Reasons why becoming a Tradie is the best decision you will ever make.

What does it mean to be a tradesman?

A tradesman, also known as a tradesperson, is a skilled worker in a specific trade or craft. A tradesman or tradesperson is a professional who has a high level of practical and theoretical knowledge in their trade.


Tradesman is well-known and highly paid. They make the best in terms of wages and salaries. Your potential salary will increase the more you have qualifications.


Tradie work or tradie workwear is physically and mentally demanding. It's not like your 9-5 job. Although tradies can be called many things, they all have a lot in common.


Why is being a Tradie so popular

There are many reasons that Aussies choose to trade. Here are some of the most popular reasons:


1. Job Security

Tradies are one of Australia's most in-demand and sought-after jobs. There are many handyman jobs available, including those in landscaping, plumbing, and house-building. It is not exaggerated to say that Tradies will be needed every day. If you look at the future, there are bright and promising trade careers for young people.


2. No Uni Education Required

An office job requires a university bachelor's degree that takes three years to complete. After that, there are options for masters, honours and doctorates. These all come at a price. The average student debt in Australia is approximately $20,000. Add to that the endless hours of studying.


A degree is a stressful endeavour that can lead to a lower bank account and more stress. A tradie won't spend as much time studying (6 months to 2 years typically) and will often learn the majority of their skills on the job. They may also avoid large debts depending on their experience and practical knowledge.

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3. Flexibility in the Workplace

After a Tradie has learned their trade and is certified, they can choose their projects and become their boss. Tradespeople often work for themselves, building their businesses. This is a highly rewarding prospect that offers the possibility to take full control of their careers and work.


4. Refuse to work in a cubicle

A Tradie can be found anywhere a job allows. The office for a Tradie is more fun and less restrictive than a boxed-in cubicle in a square building. Instead of staying seated all day, you can spend your days outdoors, work on different sites, and get up and move about.


5. Wages

Your income as a Tradie does not depend on how many hours you work. The higher your earnings, the better you are able to learn and develop trade skills. You can earn more by getting a license for a particular trade, such as a plumber or electrician. You can become self-employed and start your own business, as well as employ skilled tradespeople to increase your income.


6. Travel

The doors and windows to new opportunities open up as tradies improve their skills. With a nationally recognized qualification, they are free to travel to any other city. There will always be skilled workers in their trades or professions, no matter where they travel.

It is possible to set up shop almost anywhere.


7. Satisfaction

Tradespeople all talk about the same thing when they talk to one another: They feel a real sense of fulfilment when they complete a job. It is not unusual to see the infrastructures, buildings and other pieces that you have created in a place or neighbourhood. It could be a home, landscaping, business, or an item of machinery. You know you have done a great job, and others will appreciate it.

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