Woman Falls and Dies at Texas Roller Coaster

A woman fell and died while riding a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. The cause is still still unknown.

Six Flags confirmed that a woman dies during the conduct of the Texas giant roller coaster Friday, but are yet to provide more details.

"Since the safety of our customers and employees in our priority number one, the journey has been closed pending further investigation", the theme park said in a statement.

The medical staff and paramedic local park reacted immediately to the scene, said Park.

Gabe Flores said he was next in line at the amusement park.

"Me and my girlfriend were at the gates and the next to get on the ride... cars arrived and there was a man and a woman in the front", he said. "The man said," Let me, let me out, my mother fell. "

The man and the woman were distraught and speaking in a voice raised, said Flores, who lives in Benton, Texas.

"It is a tower which is fairly steep, and the person behind his empty seat, said nightfall there-Just flew", he said.

"It goes like this," Carmen Brown said the subsidiary, by raising your hand in the air."Then, when it comes down to descend, it is when it released and she just tumbled."

Brown told the Dallas Morning News that the woman had expressed its concern at a park employee who she was not securely fastened to his seat.

«He was basically nonchalant,"said Brown."»It was, like, ' "until you hear a click, you're fine. '. Hers was the only one who was once, and she did not feel safe. But they left him still get on the ride. "

Six Flags Over Texas spokesman for Sharon Parker said the Park is committed to determine exactly what happened.

"It would be a disservice to the family to speculate on what happened", she said. "When we have new information to provide, we will let.".

The Arlington police department did not immediately respond to a CNN request. The subsidiary police said investigation to find out if the woman suffered a medical emergency before the fall.

Giant Texas was designed originally in 1990 as a wooden roller coaster. It has been redesigned with a steel track and reopened in April 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Park theme.

At its highest point, roller coaster is 153 feet and has a fall of 147 feet, according to the theme park.

Thousands of children injured every year on the rides

In addition, seven people were slightly injured in a crash boat ride at the Park in Sandusky Cedar Point, Ohio, Park officials said.

The incident occurred Friday evening when a boat rolled back in a descent of the elevator on the shooting of the Rapids, Park spokesman Bryan Edwards ride said in a statement by e-mail.

The seven people on board were assessed and treated by staff medical emergency of Cedar Point, said Edwards. One of the seven was taken to a hospital in the region for a further evaluation and was then released, he said.

The ride will remain closed until officials and inspectors Ohio Park review.
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