The Role of IT in Modern Business

Information technology stands out as the soul of every business no matter its size. Having information technology in business guarantees the stay of the business in the modern competitive market.Being a necessary tool for every business, it is wise to have a well-trained and competent IT team to always ensure the business runs smoothly. Information technology will make complex daily operations easy and comfortable.

Looking at the role of technology in modern business, it is clear that information technology has become an integral and vibrant part of just every single business plan. It is just as important for multi-national corporations in possession of databases and the mainframe systems as it is for small businesses around the world which are operating with only one or a few computers.

While there are a million testimonies of the successes that information technology has brought to companies, a few persons might still be ignorant of the role of technology in modern business. However, it is not strange that innovation is as important as it is to business success in this digital era. Innovation in business refers to partaking in something different, better, and in a smarter way such as will ensure a more productivity, profit, quality, and value. Innovation is brought about by using the new and well-tested technologies of the world.

Several individuals are bound to have a positive view about the role of technology in their businesses because it has dramatically increased their effectiveness thus making them extremely successful. It has made trading which was initially a complex activity much more easy and enjoyable today through digital marketing, online shopping, digital communication, social networking, and cloud computing. These examples openly show the role of technology in the modern society. Nevertheless, the importance of information technology in modern business is no more a hiding thing for every business owner finds his/her benefits from it.

The importance of information technology in modern business

Success in a business is fully governed by some factors. When these factors are well understood, monitored and controlled, the business will certainly become more successful, otherwise, it will run the risk of moving out of the highly competitive market. Some of these vital factors include choosing the right technology at the right moment, performing an accurate analysis, making realistic goals and rightly forecasting the market behavior.

A deep research was conducted on companies that make a lot of investments in innovative technologies and those that ignore the role of technology in modern business. It was noticed that those that invested in technological research are always way ahead of the others in terms of profit, competitiveness or market share and overall success. The role of technology in business should not be ignored at any point because information technology is the only technology which fully provides you with the possibility of accurately analyzing specific data and properly planning your business path.

In addition, it also provides you with the necessary tools to solve and resolve all complex business problems that arise daily and pose a trait to the success of your business. Information technology actually eliminates the inconvenience of time-consumption and transportation cost involved in marketing your products or services in the globally. Having information technology in business is for sure a way to reduce your inputs while optimizing outputs. With Information technology in business, you can market all your products or services in the global market either from home from an office. This emphasizes the role of technology in modern business. Let us now consider in detail some of the chief factors which when controlled properly by information technology in modern business will lead to flourishing success.

Business planning is made more accurate, useful, and effective

As far as business planning is concerned, the role of information technology is very important. Talking of business planning is eventually talking of all the activities companies are aiming to achieve in a given period of time. There are no successful companies that do not properly plan every step. Before they step into sales, they must have properly planned and developed ways on how to achieve this profitably. They often plan how they are going to obtain their raw materials, produce their products, and market their services.

Through planning, they come up with budgets which are estimates of their future spending under normal circumstances. Planning is aimed at reaching desired heights of success and is therefore very essential. Business planning is not just about coming up with a set of guidelines to help achieve some objectives. It also takes into consideration discussions about objectives, resources, and the smart tactics that people can use to achieve them. Special software has been generated that take into account the presence of raw materials, demand of products, strategies, and supply chain.

Studies openly show that information technology is in possession of the potential to render business planning easier while improving on its competitiveness and success level. Companies are able to take an integrated approach to business planning thanks to the recent advancements in information technology. Understanding Information technology in business will greatly reduce the human effort and time wastage when planning. Current systems can simultaneously support traditional budgeting and better business planning by using a capable software as well as accurate and timely data. The planning software for today is an important element to more effective business planning.

Information technology and marketing careers

Information technology plays a very important role in overall marketing. In any modern workplace, information technology skills are vital to pick up a marketing career. Any marketer who goes for an interview should fully be prepared to answer questions about his/her information technology skills.Due to the importance of having information technology in business, employers often spend more just to make sure that the employee they are getting is in possession of these vital skills.When talking of effective marketing, we are talking of passing a message to a potential consumer in an appealing way that can positively influence their purchase decisions.

In order to succeed business these days, one needs to use various information technology tools. This involves carefully managing your own schedule, distributing marketing oriented vital information through online marketing channels and emails. With all these at hand, we can say without any doubt that information technology is inbuilt in all modern marketing careers. Below are examples of information technology tools that marketing professionals are subjected to using on a regular basis.

