What Does Voicemail Greeting Say About Your Business?

By Lin

Learn how to create the perfect business voicemail script and greeting in this article.

Voice mail greeting is a sensible thing to embark on for your business line, knowing there are times when you or your employees won’t

be there to answer call in person. You should endeavor to keep it as professional as possible and cut off unnecessary pleasantries that

may be best suited for a regular voicemail message.


Your Voicemail Greeting Speaks Volume about Your Business

The greeting or message you put across through an answering machine says so much about you and your business.

The greeting can make a lasting impression (whether negative or positive) to a first-time caller. So, you must give your business

voicemail the best possible attention.

If your message is shabby, incoherent, rude, quite informal and unprofessional, that is how your callers will perceive your business and

would lose interest from the very first moment. On the other hand, a well-crafted business voicemail message that integrates polite

tone, professionalism and other positive attributes will portray you and your business as responsible and respectable.


5 Steps that Guarantee an Irresistible Business Voicemail Greeting

Step #1: Write Out What You want to Say Before Recording


If you record your message directly, you are likely to make bunch of mistakes and would forget essential info. This is why you should sit

back, pick up your pen and paper or use your computer or similar devices to list out what you want to include in the greeting.

Step #2: Keep it Formal

Keep in mind that the greeting is intended for business. Therefore, you should keep it reasonably formal. Avoid joking around or using

awkward terms as you would do with a regular voicemail. Also, by eliminating unnecessary pleasantries and jokes, your business voice

message will maintain a professional tone. However, a tone of politeness and friendliness is needful even when sounding formal.


Step #3: Create a Script

It’s not as if you’re about to write a movie script. It’s just a simple write-up of what you want to say in your voicemail greeting and the

arrangement of the lines. It will also detail how you want to say the greeting.

Step #4: Address Different Aspects of the Greeting


One of such aspects is not being available to pick the call at the moment. Typical example is: “Thanks for calling XX (XX is the name of

your business or company). Right now, I am not on seat to take your call. Please you can leave your name, purpose of call and phone

number. I will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you.”

In the case of returning messages, you should be specific with when you’re returning the call, especially if you’re out of town. For

instance, you can say “I will return your call in three business days.”


If the business greeting or message is intended to address a busy line, it should be suitable for that purpose. Here’s an example;

“Thanks for calling XX (company or business name). I am on another call right now. Please leave your name and phone number, including

the purpose of your call. I will call back as soon as possible. Thank you.” This is a good example of busy on hold messages.


Step #5: Professional Voiceover Services: Seek Professional Help

Easier said than done; the steps detailed above may seem easy on the surface but challenging to implement, especially if you do not

have a knack for such task as business voicemail recording and crafting that requires attention to details.


This is where professional voiceover services can help immensely. From writing your business voicemail greeting script to its recording,

you can rely on the experts to handle this delicate task for you successfully.


A lot of people do not have pleasant voice and/or accent by nature. This is the reason to embark on voice over recordings through the

help of an expert. The best part is that any language can be voiced over for the best possible voicemail greeting.


Voicemail Voice Overs – Choosing the Best Service


When you set out to look out for the best service to achieve flawless voicemail voice overs, you should focus on the following;


·        Experience in voice over recording as well as voicemail message scripting.

·        Innovative voiceover machines and gadgets

·        Extensive voice over services in terms of voicing in different languages to suit different clients’ needs.

·        Track record of success in this niche by requesting for references

·        Online service that helps eliminates stress and bridge distance challenge.


Finally, you should insist on professional business voicemail service. It is the best way to create a good and lasting impression about

your business.


Contact us now to get the best business voicemail greeting message and voiceover recording service.

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