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Tarot of the Golden Wheel Author: Mila Losenko, Artist: Mila Losenko, U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2019ISBN # 9781572819764 The "Tarot of the Golden Wheel" is a 78 card Tarot deck that features an 82 page guidebook/companion book. The structure of the deck is based upon the Rider/Waite/Smith deck, with the following exceptions: the match of Pentacles has been changed to the match of Wheels.

The theme for this deck was inspired by Slavic folk culture, and the magic and knowledge of Russian fairy tales. The Golden Wheel functions as a sacred symbol of karma, representing movement and the never ending cycles of life, and the 4 seasons. The cover to the guidebook/companion book shows a lively photo of the 3 of Cups, with 3 women in conventional gown.

The Major Arcana exist by number, name, and keyword. This is followed by a beautiful story that describes the energy of the card. Upright and reversed keywords are offered. Did you see this? exist by number and match, a general keyword for the card, a brief discussion of the card, and upright and reversed keywords.

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At the end of the book an eight card spread entitled the "Golden Wheel Spread" exists. The cards and guidebook/companion book been available in a heavy cardboard, lift-top box. The cards are 3. 2 inches by 5. 6 inches, with reversible backs, and are borderless. The card number and title (for the Major Arcana), number and match (for the minor arcana), title and fit (for the Court Cards) are printed in black on a white background at the bottom of the card.

The colors are standard and very little, making the cards a satisfaction to check out. It is wonderful the manner in which the culture comes through in the beautiful outfits. The one quibble I would have with this deck is that the cards are a bit longer than a typical Tarot deck, and the card stock is a bit stiff.

I advise this deck for those that might want to peek into another culture through the Tarot, for those that like pastels, and for those that like cards without borders. October 2019 Bonnie Cehovet, Recreation restricted without composed approval from the author. Like this: Like Loading ... Related.

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