Computerized presentations

Highly used around the world by marketing professionals, they are often called upon to create and formulate computerized sales alongside several marketing presentations. This they do thanks to the software named power point. Nevertheless, there are several other presentation applications which these professionals can use conveniently.


The activity of blogging is rapidly growing with its efficiency in the marketing process. It attracts several people and at the same time, it is convincing even those who did not initially believe in it. Looking at it from a business perspective, we’ll only appreciate its efficiency in making a net profit. Today, a lot of marketing professionals are more involved in creating and managing blogs for their companies. Blogging which was initially for large companies has become popular even with small companies and it is actually doing a great job.

Email communication and marketing

It is one of the most common and convenient means of communication in the world today amongst customers, coworkers, and prospects. Many marketing professionals rely on a one-on-one email communication. They use this as a heavy tool to accomplish their task of increasing the business’s profitability. Several companies use this powerful means of communication to build and better enhance business relationships with customers and other companies. They often build an email marketing database and use it as a way to keep in touch at all times with their customers.

Graphic software design

Several companies rely on advertisements and collateral materials to boost up their businesses. In order to meet up with this need, they employ highly competent marketers in information technology who will design brochures and newsletters which can effectively advertise their companies. Such individuals are expected to be well versed with graphic design software applications like PhotoShop and InDesign. Nevertheless, there are more software applications than they are necessary to have a mastery of. Thus the role of information technology in modern marketing is quite evident and worth studying.


Information technology skills like web design and development maintenance are of added advantage for he/she who desires to work in marketing. However, the level of web skills during recruitment differs from one company to another. Before recruiting a marketing professional, some companies always expect that he/she bein possession of the necessary skills to create a website.

Nevertheless, other companies often prefer to work in close relationship with an in-house programmer or a web development firm.

Social Media

Social media is rapidly evolving and becoming more popular thus creating the need for companies to incorporate social networking in their promotional programs and efforts. It has proven itself worthy of considerations for any successful business. This creates the need for marketing professionals who are well versed with the use of popular social media technologies for the good of the company.

They can do this by setting up and properly managing Facebook accounts, twitter accounts, LinkedIn accounts and also releasing promotional videos to YouTube.

Below are additional benefits of information technology in modern business.

Decision making

Being one of the most outstanding importance of information technology, decision making governs speed and accuracy which are essential for a successful business. In order to make the proper and right decisions, every successful organization is required to carry out a comprehensive market research activity. Making the right decision is very vital for the advancement of your business and should be taken extremely serious. A good business decision is one which is taken after carefully studying the market and knowing how the decision will affect the business trend.

There exist several ways on how to go about market research. It entails online surveys, blogs, forums, group discussions using the world wide web and above all through personal interviews. Sites like Google Analytics, Big Data, and Microsoft CRM Dynamics represent great tools from which vital information can be extracted for decision making concerning a business. These online tools provide accurate data to its potential audience while minimizing the risk of human error.

Marketing and business growth

The soul of a business’s success is effective marketing which allows professionals to figure out the different tactics necessary to meet up with consumer needs and satisfaction. It represents a vital importance of information technology, advertising, promotion, public relation, and sales.The business’s growth is determined by the rate of marketing in the business.

Digital marketing which is a modern marketing tool that is making use of information technology permits you to promote your products or services all over the world at a lesser cost. Current web market is more than booming at a fast rate due to the fact that several entrepreneurs have ended up understanding that the long-term success in business is not possible without a digital presence on the internet.

Thousands of websites are being added every year. Information technology offers many channels to communicate with the customer in a proper way. Among these channels are email, social media, webinar, online newsletter, member portals, and multimedia messaging through the smartphone. There are customer relationship management systems which hold back customer behaviors. Such behaviors are very vital when making complex decisions in the business and help you to better understand the customer’s future needs.

Managing your business in real time

Until the development of cloud architectures and advancements in information technology, managing a business in real time was a major issue for many people. This is however not the case today seeing that a manager can be in any part of the world and still have access to his or her business for proper management in real time through his/her personal computer.

Customer relationship management

A successful business is one which can fully satisfy its customers and this satisfaction has to do with properly enhancing a live relationship with them. An ideal way to improve your customer relationship is using a customer relationship management system. Information technology captures every interaction that a company has with a customer. It later provides you with all details in order to lead you to a more enriching experience with the customer. This system stores up every little detail which can be recalled at any time as the need arises.

