How to be GDPR Compliant?

GDPR testing services

There are certain strategies and main pointers that you need to follow to protect your business and make your business compliant to GDPR. Listed are some of them:

Documentation of Data Usage:

According to Gartner, company must have well-documentation of certain facets that is:

  • Which type of info is being collected and what’s the valid reason for this process.
  • Time limit of the stored data means until what time duration the data is with you.
  • Who is going to access the data?

In laymen language organization must have a2z information of data processing activities, which also includes life-cycle of data and contact details of the data controller.

 Reporting of Personal Data Breaching:

We all knows use of personal data is given importance, so reporting structure of this data becomes necessary. And also under article 33 of GDPR, if personal data breach occurs so organizations have to provide detailed information with measures to be taken in future. Depending upon the data breach severity, companies must guide and inform the individuals about whose data is going to be affected in future without any delay.

Hire Data Protection Officer

Always prefer to hire data protection officer in order to handle and monitor companies GDPR compliance with the regulations. And DPO needs to report directly to the highest management of the company, and he is the one who is wholly responsible for the data privacy programme.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

These assessments are required for technology and procedures that are probably to be in the high risk zone e.g data profiling. This type of assessment is also going to reveal the fully processed data in accordance with the law.

The GDPR endorses that your web app and acute infrastructure must be measured for not only recognizing the existing security susceptibilities but also for ensuring that how protected the complete infrastructure is in terms of attack dominance.

Apart from this assessment. GDPR also suggest regular testing of the security controls. In order to meet these concerns, services such as penetration testing, IOT testing and regular vulnerability assessments might help you. Additionally, as per GDPR standards, the data breach report must be submitted within 72 hrs. of attack and to make this probable, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing must be accomplished.

Having a penetration test to expose your weakness so that you can ultimately fix them can help ensure that you are properly prepared for GDPR, and other data protection or privacy regulations.


Penetration Testing 

Service disturbances and Security breaches are often expensive

Security flaws and any associated disorders in the performance of applications or services might end in straight economic harms, creep up company's reputation, grind down client loyalties, attract negative press, and generate noteworthy fines and penalties. These expenses are avoided by the frequent employment of such testing by the company.

Protect customer loyalty and company image

Even a sole occurrence of compromised client statistics can prove pricey in terms of both destructively changing sales and ruin the reputation of a business. Penetration testing services help an industry in avoiding data incidents that may put the company's reputation and reliability at stake.

Circumvent the rate of network downtime

Recuperating from a security defect can price a company oodles of money in terms of IT remediation efforts, retention programs, and legal activities, client protection, reduced revenues, discouraged trade associates and dropped employee output and Penetration testing supports an industry to evade these monetary snags by proactively detecting and addressing threats before security breaches or attacks take place.
Wiselycopes vulnerabilities

PenTest offers complete information on concrete and vulnerable security threats. Through carrying out a penetration test, an industry can proactively identify which vulnerabilities are utmost serious, which are not as much of noteworthy, and which are illegal positives.
This lets the companies to cleverly arrange remediation, perform necessary security patches and assign security resources more able to ensure that they are accessible whenever and wherever they are needed the most.





GDPR is a main step by European Countries to address the security worries of the citizens by drawing in the important standards of security of the structure and app. In order to maintain security and to avoid any type of data breaches in application and infrastructure, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are often blended together as per the clients request or it is provided as individual components. These two activities will contribute in helping your organization against cyber threats and to be GDPR compliant.

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