Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund - Should I Invest?

Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited is a partnership formed by two of the best financial service providers. The prodigy firm is a venture between two large and historically established companies - Bank of Baroda and Pioneer Global Asset Management in the hope to reach out to a wide range of customers in India.


Since 2008, when this joint venture was formed, Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund strives to provide an operational and service based platform that suits needs of their existing and potential investors.


About Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited


Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund serves with a variety of options to manage the assets of their investors in India. These are carried out through a range of debts, equities and money market offerings.


The Company has 40 operational centers in India. They manage average assets on a quarterly basis. The company’s central focus lies in upgrading their overall customer experience.


Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund Strive to Provide a Better Financial Experience for Their Customers 


  • Upgrading the existing policies to include products that provide customers and clients a wide variety of choices to suit their diverse needs and risk factors.
  • Access to international policies through a range of products offered by Pioneer Mutual Fund Investments and its global outreach network.
  • Maintaining their superior quality and consistent investment performances through well-executed investment management program which is supported by experts available to investors across the globe.
  • Availability of access centers for investors which is ever expanding through the vast network of the Bank of Baroda.
  • The companies bring ahead great levels of compliance to their customers and lay out the corporate governance for them.
  • Strive to introduce innovative and useful services on an ongoing basis.
  • An easy to understand and clear system of communication, providing prompt and effective customer service, for investors so that they are up to date with their investment planning.


The Companies That Came Together Just to Fulfil Needs of Their Customers


Bank of Baroda: Bank of Baroda occupies a distinctive position in the Indian financial service sector. A state-owned bank that has been celebrated over 109 successful years of its existence. Its biggest strength lies in the uninterrupted profit performance profile and a consistent track-record in their dividend payments. The name of the bank itself inspires a sense of familiarity and confidence among its customers. Its consistent track-record, sound financial stability and its contribution to social sectors of the Indian society and well-executed policy-making have given the Bank of Baroda a unique place in the Indian financial universe.


Pioneer Investments: Not many asset management companies have matched up to the credentials of a company like Pioneer Investment. It has over 89 years of experience in the field of fund management along with world-class financial services. Its prodigy fund, Pioneer Funds, is one of the oldest mutual funds company in the United States of America. Its history indicates that it has not only controlled the volatile market conditions but also has outmatched investments in common stocks, long-term bonds going as far as the US Treasury Bills and maintaining stability after the inflation since it laid its foundation in 1928.


Policies Offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund That Suit Your Needs


  • Mid Cap Company Funds generate monetary returns by investing in equities of growing mid-cap stocks.
  • Large Cap Funds scheme generates monetary returns by investments in equities of large-cap companies.
  • Growth Funds provides long-term monetary returns from a well-organized portfolio of equities.
  • Balance Funds provide long-term monetary returns along with stability through a well-balanced portfolio which would comprise of equities, money market instruments and other debt securities.
  • Short-term Bonds generate income from a portfolio constituted of short-term debts in money market securities.
  • Income Funds are planned with the primary objective to generate regular income by investing in a portfolio which comprise of secure FIS schemes (Fixed Income Securities) by a closely maintained a balance between RR Factors (Risk & Return).
  • GILT Funds generate income by investing in government securities.
  • Monthly Income Plans (MIP) generate a stable income by investing a large chunk in debt securities and money market instruments meanwhile investing the rest in equities which would also generate long-term monetary benefits.
  • Credit Opportunities Fund is a scheme that generates returns by investing in debt and money market instruments that are associated with credit companies.
  • Liquid Funds generate income with a high level of liquidity through investments in a portfolio that would comprise of money market instruments and debt securities.


Why Should One Invest in A Company That is The Best in The Business?


It matters not how much of your life’s savings you are investing, but how smartly you invest it. Mutual investment funds and asset management companies give their customers a wide range of services, from financial advisors to market experts. To layout the customer’s needs in a well-organized and financial investment plan for their secure future.


Credentials of well-established and a stable history of customer experience, of companies like Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund, allows you a clear idea of how your future would pan out.  Investing in mutual funds, equities, long-term and temporary bonds associated to company policies of Baroda Pioneer would make for a smart move in your life.

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