A Useful Guide for Maternity Photography in Calgary

Maternity period is a time of change, excitement, and anticipation – all of them should be photographed. It’s a wonderful time to know for new parents before working with their precious newborn. When it comes to maternity photography in Calgary, there are certain important aspects that have a great role to play in tasteful maternity sessions. Take a look at the helpful guide and let your Calgary maternity photographer help you achieve good results.

During pregnancy, so many changes are going on in the bodies of women. Hence, embarking on maternity photography session is often the last thing you feel like celebrating. But you should hire a Calgary maternity photographer to capture the timeless images of maternity period in a beautiful and aesthetic way.If you are looking for an amazing maternity session that you will love and cherish for years to come, Diana Picek Photography offers incredibly beautiful custom made sessions that are designed to create a memorable photographic experience. As a passionate Calgary maternity photographer, I believe it is important to create a unique, stunning and epic maternity session.  I own a large collection of maternity gowns created by the best designers in the world that everyone love. I offer classic, natural and elegant portraits that will enhance the beauty of your Maternity . For information Please visit the website: to check out the portfolio of a talented maternity photographer in Calgary- Diana Picek!      

Here are some of the main aspects of maternity photography in Calgary:

The Angles and Posing – Flattering a mom and her pregnant belly should be on high on the list of things to accomplish during maternity photography sessions. There are countless angles and posing a pregnant woman can be photographed. Remember, what might look great for you could not work at all for another would-be mom.

The posing for maternity photography can be hands on belly, standing, sitting, straight on twisting to the side, full close-ups of both new parents, etc.

The Composition – One of the great things you’ll definitely love about maternity photographs is the creativity. Pregnancy is a perfect time to play with the composition, color, angles, etc.

Rest assured that, your Calgary maternity photographer will slow down and plan the sessions. Photographing just the bump has become the important thing to do during photography sessions. No doubt those moments are fun; if your photography includes faces, it will be beautiful.

The Emotion – If you’re expecting for the very first time, you may feel awkward to photograph. You should talk with your Calgary maternity photographer beforehand. After all, feeling awkward and getting nervous just before the maternity sessions are normal.

Remember, a maternity photography session can be a perfect warm-up for your future newborn. Generally, the maternity photographers focus on the emotions you’re experiencing and keep them in mind during their session.

When you really start to anticipate the excitement of a new baby, it can show in your faces and body language. Your photographer will use all those hormones to their advantage.

The Location – When it comes to a location for maternity photography in Calgary, the options are endless. Pregnancy is a perfect time to use the sun for beautiful backlighting. You can talk with your photographer about your expectations and preferences – bright colors, a fun feel, more natural, or a lifestyle session?

The Wardrobe – Wardrobe is the most anticipated thing you should think about before the maternity session. The clothes that cling are the perfect bet and more flattering ones are an ideal choice.

However, the selection of clothing also depends on the location and the type of session. If you’re somewhere urban, maybe boots and bright colors should be good. You can opt for more natural and neutral tones as well as casual apparel.

In addition to, you can have the new dad complimenting you in his attire, much like you would in a regular family or couple session, but not go with the too matchy-matchy combo.

The Timing – The perfect time to schedule your maternity session is around 32-36 weeks. This is the time when the belly looks nice and round. It will vary from women to women as some carry small or gain little weight can wait until 36-38 weeks whereas others growing rapidly may get the session done around 30-32 weeks, especially those carrying twins.

If you do the maternity photo session too early, you might not be able to see there’s a bump that makes it a bit difficult. This is why timing is important for maternity photography sessions.

Conclusion –

Photographing moms – who’re expecting is a very delicate and technical photo session that requires experience, care, dedication, and professionalism. Therefore, do a thorough research and hire a professional Calgary maternity photographer to deliver high-quality results.Diana Picek Photography is run and operated by Diana Picek who is an international accredited professional photographer specializing in Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography in the Calgary and Airdrie Area. As a passionate photographer, she loves and enjoys building memories through images. She specializes in newborn and maternity photography and always aim to create high-quality images that will last a lifetime. Having the right expertise and experience, she is committed to delivering exceptional quality results that will exceed your expectations. She offers a fully licensed professional photography service in the Calgary Area.

Keep in mind that, maternity is your journey. Obviously, you want to make the most out of it. So, schedule an appointment with someone professional for maternity photography in Calgary. You’ll love, cherish, and experience the beautiful moments forever.

This article is being published by Diana Picek Photography –offers fully licensed and professional newborn, maternity, and baby photography service in Calgary dedicated to build wonderful memories through timeless images.

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