PowerPoint presentation: thinking outside the box

PowerPoint presentations are an incredible tool to enhance your projects and deliver a more engaging presentation before your audience. It requires designing, organizing skills, and several hours of practice before your presentations look engaging and credible. It is mostly used in businesses to inform its audience of some news or pursue them to perform a certain action. The most crucial thing to remember when working with PowerPoint is that the slides need to be organized, consistent, and must not hold too much information. Professional PowerPoint designers very well know the importance of making your presentation eye-catching. Here are a few things you can do to enhance your next presentations.


  • Fix the objective of the presentation

Presentations need to be informative, meaning that the information contained in the slides must educate or persuade the audience before whom it is presented. The audience must be able to follow the content; therefore, you must first decide what the objective of your presentation is and then make it simple to read.


  • Decide on a presentation structure

After you have fixed a goal, the next thing to do is decide its structure. For doing so, determination of your audience’s location is important. It means that you need to analyze the demands of your audience and the degree of credibility you share with them. It can be done by first creating an outline and then moving forward with the visual elements.


  • Select contrasting colors

Your presentation must have the right color choices and intriguing visual elements. Pick high contrast colors so that graphics and texts can easily be read. Also, use dark colors for the background and light colors for writing texts against it.


  • Use large readable fonts

For presentation titles and headings, font size 36 to 40 four-point is the most recommendable, while 24 point size for text. You must choose font depending upon the space on your slides.


  • Make texts and points in bullets

Professional PowerPoint designers will always advise you to use bullets instead of full sentences. Remember the 6 by 6 guideline, stating that each bullet must have a maximum of 6 words, and each slide must not have more than 6 bullet points. You can also use the simple animation effect, Appear, to expand on the bullets that you are speaking upon.


  • Avoid unnecessary slide movement

Moving graphics or texts might look fun although it is distracting. Avoid using too many effects; instead, use the Appear effect for correct positioning on the slide. Services for PowerPoint presentation design, Africa will advise you to use simpler effects.


  • Use short texts for visual elements

For the visual elements in your presentations, do not forget to label them or illustrate a picture. Information can also be presented through charts, graphs, and tables, instead of using too many sentences.



The most effective way to make a PowerPoint presentation successful, is to practice and practice some more. Simply memorizing PowerPoint will make your credibility low; therefore, you should opt for services for PowerPoint presentation design, Africa, if you want expert hands on your project.

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