How to Prioritize Tasks and Manage Time

How to Prioritize Tasks and Manage Time

For successful time management, you need to prioritize your daily tasks. Great! But how do you prioritize tasks and manage time in a busy schedule? Suppose you have already set up your to-do list using a project prioritization tool. In that case, things become simpler, and all that is left is to follow the RICE prioritization method, as seen here.

R=Reach Out to Your To-Do List

Look at your list of tasks and start with your master list. You have written down everything necessary to do, from the critical to the mundane ones. Do not rank them in a specific order for now. Also, make sure to include your routine duties in your household, work, and private lists. The reason for having those routine duties is that neglecting them can topple the well-intentioned time-block schedule.

I=Impact Prioritizing the Top Priorities

Now, look at your to-do list and see what makes the most impact by A-leveling your tasks. You can do this by breaking the master list down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks to do. Focusing on the consequences provides urgency factors to better utilize your time. Therefore, if you have a presentation scheduled for the day, it makes the A-list. As you can see having a master list is a great place to start as things are not only swimming around in the head.

C=Confidence to Categorize Your Tasks Further

Now you can categorize the tasks:

·          A-Level Urgent

·          B-Level are tasks with mild negative consequences if not completed that day

·          C-Level are activities that do not give you a penalty if not completed the same day

·          D-Level is for delegate and can be given to someone else to take of

·          E-Level are the task you can eliminate, and you can mark them as completed

E=Effort Ranking Each Task into Categories

For example, if your list has:

·          Six by A items

·          Four by B items

·          Three by C items

·          Two by D items

Obviously, your six A tasks need to be at the top of your priority list. Here is where the effort comes in to prioritize those six things in order of A-1 and so forth. The same applies to the rest of your task list. When reaching the D-level, you can prioritize the things to someone else at work or at home. Therefore, it leaves you with the critical stuff to take care of by delegating the remaining tasks to others.

All that is Left is to repeat the RICE Process

As you work through a list of levels, you follow the RICE technique every day as some of the B categories start moving up to the A-list. So while there might be times, the C-tasks leapfrogs over the B list are becoming urgent. By keeping this process flowing, you can manage your time at work, at home, and in your private life.

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