The Advantages E-Commerce Business Derive From Mobile App Development

A well-designed and a highly optimized online store will always be an integral aspect of any e-commerce business that wants to excel in these times. Some retailers are still skeptical about the need to build a mobile app that will resemble or perform a similar function as on their sites. But this trend is vital for your business and here is why.

Google in 2016 published a study pointing out that 58% of individuals that own a smartphone use it to buy products, compare brands, check reviews, and monitoring discounts, offers, and prices. Besides, 66% of these individuals utilize their smartphones to make a purchase at least once every week. However, since only 38% of purchases are made through smartphones, the amount may seem too small to consider incorporating it into your business. But e-commerce business owners should be aware that before users go to their desktop to make purchases, they first use their mobile devices to note existing offers.

When you consider the results of the above study, you may still wonder if there isn’t a website that is a better substitute or a responsive website that has the capability of offering e-commerce business just like mobile apps. But while you think about a better (non-existent) alternative, here are some top benefits retailers derive from a mobile application.

Inbuilt Features on Your Phone

A mobile app development company will always include options for interaction and engagement in the apps they build. The fact that apps have the capability of adapting to most of the features that come with your smartphone makes the mobile app a good choice for e-commerce. Some of these features and their importance include:

GPS/Location – the precise location of your customers can be easily determined using the GPS/location feature. This is beneficial because it grants you some essential abilities like allowing your users to find your products faster by showing them your nearest stock list.

Microphone – search usability can be enhanced by the use of the microphone. This feature allows the customers to say what they want instead of typing it.

Camera – with the use of the camera, you can incorporate some social functions into your mobile application where users can use your products to take photos of them which are then shared to your site automatically.

Gyroscope/Accelerometer – this feature enables your app to sense the current velocity and location of your mobile device. Traditionally, this feature is integrated into furniture guide or games app but it can be utilized to quicken the process of navigation, as well as use, augmented reality to further enhance your app.

Apps drive higher user engagement

It is a common fact that mobile apps inspire mobile device owners to use social platforms to inquire about a service or product from their friends or share the link to a product on their favorite websites. One of the cheapest and efficient ways to promote your product is to utilize this marketing channel. Any user who has your app and is your loyal customer is most likely advertise your online store on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Most individual appreciate products that are exclusive. Your users will be more excited to share the links to your website if you award them with special offers.

Enhancing conversion through push notifications

Mobile e-commerce apps created by top app development companies in India are capable of sending push notifications to mobile device owners. Push notifications can be effectively used to promote your channel and are more affordable as compared to the high rates applied in traditional SMS. With this development, there is no need to involve the use of phone numbers. Besides, most users may not be comfortable to give out their contacts. Emails are less effective than push notification because unless the user turns off the feature, they are available to them at all times. Also, push notification is difficult to ignore and does not have a spam folder.

Buying Habits and Customer Preferences

Businesses that lure consistent or loyal customers derive more benefits from mobile apps because loyal customers make several purchases as opposed to customers who are merely visitors. This effect is due to the higher level of engagement provided by an app which is more than that of websites. An app could save your regular customers time because they can easily access your brands due to the experience they have acquired. One-time customers never get to realize this benefit.

Apps have an improved usability

Because apps do not necessarily require an internet connection to function properly, mobile solutions provide an enhanced usability. The whole set up makes e-commerce app design look bright, modern, and stylish as it allows the app to load high definition images and heavy animations at a fast rate. A top mobile app development company can create an app that has an architecture that creates useful and exclusive functionality with real-time navigation. A gamification implementation is another vital advantage that online retailers can derive by creating an e-commerce app for their business. Because of the ability of gamification to initiate a more user engagement and interactivity, it has become an important trend in app development.

Final Thoughts

In the ideal situation, apps can be very productive, but the decision should not be taken lightly. In some circumstances, a site that is mobile optimized is all that is needed. Before embarking on implementing a mobile app for your e-commerce business, you should make a proper research and discuss with your customer and your team because it is essential to get and use their feedback. One important thing to keep at the back of your mind is that users will utilize the simplest option at all times unless something else comes up which proves to be more valuable and effective. Building an app that is only 10% more valuable than your site is not good enough; you should minimally aim for at least 50%. Customers should be able to quickly notice the increase in value if not, they will discard the app. Conclusively, as with every design option and feature, your customers should always be your top priority. A question like “how will this app benefit them” can assist in making the most profound decision.

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