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Tarot of the Golden Wheel: Mila Losenko, Mila Losenko, Mila Losenko:  9781572819764: BooksTarot of the Golden Wheel 78 Cards Deck Tarot Board Game Family Party Oracle-buy at a low prices on Joom e-commerce platform

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He seems conjuring the animals, or perhaps true blessing them. On the table are items representing each of the Minor Arcana matches and a vessel for understanding. An infinity symbol drifts above his head. Although the ability to interact with animals is not actually conventional to the Magician in tarot, I feel that it is an effective and suitable metaphor for the significance of the card.

Tarot Of The Golden Wheel Tarot Cards Deck Table Game Board Games Guidance  Divination Fate Oracle English Party Playing Card From Wang1033068852,  $3.71 - DHgate.ComTarot of the Golden Wheel by Mila Losenko - 9781572819764 - - Tarot cards art, Tarot, Art

Empowerment through the understanding of our own abilities and the world around us. Intelligence and initiative. Pragmatism, the ability to make the finest of a situation. A danger must be taken, and an option made - this is the time for a new start, the start of something significant. Reversed: Be careful of deception in your middle.

Perhaps mental disorder. You Can Try This Source and abuse of power. The cards themselves are approximately 2 7/8" by 4 7/8" - they can be managed reasonably easily by smaller sized hands with a little attention. They are of excellent quality card stock, and will hold up well under use. The backs are gold patterned, and would disappoint if they remained in a reversed position.

The Trump cards bring the card number in a white square with black text at the top of the card, with the card title at the bottom (black text on white, with the first letter of each word in red). The Minor Arcana bring the number and title across the bottom, black text on a white background with the first letter of each word in red.

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There are lots of cards in this deck that captured my attention. The Magician was certainly one of them, as was the Hermit, where we see St. Francis of Assisi standing in a forest, holding a lantern, with a deer at his side. In the background we see a gray cat (which, in the notes in the LWB, we find is stalking a quail!).

The animals are framed in between 2 white pillars. Keep in mind the extremely standard crayfish at the bottom of the card, together with the hound chasing the hare. The 4 of Swords is among the more conventional representations in this deck. 3 swords hold on the wall, points down, beside a bed where a haloed saint lies asleep, with the 4th sword prepared at his side.

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