Secrets To Getting Best Winter Care Products To Complete Tasks Quickly And Efficiently

This season is all about taking extra care, just like if your ears and chest are open you can catch cold in the same way of your body does not have enough nourishment then it will not just be dry but dull and lack moisture as well. There are certain things that go best on your skin like cocoa, saffron, butter rich lotions and moisturiser that heals your skin internally and give them the goodness of mineral and vitamins. VI-John has a very amazing winter care range- lip balm; saffron body lotion, moisturisers, creams etc. are some of the amazing skin care winter special creams. We all know some of the amazing skin nourishing lotions that are best for your skin contains nature’s best care and saffron is one of those amazing things. Saffron has great moisturising qualities that are why they are used highly in so many skin products. In the earlier era’s when cosmetics were not there people were dependent on such natural resources to take care of their skin. But as the time has changed so many things the cosmetic sector has also evolved drastically, now not just the chemically strong skin care routines are there but also care of natural and organic ingredients is preferred more by people.

The lip guard by Vi-John is blue and white colour pack combination it has no colour and smell to it, so if you are somebody who prefers only glossy and moisturised care for their lips will surely become an admirer of this product. This sheer lip balm has creamy and smooth care, the formula has thick texture like petroleum jelly but this does not has stickiness in it. It feels very nice and comfortable on the chapped lips, the best part is it is very light and really works as a moisturiser for your lips without leaving it dark. It will stay 2-4 hours to a stretch which is quite good for a lip balm and the price is also very reasonable. If you are looking something to use daily in winters to get rid of the chapped and dry lips then our suggestion is that you opt for Vi-John lip care.

The same goes for the saffron body lotion that has thick creamy texture that blends very beautifully in your skin without leaving a trace of it, the lotion keeps your skin nourished and moisturised for all day long. The fragrance is very amazing and mild so you will smell great all day long. The best thing about VI-John is that you can find the products online. Like many other personal care products in the market these products are not just available at retail stores but you can find them on ecommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, ebay etc. then Vi-John is also available on its very own ecommerce website, The availability of these products helps you know a lot about a product via it reviews by the customers on various social media pages. And we all value reviews and buy things accordingly. No doubt the quality of the product is amazing and rich vitamins and minerals that refreshes your skin. Vi-John saffron lotion and lip balm are two essential products you should keep in your bag.

As we are talking about the different creams available with Vi-John. Let’s discuss the benefits of the same-

Hair removal creams- The hair removal cream from Vi-John has different options available like Saffron and honey, haldi, chandan, aloe vera, rose and lemon. All these flavours are best for various skin types that mean if you have a skin type that’s normal, oily or dry you can easily get an amazing solution for all your hair issues. So don’t bother and start using these. VI-John women range produces feather touch hair removal creams that are very comfortable and effective to use. To make it even more convenient feather touch has also introduced its travel pack.

Zero Mark Cream- Any sort of marks on your skin will be long gone with the effectiveness of this cream, mark of acne, scars, cuts and knits can easily be recovered like there was nothing with our zero mark cream. This works just like its name.

Saffron Body Lotion- We all no saffron has some amazing nourishing qualities which is why it is used in a lot of beauty products. The saffron body butter is very effective for giving extra nourishment to your skin; it will heal your skin very comfortably and give it all the nourishment and beauty required.

Fairness Cream- Vi-John also has fairness creams that are available for men and women both like for men you need the chemical concentration a little more than others and then there is for women which are concentrated towards making it balanced as the women skin type. Men and women skin are very different from one another which is why they need different types of creams as well and what can be better than your trustworthy skin partner.

All our products are easily available on various ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues, Ebay and Vi-John’s very own

No doubt skin care market is booming the cosmetic industry, people are crazy over beautiful skin and flawless look, and this is why you can see end number of advertisements on cream taking about day cream, night cream, skin care cream, whitening cream, anti-ageing cream and so much more can be seen on various media platforms. In the coming years it has been estimated that the market will see an increase of almost 5% and there are chances of it growing more. The reason people are growing their interest in beauty creams is not new, we all subconsciously in our mind want to be impressive and amazing this why we always get swayed away towards skin whitening creams and beauty creams.

Cosmetic companies are well aware of the market scenarios and demand which is why they work throughout the year to come up with something or the other impressive ways of lure their audiences. The best marketing strategy for any brand is that they should always come up with something or the other strategic planning’s that will create curiosity as well as a solution among the audiences. Vi-John is one of the great manufacturers of skin whitening cream, day and night creams, moisturising cream in the market. The nourishment, moisturization, skin care and comfort is what we look for any skin care products. Winter season can be very harsh on your skin if you don’t take care of it nicely, time to time moisturisation, proper hydration and nourishment. Keep check on everything you eat, drink and apply on your skin because one careless move can create serious damage for your skin. VI-John has saffron rich day and night cream, where the saffron used in the cream are only the best and fresh from nature, no harsh chemical is used to dilute the real quality of saffron cream. Day and night cream is good skin care regime as before sleeping every day you can apply it over your face and after waking up in the morning you can apply the cream again on your skin for fighting the harmful rays of sun, dust and other chemicals. The day and night cream is specially designed to protect and nourish our skin at every hour of the day. At night your skin is not very much into the contact with outer pollution or the changes in environment this is why the night cream does the healing process at night and the day creams are the way to protect your skin in the day time. 

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