Best Interventional Radiologist in Delhi NCR

Interventional Radiology

The main idea behind interventional radiology is to provide safe and minimally invasive procedures to the patient, the reason people call it vascular interventional radiology is that this field of medical deals with various blood vessels diseases and disorders.

Interventional radiology (IR) is an immerging field of healthcare, Interventional radiology also known as endovascular neuroradiology and the specialized doctor who works in this field are called as interventional radiologists. They not only perform the minimal invasive surgeries, but they are also specialized in diagnosing various diseases, for an example biopsy test for the diagnosing of cancer. Apart from cancers they treat various diseases related to our blood vessels. Nowadays IR plays a major role for the treatment of acute stroke, IR treatments like stenting are used for the narrowed arteries of our brain.

If we talk about purpose of these methods, then we can say to provide the surgical methods which are less painful, less complicated and provide better results. For these treatments you can always consult with best interventional radiologist in Delhi NCR

Some commonly used IR procedures are mentioned below:

• Biopsy: this method is used for diagnosis of abnormal cell growth (cancer diagnosis)

• Angioplasty and Stenting: this method is used in stroke patients for opening up the narrowed arteries.

• RFA (Radiofrequency ablation): this method is used by IR to destroy the tumorous growth in our body

• Embolization: for varicose veins and bronchial arteries

What kind of treatment you need will be decided by the best interventional radiologist in Delhi NCR after evaluating the current symptoms & diseases.


Conditions Treated by Interventional Radiology

Some conditions are listed below:

• Acute brain stroke:  As per Dr. Arvind Nanda acute ischemic brain stroke is one of the most common one, and famous endovascular technique of stent retriever has shown immense result over the time.

• Brain aneurysms: Brain aneurysms are balloon shape bulging formed on the blood vessels of brain, without treatment these aneurysms can get ruptured or leaked into the brain causing brain stroke.

• Brain hemorrhage: brain hemorrhagic is caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension, brain AVM’s or brain aneurysms.

• Varicose veins:  this condition is very painful spider shaped veins formed in lower part of the body, usually this condition affects lower body, RFA treatment has proven to provide relief from the immense pain.

How Interventional Radiology Treatments are Performed?

IR procedures are performed with the help of imaging techniques which uses guidance of X-rays, MRI, PET scan, CT scan or fluoroscopy. These procedures not only treat, but manage and diagnosis the diseases. 

The kind of imaging machines they use is depend upon the type of disease. Interventional radiologist may use general anesthesia depending upon the length and type of diagnosis.  Angioplasty, stenting are some common procedures used by the IR, they insert tiny catheters (thin tubes) to perform these procedures, which is why they are called as minimally invasive procedures. For interventional radiology treatment in Delhi you can consult with best interventional radiologist in Delhi NCR Dr. Arvind Nanda.

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