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 Social media- a term that has revolutionized our lives in the 21st century in a great number of ways. Some of the early social media platforms include MySpace, Friendster and AOL chat rooms. While social media platforms earlier functioned just to connect with family and friends, today their abilities include a plethora of other things. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various others are not only a great way to connect with near and dear ones; they are also an exceptional platform to land your dream job. Wanna know how? We'll tell you. But before that, let's check out some of the current social media statistics.

Social Media Statistics

  • The total social media population, as of 2017, has been determined to be around 3.03 billion
  • The majority of the social media population is constituted from millennials, i.e., people in the age range of 18-34 years
  • As much as 135 minutes are spent online on a daily basis
  • There’s an average of 7 social media account per internet user
  • There was a drastic increase of 121 million social media users between the second and the third quarters of 2017

Now that we know how much social media has affected our lives, let’s head to the question of the hour- Can social media help you get your dream job? Most certainly it can. Today, most companies are venturing into social media and are also using it as a platform to acquire new talents. Here are some easy tips and tricks that you can implement for your online presence to grab that job you’ve been waiting for!

Look Out for Opportunities

Figure out which company you want to work for. No matter what kind of a job profile you are looking for, ensure that you choose a company that not just caters to your needs, but also helps you grow as a professional. When you decide which company suits you the best, follow their social media account. The social media page of your dream company provides you with ample information about what's happening in the company and other details about the company's strategies. Also, engage with the content that they post.


Having your customers return to your website or your store, time and again, is not a matter of game. Getting a positive review for once doesn’t mean that the customer will return to you. It takes many efforts than what you think. Returning customers are like the lifeblood of your business because they not only become your customers but also become your brand advocates and can help promote your brand to attract more traffic. Taking returning customers for granted is the biggest mistake that a marketer can do. You worked hard on your marketing plan to make your business stand out of the crowd and to drive customers to your doorstep, it’s time to get them to return to your website.

Finding and then retaining the customers are the two biggest challenges for a new business. It’s very important to develop and maintain a loyal customer base. So how can you make your customer come back? The article below will explain you the tips to do that.

1. Engage and respond the customers

Businesses in the super-connected world today have ‘n’ number of communication channels like social media channels, Email, calls, etc to interact with their customers. But the communication channels keeps on increasing day by day. So get familiar with all the channels to engage with the customer. No engagement should be left behind or ignored. You should respond to each customer within a short period or adopt a policy in your company that ensures no ignorance of customer engagement.

2. Use Content Marketing Strategy to Improve Customer-Retention

Content marketing strategy not only allows you to reach a wide potential audience, but you will also remain on top of your existing customers who can then retain with valuable reasons. Simply writing content is no longer enough to bring the ROI for you. Write useful and valuable customized contents and share them with your peers, and followers to ensure the best results in engagement and retention.

Just creating content is not enough. If no one can see your content, then it’s a total waste. Whether it’s the optimization of your content or sending it to relevant bloggers, you should get as many eyes as possible to create a massive amount of traffic for your website and to retain your existing customers. Find the right social marketing channels and spend more time to learn numerous free and paid ways to distribute your content.



Learning about your customers and understanding the customer’s needs is very important in your customer retention journey. Don’t go for the “One size fits for all” approach when communicating with your customers. Segmenting your data can help you build your ideal customer profile. Customer’s data segmentation narrows down the type of customer based on the following information:


Demographic data


Information that is related to customer’s age, occupation, gender, and socio-economic status.


Geographic data


Information about the place of the customer.


Behavioral data


Data about how a customer uses a product, their shopping habits, and propensity to become loyal.


Social Graphic data


Information about how customers behave using different social media platforms.


Psychographic data


Data about the personality and lifestyle of customers.


By segmenting customers on the basis of above data, you can reach out to them with specific offers according to their needs and can value them as they need.


5. Be Accessible


Communication between a company and its customer today is different than what it was before. It was a one-way street before. Companies sold their product(s) to the customer, and that was all. But now, negative feedback on social media can ruin your business like hell, and positive feedback can raise you up for anything. If a customer can reach you out through social media, blog comment, or email, you can be certain that they want a personalized and an on-time response. Consider the following examples of good and bad customer feedback on social media.


There are tools, like Analytics, which give you all insights of what customers want from your business and what they think, but getting straight answers right from your customers would be the best way that can help you in engaging and retaining. Customers’ feedback is the answer if you are looking for retaining customers. Set up a short survey for your customers once they purchase something from you, or you can ask for feedback through text or email. Taking feedback is as important as answering and acting on them. Surveys, reaching out directly, usability tests, feedback boxes, and user activities are some ways to get feedback from your customers. So if you are looking for your customers to come back, then it's essential for you to leverage your customer's feedback strategy.



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