Grow Your Online Business by Improving the Conversion Rate of your Website

Many brands today employ various digital marketing tactics that help in getting additional traffic to the website. While getting additional traffic to the website is a good goal to have, to generate brand awareness and increase conversions, businesses would benefit greatly from increasing the conversion rate on their website.  As they can then immediately start taking advantage of the traffic that is already coming to their site.

Here are 4 ways in which the conversion rate of your website can be improved:

  1. Manage and Improve Website Page Load Speed

One of the easiest ways to have an immediate impact on your website conversion rate would be to increase the page load speed of the pages across your website. People have become increasingly impatient in the digital age and want access to information at their fingertips.

Once they see that the website is taking time to load, they would rather abandon the current session and try searching for an alternate website to finish their task. This is not desirable as it offers a bad experience to the end user and reduces the overall conversion rate of the website making it ineffective.

Google recently released data on how page load time affects the bounce rate:

  • Increased bounce rate on account of page load speed leads to fewer conversions.
  • Fan improvement of 1 second in the page load speed improves conversions by 7%.
  • Diagnose your website with the free Google Page Speed Insights tool and follow the recommendations to optimize your website page load speed.
  1. Use Videos on your landing pages or website

It is predicted that video will account for 70% of the mobile traffic by 2021. All content platforms are integrating video into their content as it offers the highest engagement and brand recall compared to any other media format.

A simple product video explaining the benefits and features of the product can go a long way in engaging the user, brand retention and improving the conversion rate.

Due to On -Demand video being readily available, users today prefer watching videos over reading text. People like experiences which go straight to the point and a video helps in achieving that. Watching a video explaining the product or service is easier to understand than reading about it which increases the engagement and ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

  1. Optimize for Mobile Devices and include Multiple Payment Options

Majority of the traffic is on mobile now and not optimizing your website for mobile would result in risking a lot of potential conversions and customers.

People carry a mobile device all the time and use it as and when the need arises on the go. Hence, it is extremely important to have an optimized presence on a mobile device as the intent is more immediate. Consumers use mobile devices either at the discovery, research or purchase stages of a product they are interested in.

Hence, an optimised mobile experience is critical to improve user engagement, get repeat visitors and enable the purchase. All of which again helps drive conversions and improve the overall conversion rate of the website

  1. Make It Easy For Your Website Visitors to Find , Browse and Buy

The key objective of any website design should be to make it very simple and easy for visitors and potential buyers to find what they are looking for and also buy the product or service.

The website design is crucial to providing users with a good user experience. Providing a good Search Experience, having the right category structure, having relevant URL’s for all website pages and importantly having a short and simple payment process are all important elements of a good user experience.

Apart from having a mobile responsive website, integrating with mobile-friendly payment options such as a Mobile Wallet etc. is highly recommended as it helps to make the final purchase step frictionless resulting in a higher conversion rate.

About Webbutterjam

Webbutterjam is a specialised Digital Marketing company that provides brands with services like Web Strategy & Consulting and providing advertising solutions for brands based on their objectives and goals. We help brands with their digital strategy, digital media planning, buying and managing all operational aspects of execution. Our expertise and experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) / Pay Per Click ( PPC ) and various other advertising solutions helps brands across industries acquire new customers, engage them, build the brand and grow the business.

Our brand name has an interesting thought that all brands can relate to. Today every growing child irrespective of the city, income, school has surely had bread, butter and jam as an integral part of their diet growing up. Similarly, we believe the Web today plays an extremely critical role and should be a strategic inclusion in every brands marketing diet irrespective of the size of company, category of business or size of budget. A brand cannot simply do without digital marketing and we have drawn inspiration from this brand reality in our brand name.

We are a young company but have many years of experience in traditional marketing, brand building and importantly valuable eCommerce & digital marketing experience. Our expertise in digital marketing will help us align digital marketing initiatives to the overall marketing strategy of the brands we work with. We believe traditional and digital marketing need to be aligned and not work in silos to be able to maximize the overall marketing strategy and deliver greater ROI. We also bring the unique experience of having been part of teams at successful start-ups as well as large companies in the eCommerce industry. So we understand a brands needs better having been part of one and will draw from some of those experiences in helping brands we work with to develop their digital strategies.

Webbutterjam is led by a team of experienced digital marketing professionals and our founder Jiby Thomas. Jiby has over 18 years of work experience with more than a decade of that in the internet and eCommerce industry. Prior to Webbutterjam, Jiby was Co-Founder & Vice President Marketing at Quikr where he was involved in every stage of building the brand. Right from being the first employee, to coining the brand name ' Quikr ', to building the start-up team, helping develop the product platform and launching the business in 2008 and making it India's largest horizontal classifieds platform in a short span of time. 

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