Lessons Every Leader Should Learn

The internet is full of inspirational quotes and leadership tips. Although they sound wise, when you actually try to follow them, you realize that some recommendations are a bit vague and abstract. Follow your dream! Keep calm! Stay positive! That sounds nice but it would be better to know how to do it.

The realistic and practical leadership lessons can be learned only from actual leaders with numerous achievements. They surely know what they talk about and can share their experience with you. Learn from the best and check these actionable leadership tips from acknowledged experts.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a founder of the Virgin Group, the entrepreneur who created eight large companies in different fields who employs thousands of people in more than thirty countries. He managed to achieve all this, became a billionaire and a leader even without having a business degree. Here are some valuable tips we gathered from Richard’s book about business and leadership.

1.      Make and Maintain a Good Impression

Richard Branson highlights the importance of the first impression. The employer is likely to choose a job seeker who made a good impression on him because he would also be able to charm clients and business partners. The resume professional writers recommend starting to think about the impression your brand could make since the moment you write your resume or a LinkedIn profile. According to Richard Branson, the second impression is equally important. Do not forget not only to make a good impression but to maintain it as well.

2.      Become a Leader, not a Boss

According to Richard Branson, there is a huge difference between a leader and a boss. Being bossy and executing is not always effective. A real leader does not just give orders, he organizes and inspires others. Do not only work on your ideas but encourage others to express their own thoughts and listen to them. Then you could be sure people agree with you not because they have to do it, but because they actually want to follow you.

3.      The Founder is Not Always the CEO

A good manager is someone who sees the best in people and knows how to communicate with them. He should be able to help an employee to turn a mistake into a valuable lesson instead of criticizing. If this kind of tasks does not fit you, it is better to find a person for this position. A founder could be the CEO but does not necessarily have to.

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith is a business educator and one of the most respected leadership coaches according to Forbes. He offers practical and proven techniques for developing leadership skills. Here are some important recommendations that we collected from his video blog.

1.      Stop Proving You Are Always Right

One of the most common problems of the leaders is trying to win all the time even if it is not worth it. The obsession of competing and winning could be observed in different areas of our lives and be ridiculous. For example, arguing with your life partner about who had the worst day or which restaurant to choose. These trifles could influence a lot the interpersonal relationships, both personal and business ones. Stop competing when it is not necessary.

2.      Delegate Effectively

Marshall Goldsmith states that inappropriate delegation could be destructive for the company results. A leader should not delegate more but do it more effectively. He offers the leaders to ask their employees what tasks a manager should let go and where his help is needed more. The answers to these questions could help you to delegate properly.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is an iconic leader, founder of Apple and Pixar, and the inventor of the Macintosh computer. His leadership skills made Apple one of the most successful companies. Here are some tips:

1.      Ignore the Reality

The episode of The Star Trek Reality Distortion Field gave the name to the Job’s ability to make possible even unbelievable tasks. For example, Steve Jobs convinced Steve Wozniak that it is possible to create the game that could take months only in four days and it was done. Steve Jobs encourages leaders to take risks and try even if something seems to be impossible.

2.      Spread The Confidence

Along with ignoring reality and its limits, Steve Jobs could also inspire others with his confidence which is highly important for the leader. When the front glass was needed to be developed for the iPhone, Jobs ordered a huge delivery of glass from Corning. They said it was impossible to produce such a large amount in six months but Jobs’ confidence managed to convince them. They delivered it even earlier. Remember that leader’s confidence could have a great influence.

These tips from the remarkable leaders like Richard Branson, Marshall Goldsmith, and Steve Jobs are realistic and based on their experience. Use them to develop your leadership skills and remember that even the best leaders have a couch. 

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