How to Customize Search Results Page in WordPress

How to Customize Search Results Page in WordPress

Every website visitor has some expectation when they reach a website page post search. This has lead to the requirement of a custom search page where the visitor will land and have something relevant to read and use.

When any reader types a phrase or a word in the search box on the website they are shown the options of the results with such search. This is called search result page.

It is highly different from the search result which is made on search engines like Google. The internal search will show results only from the website and not the whole web world which makes it entirely important for visitors use.

The search is made for content websites as well as product websites. Few things happen when the visitors make an internal search either they immediately find what they are looking for, or get an idea how to maneuver to it, if they fail to do these things then they will leave the site.

This means that the most effective way of keeping visitors on the site is by offering them quickly what they are looking for. This means that search customization and optimization are an immediate need.

Visitors have high expectation when they come to a website. They might not be expecting the results which they get from Google but they expect the same functionalities or similar approach.

There are a lot of benefits of using a custom results page which includes helping a visitor find what they are looking for on the website.

The aim of every website is to keep the visitors engaged in the website for how long as it is possible the optimization helps the website do that.

The optimization with search adds personality to the website, it is like the website is responding to the client who makes a deeper connection and increases visitor’s loyalty.

The small change and added functionality ensure that the website developer care for the visitor, this is done by proving search help when required.

It is not just coincidence that all the high rated and traffic generating websites have a search bar. It is only because of the additional benefit and character that it adds that the website is using it to maximum benefit.

The search engines can be optimized using various different techniques. The coding using search.php is one way also there are plugins which helps the website developer do the same.

The users who are looking for a simpler and easier option should opt for plugins. There are various different options in which one can customize the internal search results pages. Make sure you create a backup before using any of these options.

1) Include or Highlight the Search Term: - This is what Google does highlight the original search term as the reminder of the original term.

This is one of the most effective ways- one way to do it is by including the search term which the visitors have searched for at the top of the search page results.

This shows that the search was made with the exact words which encourage the visitors to even change the word if they have not reached the right page.

They run s spelling check or change the words to improve their quality of search. This allows the search to be authentic and the readers do not get disheartened and also do not blame the website for not doing enough.

2) Include Spelling Suggestions: - Even the visitors have become dependent on these spelling suggestions. Google and other search engines are already doing it and thus it becomes a decent choice for your website as well.

This improves the user’s experience and helps the visitors to find what they are looking for even when they are making a spelling mistake.

There are some beautiful WordPress themes are available on the web which are compatible with such plugins that can help the website with this features, relevanssi is one of the popular options. There are options and added functionality for those who are using these search option which allows the website to provide results quicker.

3) Suggested Pages on the Website:- Along with providing the searched information every website must add up options for content which provide similar information which the users require.

For example:- when you search on Amazon for a product there are options for other similar products which are displayed.

The method of putting valuable content in front of the visitor also boosts the amount of time one spends on the website.

This suggestion reduces the bounce rate even when these suggestions are not directly related to the visitor’s search.

Again there are many plugins which provide similar functionality like Amazon or eBay and encourages the visitors to keep engaged in the website.

4) Add a Search Box:- this is on the result page of the searched items. If the page already does not have a search page do it immediately.

This is highly important when the search has shown an empty search result. The search box right there will motivate the visitor to make another search immediately.

Small but an effective way to ensure that the users are engaged in the website and they are looking for new things.

There are many WordPress users who think they should have a search box right on the sidebar of the webpage what they forget about is that the function of the sidebar.

The output of these searches is often forgotten which a huge oversight. Make sure that every page of your website works really hard for the goals which include the search result page.

Of course, most of the readers will be interested in the home page or the core offering but they have come to the website to find something specific and it is important for the website to provide them with functionality so that they can reach that.

There is so much a website can require and you will not imagine what a single search page can do for the visitor. The website should always aim at giving the visitor what they require be it in any form and if search page optimization is the answer here then best.

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