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Fragrance is one thing that has ruled over us these years; people invest a lot in fragrances. Expensive perfumes, body sprays and mists are always around in the market, you want one, and you will get thousands of options over it. VI-John has worked over years in the personal grooming products and they have created St-john, VI-John and Archies, who create some really amazing fragrances according to your personalities. If you have a bold personality Vi-john St. john fragrances are best for you as they have cobra range in that which produces some really great fragrances for your personalities, then there is Archies range which is very mild and produces fragrances that are light and earthy especially the women range is best here and in Vi-john’s range you can find fragrances that are best suitable for men who are mainly into physical activities this range generally suits best to sporty people so the fragrance is also accordingly.

Vi-John is not only producing best men but also female fragrances as well; these fragrances will leave a very positive mark in your appearance. No doubt good smell attracts the right vibes, this why we always use good aroma in any religious activity because it makes us closer to the almighty and also to our own self. A positive smell can truly make your day great and can make positive modifications in your day to day attitude. The men’s and women perfumes are all quite similar but what makes them different is the chemical composition. Men generally sweat a lot and have to go through serious labour which is why they need fragrances that will control sweat and bacterial infection on their body, whereas women generally don’t prefer strong fragrances and that is a reason they prefer good mild smell. Something light cool breezy works best for them as these fragrances are long lasting and doesn’t grab much attention from outside.

There are various brands of perfumes available on the market but then Vi-John has taken over many well renowned brands due to its authentic perfume quality. Earlier perfumes were a sign of luxury and class so mainly rich people use to wear it as a sign of pride but as the time has evolved there are no barriers like rich and poor. Anybody who likes it can own it anywhere, from expensive to budget friendly, all sort of fragrances are available in the market so it totally depends on where you want to invest. All of them work same. VI-john perfume range is created to increase the living standard of the society. All standard of the society has equal right to enjoy the pleasure of life and differentiation or prices should never be an excuse to stop them from enjoying these fragrances. Our products are very budget friendly and best quality at the same time. We do not compromise with the quality or differentiate in it on the basis of how much money has gone into it. Our aim has always been the best in the market because of our products and for all the fare means. If you wish to buy these fragrances you can easily get all these fragrances on our website Or even on retail stores like reliance, Big Mart, Vishal etc. Reaching its targeted audience and giving them best has always been our motto.

Men are not very choosy when it comes to buying their grooming kits but as the times have evolved men have become conscious about how they look and what do they buy. The men’s grooming market has suddenly started touching heights in the market, buyers have increased and demand for different kind of products in the market has also increased. Human have different body chemistry, temperature and body odour this is why no perfume will smell same on the different bodies. In the manufacturing of perfumes they use ingredients like rose, lemongrass, jasmine, woods, sandalwood, leaves and so much more.  Use of essential oils and natural essence is a very essential part of the perfumes in making. The manufacturing process of these perfumes takes very long process as only the best ingredients are collected from all across the country in order to prepare these amazing fragrances. Vi-John is very amazing collection of perfume ranges for men and women both in the amazing collection of St-John, Cobra and Archies. The cobra collection is mainly representing the strong fragrances that have preferably men’s fragrance.  Cobra collection of Vi-John is a best body spray for men who are more into physical work and have to go out time to time for their day to day work. Working professionals generally prefer a fragrance that will stay all day long and create a positive mood for them and also an impression in their outdoor office meetings. The best part of using cobra deos is that they stay long and they set a positive mood for you as well. As said earlier as well that smelling good also matters a lot, so if you have a bad body odour nobody would like to hear anything from you.

There is end number of market competitions for Vi-John like Nivea, AXE, Reebok, Layer, Park Avenue etc. and they invest a large amount of money on their marketing and advertising. Same goes for VI-John, it has invested a very strategic amount on its marketing and targeted areas were results have been amazingly surprising.  People have brought so many packs of it and even gave amazing feedbacks on it. This amazing response from the audience is another reason why Vi-John tries to do better and better with its products every day. The St-.John and cobra deos were introduced in the market in order to explore the other marketing aspects and give our customers a better quality product. This is no surprise that this brand has seen huge success and admiration from the consumers in the market. Being a national brand the aim was always to reach out to people from all corners of India and make them reachable and accessible to the all the people across the country. Good lifestyle is every human’s right and there is no denying that Vi-John has always targeted each and every sector of the society. Giving access to only quality product is the right of every human being which is why Vi-John has always been very keen and approachable towards this. 

There might be so many different kinds of fragrances in the market but the best ones are the ones that matters most. This fragrance from Vi-John is highly in demand due to its beautiful aroma that keeps you feel refreshed all day long without leaving any skin irritation. Indian market is blooming as people are becoming more and more conscious about their body odour, good looks, appearance, grooming, daily hygiene etc. which is also one big reason the demand for these fragrances have increased too much.

Once you enter in the market there are thousands of brands that provide you fragrances like both in natural essence and chemically treated chemicals. These days’ people are more into natural fragrances and love collecting perfumes. Nobody likes collecting useless things in their wardrobe especially when that is way to express your lifestyle. We often don’t consider body odour as a way to express a lot about one’s personality, the way we smell creates an impression for all of us. People generally love hanging around those who smell great. As my personal experience- I remember people the way the way they smell, the particular smell brings back the memories of a particular person back that’s why we believe our senses play a very important role in creating a memory for the lifetime so having in a way you need to be updated with things like these as well. Indian market is growing with the demand of personal care products. Global perfume market is supposed to be increased to US$39.97 billion,

Let’s discuss the benefits of using these amazing perfumes-

  • Smell great whole day- Just applying these perfumes makes you look refreshed all day and you smell amazing all day long. These amazing fragrances last all day long.
  • Positive vibes- When you smell great whole day you only attract positive vibes towards you.
  • No attacks of germs and bacteria- Generally when you are sweating you attract germs and bacteria, so in order to avoid those, usage of perfumes is the best thing you can do it.
  • Increases confidence- In order to present yourself more impressively use of perfumes help you a lot in building an image and persona. When you are well groomed yourself, it automatically builds up your confidence and presentation.

When it comes to buying perfumes we become very choosy with it, so where to get your favourite perfumes of Vi-John, You can easily buy the amazing packs of Vi-John’s cobra and Archies collection from VI-John’ s official shopping website or you can also visit to other shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues and ebay. 

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