7 Things You Should Know About Hokuapps Rapid Application Development Tools

In today’s competitive market scenario, developers are faced with the task of keeping up with the rising demand for mobile applications across industries and markets. This is aptly pointed out in the latest research paper which states that 71% of IT workforce lags behind and is unable to meet the ever-increasing demand for creating mobile apps. In fact, organizations are increasingly striving to achieve a shorter turnaround time at low cost. 

Rapid application development tools effectively address the situation by facilitating seamless collaboration between business and IT teams. This results in faster delivery of new applications, hence driving business growth and cost optimization. 

RAD tools provide the agility that application developers need to improve their productivity and enhance project management. Gone are the days of turnaround time that spanned months, rapid application development ensures delivery happens in days. The best RAD tools offer the following slew of benefits. 

  • Risk elimination: You can take a stock of the functionality much earlier during the development lifecycle by quickly creating and sharing the prototypes, eliminating re-work mandate that could slow down the project.

  • Quality enhancement: Incorporation of prototype and functionality test across the project timeline enhances the quality of the software by validating user requirements at every stage of development.

  • Quicker go-to-market: Since apps are released at a faster pace, your business can reap early benefits while new versions are added going forward. 

How HokuApps Can Make a Difference 

Rapid application development tools effective for building all sorts of applications, from simple to complex and innovative. HokuApps comes equipped with a broad range of RAD tools to meet the requirements of developers across sectors. It has features that can provide a host of immediate and long-term benefits to the users.

Aligns Operations with IT

Industry reports suggest that a significant number of IT professionals use half their time on project rework. This is mainly due to the difference of opinion between the leadership and the IT teams. The former manages development and quality control, the latter is focused on analysis and final production during the entire development timeline. This gap can be eliminated by engaging the two departments as equal stakeholders. 

HokuApps’ RAD tools create the required atmosphere for such collaboration at all stages of development. As a result, the developed applications exceed the expectation owing to the cumulative involvement of IT and operations personnel. It also reduces the scope for rework or iterations required in a project.

HokuApps’ Low-Code Model

The HokuApps RAD tools operate on a low code model so that you don’t need to invest time and effort in lengthy coding. Instead, you can use the intuitive interface to add features and functions to build your app. Reducing the extent of coding required for a project brings down the delivery time. Developers can look at other critical issues to make the app better.

Quicker Launch

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need faster reach in terms of product delivery, without which the top lines get directly affected. HokuApps’ rapid application development tools make the app delivery time faster by eliminating redundancies from the development process. It has drag-and-drop features that allow even novice developers to build, test, and deploy applications without much assistance from the IT teams. HokuApps’ RAD platform has an intuitive interface comprising all the rapid web application development tools to make the task convenient for developers.

Increased Affinity to Technological Breakthrough

These days expectations of end-users have skyrocketed, thanks to the exponential rise in device ownership and Internet penetration. In order to meet the growing market appetite, application developers have to be agile and adapt scalable methodologies and platforms. Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) is also a challenge. The rapid influx of APIs and similar front-end technologies have expanded the options for developers. HokuApps is a fitting example of the same. Its rapid application development tools are created for swift functioning, taking the challenges of digital disruption head-on. It is easier to modify apps across platforms and devices through HokuApps RAD tools and execute iterations and updates as and when required.  


The HokuApps RAD tools automate a major part of the app development process. This allows the even non-technical staff of an organization to try their hands at application development. They can even update and modify the simple parts of the app using the rapid application development tools. 

It is extremely difficult to stay relevant and competitive amidst the constant digital transformation happening across industries. Today, it is imperative to invest in easy-to-use and feature-rich apps that deliver impressive user experience. Leveraging the best rapid application development tools of HokuApps can make a difference. 

The rapid application development tools by HokuApps have been created with a focus on the end user, thus, simplifying application development in the present business landscape. These RAD tools facilitate the development of both enterprise and customer-facing applications for desktops as well as mobiles devices. Presently, HokuApps stands out as one of the best RAD tools platforms on the market.

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