Give your eyebrows the precision they deserve!


Give your eyebrows the precision they deserve!

Beauty has been defying standards in recent times. In a world where everything is possible to change a person’s physical appearance, it is no surprise that even the smallest of our features can be dealt with, to make them more noticeable. Facial features especially are given major importance, since they are the first thing that the other person notices. Having said that, plastic surgery, correction or upliftment procedures are now an everyday deal for doctors and patients for these are seldom restricted to the glamour industry alone. In fact, the reason why more and more people are opting for corrective surgery is also that they have become common and hence the cost associated with a sparse product has minimized, making it more doable for the common man.

One such procedure, eyebrows microblading has recently taken the world by storm! The procedure is simple – it comprises of depositing color pigments in the epidermis with the help of thin, fine blades. This is done all along the brow line in natural looking strokes to give the impression of healthier, fuller eyebrows. Microblading can last the user anywhere between 1-3 years and is thus, a long-term investment for the price it comes at. World Microblading, the brainchild of Irina Chen, a world-renowned microblading artist is situated in Santa Monica, CA.

Irina’s latest addition to the world of microblading is the dual blade methods, known to be perfect for natural, fuller-looking eyebrows. World microblading is also an award-winning academy and training center offering students various courses to perfect the art. Of course, all the training, teachings and sessions are headed by Chen and gives students the liberty of practicing on their own once the course is complete. A student can thus work as a microblading professional and earn a handsome income. Currently, microblading artists can earn $800 for the two-hour procedure and can easily treat about two clients per day.

The art of microblading however, goes beyond physical appearance. Better looking and visually appealing eyebrows are known to boost confidence and self-esteem, thus adding another level of self-satisfaction to the clients’ mindset. To make sure her students gain the best out of their training, Irina promises to:


  • Help them train on live models


  • Ensures her courses and teachings give satisfaction to the learner and they come with a guarantee


  • Teach them the much-awaited dual blade microblading technique


  • Teach tattoo correction


  • Offer them lifetime support by assisting them with queries and concerns, whenever required

Eyebrows microblading classes can be taken as a basic 3-day training class or a more intensive 5-day training class. The firm also provides a training kit that has been specially designed and developed by Irina Chen herself and comprises of everything that a microblading professional requires on an everyday basis. The list of products along with their usage and details are mentioned on the website along with the price for each.

This here’s to better, more noticeable and beautiful eyebrows that come at a small cost and yet look a million bucks!


Want an Exciting and Lucrative Career?  How About Eyebrows Microblading?


Have you ever considered a career in the beauty industry?  Are you already working in the beauty industry but you want to increase your income and build wealth?  Do you love helping people feel better about themselves?  If this sounds like you Eyebrows Microblading may be the way you can achieve your goals.  At our Microblading Academy we offer the most advanced and developed methods of Eyebrows Microblading in the world.  


First, let’s talk about what microblading is all about.  Eyebrows Microblading is a method of using very small blades to insert pigment under the skin that results in a semi-permanent tattooed eyebrow.  The process needs to be redone every 1 to 2 years depending on skin pigmentation and other factors.  Here at our Microblading Academy we teach our students the very latest and cutting edge method of microblading.  You will learn how to use the dual-blade method of microblading that has been invented and perfected by world renown microblading innovator and founder of World Microblading, Irina Chen.  


So why should you choose World Microblading to learn this exciting and lucrative method of eyebrow enhancement?  Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose us for your Microblading Training.

  • It is the very best method of eyebrow enhancement.  Microblading is second to none when it comes to the available methods of eyebrow enhancement.


  • We teach you the most advanced techniques and cutting edge techniques.  Using techniques that can only be described as cutting edge, microblading gives you a skill that will separate you from the rest.  You will learn the dual-blade method which is the very best method of eyebrow enhancement.


  • We teach you a very lucrative trade.  Not only is microblading the most effective method it also is one of the most lucrative.  There is little overhead in doing the procedure itself, which allows you to profit straight from your skill.  Generally, clients pay around $800 to have this done and most microblading practitioners can do at least two clients a day.  That kind of profit can compound quickly.


  • It empowers people and helps people feel better about themselves.  It is a great way to help people feel better about themselves.  There are many women who have self-image problems and insecurities about the way their eyebrows look.  What’s better than getting paid to boost someone’s self-esteem and make people feel great about themselves?

What is our Microblading Training like?  Well, it is second to none.  With our Microblading Training, you will have the experience of a lifetime.  You will learn this exciting technique while at the same having a great time doing it.  Our team of the best trainers in the industry is excited to teach you this cutting edge method.  You will learn Irena Chan’s dual blade method for microblading.  Her methods are considered to be at the very top of the industry.

Convinced yet?  You should be.  What more could you ask for from a career than to help people feel better about themselves, make lots of money and practice the most exciting and advanced techniques in your field?  This is why you should sign up for our Microblading Academy today.


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