Data management

Playing a very vital role in information technology, we can say with a better data management system, gone are the old days of large file rooms and rows of filling cabinets. Several companies today have decided to store up digital versions of important documents on storage devices and servers. This important device can be accessed at any time. Once they have been stored, they become instantly accessible for everyone working for the company regardless of their geographical location. Such companies turn to store up tremendous amounts of data which will help employees when the need arises.

Resource management and globalization

Resource management is particularly important to information technology and plays a crucial role in business success. Large business organizations are often faced with large resources and having to manage all of these resources manually often proves to be very complicated and complex thus leading to lots of issues due to human errors.

Luckily, this is not the case with management software applications. Such resources that require management include financial, human, or tangible resources. Such complex problems have been automated by information technology by introducing a user-friendly solution. Today we have lots of enterprise resource planning solutions developed by engineers. These engineers also included cloud technology thereby permitting managers to properly follow up or monitor their organizational resources virtually anywhere in the world. This they do on their personal laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

A lot of multinational companies in the world are presently using the cloud-based solutions to manage all their physical or virtual offices alongside their staff worldwide.

Innovation in business

In most cases, innovations brought by information technology are often regarded in business as steam was regarded in the industrial revolution ages. Innovation can be easily traced back to when the human race took on smarter tactics to accomplish the different activities around. It’s not strange that information technology fosters innovation in business. Innovation has guided us to smarter apps, faster processing, improved data storage, and wider information distribution. Innovation makes the business run more smoothly and effectively making it essential for every business as it increases value, boosts productivity, and enhances quality. The following are radical changes showing the importance of information technology:

  • Social networking turns to be more efficient than going to clubs;
  • Online shopping turns to be more efficient and convenient than shopping in a store;
  • Cloud computing turns to be more efficient than a private computer network; and
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective when compared with high-cost television, newspaper, and radio advertising.

The following are characteristics of businesses that have properly understood the role of information technology and also embraced the innovation paradigm:

  • They possess more effective marketing;
  • They possess more accurate business planning;
  • They use real-time monitoring;
  • They possess higher global sales; and
  • They offer immediate customer support.

The top jobs in information technology

Information technology, apart from boosting the net profit of companies also provides jobs for several people around the world. It’s a pretty nice domain to pick and duel in for as long as you live since it is rapidly advancing and signifies the future of the world. Workers in the information technology domain are highly specialized in their field. It is a field were competence is required, it welcomes all hard-working men and women who have done studies in computer and computer-related institutions.

Information technology workers also find their place in every modern business model. Most modern companies rely on phones and emails to prosper and there is usually an information technology expert behind to see that everything moves on well and smoothly. As technology advances, more emphasis is laid on the competencies of information technology workers. Below is a list of leading fields in the information technology domain.

Information technology consultant

Ranking as one of the best jobs in America, being an information technology consultant is as vague as it sounds. Such experts are called upon to properly evaluate the system and do the solving of complex issues which no one around has an entire understanding of. They also help to figure out the cheapest ways to run computers better. In most cases, the minimum educational level to start up a journey to this noble job is a bachelor’s degree. With that, you can expect a salary of 96,400 dollars.

Cloud architect

Cloud computing is eventually becoming the talk of every successful business manager. Even though this storage space can’t be literally touched or felt, it still needs a proper architecture. The cloud storage is quite important and allows for easy management by the manager at any place in the world. This post requires someone with at least a bachelors degree in the domain. Working here, you can expect a salary of 112,000 dollars.

Computer forensic investigator

This is another information technology job which has to do with detecting computer crimes. In order to work in this post, you’ll need a degree in computer forensics, cyber security, or computer security from a certified institution. Operating here, you can expect a salary of 64, 000 dollars.


It is quite clear that the role of information technology in modern business is remarkable and can’t be avoided. In fact, we can say that a business won’t remain standing after the winds of hardship have blown it if it is not fully engaged in the digital marketing system. If both small and large businesses are actively fighting to pick up a place in the digital market, it is because of the added advantages that they find in such domains. With it, you spend less in advertising and presenting your products to the whole world.

The cost of transportation has been fully eliminated. The time cost has also been fully eliminated. You are able to relax in your office while marketing your goods and services. All these added advantages can only present the inevitable need to engage in information technology which has already proven its importance over time.

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