

The exceptional element ceramics is used in constructing roof tiles which are resistant to heat. The tile roofs have lighter mass and help in reflecting the heat rays up to 50% with ventilation as well. Such type of roofing is very resistant towards the fire. They are durable construction material and can withstand easily against harsh weather such as storms, snow, hail, earthquakes etc.

The revolution in the medical industry

Ceramics has outstandingly revolutionised the medical industry. It looks weird when we say that ceramics are used in medical industry. However, these substances are verily used in different medical fields. Medical ceramics have changed the life of people. Now the doctors can repair as well as reconstruct the different parts of human body. They play an integral role in the manufacturing of surgical tools and materials. They have interacted with biomaterials due to its exceptional features. It is all because of its fantastic range of features and properties that have let them be used in the following medical terms:

Surgical implants

Medical tools



Bone implants

Joint replacement


This substance has amazingly developed the dentistry. Now we can improve the patient’s smile through ceramics. Advanced teeth have been discovered using this exclusive material. A dental technician can construct several dentistry items by such as crowns, bridges, veneers etc. for the patient by just using porcelain dental ceramics. The orthodontics brackets are the latest discovery in dentistry where ceramics play a vital role.

Surgical cermet

Surgical cermet is also playing its role in the evolution of the modern technology. The medical field has progressed a lot. The incurable diseases have better cures and vaccinations today. Here ceramics are equally participating in designing perfect surgical tools which have made the complex surgeries into success. It is used in surgical implants. Its surprising properties have made the bone implants and joint replacement comfortable and convenient.

The revolution in the automotive industry

The advanced ceramics has participated in revolutionising the modern technology by its incorporation into the automotive designs and structures. There have been seen recent advances in mechanical technologies and electronic technologies which have contributed a lot the automotive industry. Following are some of the ceramics components which are used in automobiles:

Variety of sensors

Mechanical Seals

Ceramic bearings and valves

Silicon Nitride parts

Gas catalyst for exhausting



Automotive engineering:

Nowadays the manufacturers of cars and other automobiles are using the ceramic material, such as composites, piezoceramics, oxidised magnet ceramic, non-oxidized magnet ceramic. They have their particular application in the vehicles. They help in increasing the reliability, durability and longevity of the cars. The ceramic components help in combining the machinery of the vehicle which is hard to get together.

Brake pads

The brake pads of some vehicles are made up of ceramics. It is the same ceramic which is used in pottery and plates. The difference is only that it is durable and denser. The copper fibres inserted in them assist in increasing the friction and heat conductivity of the vehicle. Brake pads which are made up of ceramics are tough to break down. The lightweight of such components makes them perfect to use in the racing cars.

Mechanical engineering

Ceramic material has been successful in surpassing the requirements of the mechanical engineering. Ceramics have played its part in developing the mechanics. Now the technicians can prepare and implement the customised solutions to the mechanical industry. For example:

 Paper industry


Car body construction

Food processing industry

Semiconductor industry

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