Top 10 Advantages of Using WordPress for Launching Your Blog

Creating blogs on WordPress are the great way for bloggers to increase the web presence.

WordPress started as a blogging platform which has made every change according to the business needs. The introduction of the free WordPress theme with slider shows how much WordPress is dedicated to providing the users with they want.

Not just this WordPress being the pioneers also understand the latest trends and thus creates supporting elements way before the users realize they would need them.

Started in 2003 WordPress is still the popular platform having the maximum number of sites in different niche using it. The blogging support provided by WordPress is still one of the best which will be available to any blogger.

WordPress is most popular and open source web platform, this means that their codes are open to everybody to use and modify. Due to the nature of open source, WordPress is a community software. Blog, shop or intranet – WordPress is used everywhere in the world.

You may get the most functionality and ability to expand your blog or website with robust features. There are many plugins and WordPress themes are available for free download. It allows people to build light, breezy websites by using best responsive free WordPress themes and plugins and provide the facility of dynamic blog and webpages.

The platform has lot compromised on its expertise and has grown to keep the support of the bloggers intact. Thus all blogging and non-blogging sites find it useful. The new bloggers should use this especially for the various benefits it provides them.

The bloggers should use WordPress for many reasons here are the top 10 reason from that should be used to make the decision.

1) Ease of Use: - The designs of WordPress are very easy to use. The platform is designed with an intuitive interface. Working on them and adding new pages, creating new posts and adding media to the same which is required on a regular basis can be done in no time.

WordPress is used by millions of people and almost every day new people are joining the WordPress community controlling nearly 60% of the marketplace. You don’t have to be a professional web developer to use WordPress.

The technology used is simple and the formatting and editing time is greatly reduced for those using this platform.

2) Manage the Website from Different Devices: - As stated above WordPress has made every efforts to be ahead of the game.

They understand that in recent time the user’s have various devices they use to access the website and thus WordPress is highly responsive and any device with an active internet connection can allow quick connection to the site.

3) No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required:- The WordPress is a sustainable system which does not require HTML for editing or any other use. Everything on the blog can be done without the use of HTML as WordPress is fully equipped.

4) Search Engine Friendly WordPress Sites:- The code of WordPress are created by professionals who have made clean and simple codes. They allow search engine optimization and indexing because of its easy to crawl framework. Tags can be used to improve the performance. It’s hard to imagine a more SEO friendly technology than WordPress.

5) Higher Control Over the Site:- There is no need for the web designer to make updates to your site. The complete control of the blog who is using WordPress is with the owner. Every update which is required can be made by the owner themselves.

6) The Design of the Website is 100% Customizable: - WordPress is like the engine they allow the site to look and feel the way the owners want. The site has then the ability to stand apart from the crowd and make an impression on the users.

Luckily, there are WordPress theme builders out there that can resolve one simple design aspect of your blog or website without writing a line of code. Just by drag and drop options!

7) The Blog Can be Created and Shared in No Time:- As stated above WordPress started as a blogging platform and thus it has all the capabilities that are required by blogger. Starting with RSS, email subscription, adding new blogs and showing the recent blogs on the top all these features are easy to include and simple to use.

The blogging techniques can be used to make the blog more interactive and reach out to a higher audience using the platform.

8) Easy to Add Functionality and Plug-ins: - The blog will require few added features which will make the users more interested and attracted to it.

Adding calendars, adding the gallery, using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and many more things can be done in no time. WordPress ensures that this is done using different plug-in which is available on the same platform.

9) Growth Features: - The bloggers who are starting off or who is an established blogger both have the same vision of adding more followers or traffic to the blog. Google even recommends WordPress for business websites and for personal blogger

The free WordPress theme with slider ensures that the blog has all the abilities to grow with time and when required to accommodate the newly generated traffic.

10) Allow Multiple Users: - WordPress understand that it is not one man’s job to create and then run a website. Using the administrator of the WordPress site the owners gets the access to allow different access to the site, using the levels and capabilities different users can use the same platform.

This is not a surprise that there are so many users of WordPress and all that is due to the benefits they get from using the platform. The largest number of sites use WordPress which is a lot to say. 

The above-mentioned list of advantages of using WordPress for launching blog make it clear that WordPress is really one of the best CMSes in the world today.

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